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pascal flammer Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel 23.03. - 04.05.2014 House in Liguria with Marta Casagrande House in Liguria pascal flammer
raphael zuber
peter märkli
Adaptation Times of crisis force new solutions and demand adaptation processes. In a series of lectures the Maison de l’Architecture de Genève wishes to explore which forms of architectural resilience are possible. em2n em2n
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sauter von moos sauter von moos We like places of authenticity. Fine tuned environmental, urban and programmatic differentiation enhances spatial identity. We value a building's expressive powers, but also its need to answer the subleties of the pragmatic. Fostering social exchange and interaction, our architecture should respond to both a communal and human scale. Shaped by earth, water, air and light, it seeks to attune with the cosmic cadences and manifest their immeasurable forces.
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