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7 Tips For Raising An Only Child. Your only child!! The love of your life, your joy and your pride! Your little angel and your big girl, for better or for worse- she is going to receive all your love and attention. At times growing up as an only child is hard, she is bound to get bored playing all by herself! However, the problems children experience being an ‘only’ one can be counteracted easily. We have penned down 7 tips that will make your parenting right and would make life fun for her!

Foster Your Child’s Freedom Since your only little angel develops a close relationship with you, she can become too reliant on you for moral support, entertainment and homework help. There Can Never Be Enough Play Dates According to a study published by a famous journal founded that the ‘only’ children tend to have ‘poor social skills’ than kids with siblings. Promote Empathy It goes without saying that kids with siblings are probably forced to ponder about the needs and wants of others more often than the only ones! 6 Tips To Encourage Your Child Serve The Society.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”. Many a times during natural calamities or any other hazardous situation, where people or the society at large is in need, we feel helpless. The crisis is huge and we are too small, true. But if every person does his little bit, we can conquer the situation! Even normally lots of things in the society need amendments and we cannot just leave everything on the officials.

Volunteering Family Kids will learn from you. Trending : Using Positive Language With Kids – Guide For Parents Appreciate Talents Every child has some positives, some talents that can be put to use. Find the Match Ask your kids what gets them truly excited and you are up for a list of activities. Baby Steps It is not necessary to start big or take a long leap.

Also read : 5 Ways Kids Can Connect with Their Grandparents Creative Ideas Find your child’s potential and encourage them to use it for public service. Kind Returns. Using Positive Language With Kids – Guide For Parents. “The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.” – Peggy O’Mara As parents we love our children, shower them with all our affection and care. But that’s not the whole and sole of parenting. The little kids lack experience and the ability to differentiate good from bad. They often have no idea that a particular behavior is bad, they have to be taught these little things. As parents we tell them that shouting is bad but when they do so we shout ourselves, putting up a wrong example! Use Their Name Don’t you respond better to an instruction when your name is called? Make Eye Contact This might sound a bit difficult due to the difference in your heights but eye contact works better even with us, so it’s a must with kids.

Trending: 5 Ways Kids Can Connect with Their Grandparents Check Volume The tone and volume of your speech will make a great impact on how your child perceives you. Positive Statement We are in the habit of telling children what they are not supposed to do. Styling Babies In Rompers – The New Trend. “Fashion has two purposes: Comfort and Love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds!” -Coco Chanel Styling is all about comfort and feeling in one’s own skin. We choose our outfit based on our comfort and style. As far as the babies are concerned they don’t have much say in what they wear. The mothers hold the responsibility of deciding the baby’s outfit.

Rompers are the ultimate solution to this problem. Organic Cotton Baby Blue Love Romper The soft touch, creamy color and lovable blue buttons and designing give it a very cute look. Trending: Awesome Socks & Stockings That Will Make Your Baby’s Feet Look Stylish Hello Panda Love Baby Romper A dreamy white color with the face of the ever so cute panda, what more do you want to make your baby look cute?

Little Bro Kids Romper The simple romper with its soft fabric will provide immense comfort to your baby. French Bow Cute Silver Grey Baby Bow Romper Daddy’s Monkey Baby Romper Cute naughty monkeys are an all time hit among little kids. 5 Ways Kids Can Connect with Their Grandparents. “A grandparent is someone with Silver in their hair and Gold in their heart!” You are a parent, your affection for your child is unconditional. A mother’s love for her child is undying and how will a mother’s mother love the child? That might sound confusing but the double mother means double care, double affection, double pampering!

Their name is so grand, she is the Grandmother and he is the Grandfather. The practical and fast paced life have left little time for children to mingle with their grandparents. Mealtime Treasure Hunt Meals are an excellent way to bond with children. Trending: 10 Inventive Cardboard Fort Ideas For Playful Kids Cooking Show It’s a great idea to inculcate the habit of cooking for small children, be it a girl or a boy. Teach a Technique Grandparents are so much more experienced than you are and therefore are an ideal to teach your kids something new. Working on Projects Also Read: 8 Parenting Grooves To Instill Independence In Kids Share Favorites. Awesome Socks & Stockings That Will Make Your Baby’s Feet Look Stylish. When it comes to protecting your baby’s feet, every parent think of socks and stockings.

It protects from winter as well as from dirt and give your baby a soft and warm feet. In today’s fashion influenced era, you will get endless variety of baby stockings online and in multi colors which you can match with your baby’s attire. We have come up with some awesome socks and stockings which will make your baby feet look stylish and will match up easily with any outfit. White 3D Flower Socks Cute white color with 3D flower applique looks cute and attractive. Trending : Flat 50% Off On Everything – BabyCouture’s ‘Big Billion Baby Sale’ Peach Nude Kitty Fish Stocking Protect your baby’s legs from tanning and make her legs look stylish. Cute Brown Fox Socks Every kid likes cute socks which have some animal face embossed or some cute cartoon character on it. Also read : How to Style Your Little Girl in Tutu Dress Orange Candy Stocking Black Sparkling Love Stockings. The Big Billion Baby Sale. How to Style Your Little Girl in Tutu Dress. Tutu’s are in!

From street style stores to designer collections, tutus have made their place. When you are all set to don this gorgeous outfit, why should your little angel be devoid of it? The cute doll deserves to walk in style with you. What could be better than dressing her up in a nice tutu dress to enhance her style quotient while keeping her cuteness and innocence intact? The style is jam packed in the pretty angel like a dress and it is so airy thus the comfort of your princess is not compromised. Also, the dress has variety in colors and length thus you can choose as per your need and occasion. The perfect party wear outfit for the little girl can now be easily bought off the net! Peachy Pink Silver Sequin Bow Skirt Tutu is not restricted to dresses, you get the lovely flairs in skirts as well. Trending: Flat 50% Off On Everything – BabyCouture’s ‘Big Billion Baby Sale’ Elsa Panache Love Princess Tutu Dress Girls can also rock the color blue!

Rose & Mint Love Princess Tutu Dress. Flat 30% Off To Celebrate BabyCouture’s 3rd Anniversary. As BabyCouture turns 3 and we are celebrating it in a grand way. Therefore, we also want our valuable customers to be a part of our celebration. We are offering you Flat 30% Off storewide, pick any product and enjoy discounts. This enticing offer is valid from 6th of Oct to 10th of Oct 2016. Best time to refresh your baby’s closet with appealing and latest outfits. Get yourself indulge in a shopping spree on our website and explore wide range of dresses, shoes and endless products.

Baby clothes Grab gorgeous, stylish and comfortable outfits only at and let your baby glitter like a star.You name it and we have it – from casual wear to party wear or newborn baby clothes. Trending : 9 Adorable Ideas For Dressing Your Baby Boy Shoes Without shoes no attire is complete, therefore select from endless range of cute and comfortable sneaker, sandals, flip flops, bellies for your little one and get Flat 30% Off on every footwear you choose. Baby Essentials. Get Your Kids To Talk Openly About School With These 4 Questions.

There are so many things which take place in every baby’s school that need to be shared with parents but unfortunately, children don’t like to discuss school stuff with parents. In today’s competitive era, there is so much pressure, stress and load on every child due to competition, study load and too much homework, which every parent should know. Father and son laying in grass together Therefore, to know what is going on with your child in school, we have come up with 4 questions that you can ask to your little one when he comes back from school. We know as a parent, you struggle a lot to convince your baby regarding sharing their whole day at school experience. What was your favorite part of school today? Many a time you will find this question useful, as your kid will share deep and different things that happened with him in school. Also read : How To Spend More Quality Time With Your Child What did you struggle with today? Tell me one thing you learned today.

5 Interesting Ways To Potty Train Your Baby. Be it any era – 60’s or 21st century, potty training will be a major concern for parents. It is not very hard or stressful to train your little one’s. You just have to learn some techniques and that have to train your baby accordingly. There is no exact age to potty train your baby. But according to famous pediatrician the right age is 29 months and 31st months but it depends on your baby’s activeness that when you think he is perfectly ready to get trained. Taking baby in the arms for peeing/ pooping It’s an age-old way to train your baby regarding pooping time but the best among all. Taking baby on the legs The easiest way to potty train your baby is placing him in your legs and keeping a plastic bowl or newspaper on the ground , so that the poop or pee can get drained easily. Trending : Dealing With Dehydration In Newborns Potty trainers Make your baby use to potty seats and commodes.

Use baby toilet seat Baby toilet seat are constructed keeping in mind toddlers and babies. Dealing With Dehydration In Newborns. With the excitement of the arrival of a newborn baby, some baby stomach problems also arrive. One of them is Dehydration. When the body loose more than normal fluid , it may cause dehydration. It is very important for newborn parents to learn about the preventive measures that can curb the risk of dehydration in your little one. It doesn’t matter what is the age of an individual who is suffering from dehydration. How to know if baby is dehydrated If there is not enough fluid in your baby’s body that indicates that he is dehydrated.

. – Fast breathing -Dark urine -No tears when crying -Feet and hands turn cold -Baby feels tired and drowsy -No wet nappies for a longer period of time -Dry skin and chapped lips Reasons of dehydration of newborns Refusing breastfeed Mostly little baby’s get required fluids from breastfeeding and in case your baby refuses to feed this may cause dehydration in your little one’s body. Trending : How to Take Care of Your Baby during Weather Change Overheating High fever.

Hosting An At-Home Movie Party For Kids. Do you remember your unmarried times? Go back in time…yes you are almost there. A bit farther, when you were young and energetic and playful. Yes, now you are there. Didn’t you love the feel of a cozy blanket on you while you sank comfortably into a couch, munched popcorn and watched a movie?

Of course you loved it, everybody loves it. But wont the fun be multiplied if you had your friends over and had a little movie based slumber party thing? You can live this dream through your little ones now. Invitations The more attractive the invitation, the higher is the excitement of the event. Trending : 6 Ways Big Siblings Can Play With A Baby Decorations You might get lucky enough to get your hands on movie based decorations at the local store. Dress Code You can play with that now. Seating Since its an at-home party, you may be short on space. Also Read : Preparing Your Child For A New Sibling Movie Selection Since its a kids party, let them decide what movie they want to watch.

Snack Time. 6 Ways Big Siblings Can Play With A Baby. “ whats the good news if you do not have a sibling to share it !! “ Siblings love each other but at the same time, newborn sibling jealousy arouses, as all the importance is given to newborn and his needs. It’s very important to build a strong bonding between them so that in future they are with each other as a support system. Sibling adjustment to a newborn is a major responsibility of parents. They have to take care of the new soul as well as make sure that other siblings get attached to the baby. To solve this biggest issue , we have come up with some ways which will create a bonding between sibling and newborn by just playing with each other.

Let’s discuss them all : Time for Music Kids of any age love to play music and have some attachment to it. Trending : 6 Life-Hacks And Meaningful Tips For New Moms Kisses Every kid has experienced this thing in his childhood – The Kisses. Reading Together Sensory fun Big siblings love to help the newborn in learning different things through play. Dress Your Doll In These Outfits And Be Party Ready. Party next weekend, what a fun time it’s gonna be! Is your dress ready? No? You’ll get it online, right. Just a bit of makeup, your favorite heels and you are done. You are set to dazzle the world with your impeccable looks. What about your little angel? Fairy Garden Royal Flowers Kids Ball Dress A lovely fairy descending the stairs with the cutest of smiles can win each and every heart.

Caramelo Flowers Love Kids Party Dress A flowery white dress will enhance the cuteness of your little girl. Trending: 8 Cute Headbands For Baby Girl Glitz Peach Lace Love Kids Party Dress Peach, the color of this season can wave magic on your baby’s looks. Summer Elegant 3D Pink Floral Party Dress Pink, flowers, and flairs can make any girl look like a doll. Lovely Pink Rose 3D Kids Party Dress Imagine your sweet girl covered in all flowers, doesn’t she look adorable? Studded Peacock Bloom Kids Party Dress A white dress is a must have for your girl to add to her angelic beauty. 7 Things A Daughter Expect From Her Father. Rightly said by someone “ Behind every great daughter is a truly amazing dad” There is only one man in daughter’s life who always keeps her happy, that is a FATHER. Father plays a vital role in every daughter’s life.

You must have heard this many times that daughter loves her father more than any other person and that is very true. Every daughter out there will surely going to agree with us. In this long journey of LIFE, there are many important and useful things which a daughter expect from her father. She wants you to be involved Every daughter wants her father to show some genuine interest in her life. She needs you to demonstrate a healthy marriage The foremost relationship which a daughter experience in her life is – a relationship of her father and mother.

Trending: A to Z of Fatherhood She needs your support We all know that father’s not always agree with his daughter’s decision but she wants to know that whether you will support her or not. She needs to trust you as a confidante. 7 Best Autumn Outfits For Kids. Preparing Your Child For A New Sibling. Final Week Sale: 50% Off.

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Top 3 Rules To Raise Self-Confident Children. Tips To Inspire Your Child To Explore Science And Nature. Tips To Help You Through The Transition Of your Child To A Teenager. Fifty Shades of Parenting… (PART 2) How To Dress a Baby Boy. Fifty Shades of Parenting... (PART 1) What Family Environment is Best For The Kids? Superhero Craze: How Does It Impact Kids Psyche. Motherhood Makes you Confidentt. 5 Tips To Deal With Your Child’s Anger Issue. 5 Steps to Help Your Child Develop Self Control.

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6 Ways To Stimulate Your Baby's Visual Senses. Setting up a Routine For Your Twins. 9 Easy Tips To Treat Diaper Rashes. Fathers Don’t Fret: You’ll Fair Well with Your Newborn. 5 Simple Habits To Improve Your Child’s General Knowledge. Choosing the Right Sleeping Space for Your Baby. Ruffled Rompers To Style Your Baby Girl This Summer. Weird Things With Newborns That Are Actually Normal. Summer Trending: A Tinge of the Rustic. Which Fabrics Are Best For Kids Clothing ? 6 Dresses Your Baby Girl Must Have This Party Season. Easy Tips For Childproofing Your Home. Gift Ideas For Your Little Nieces and Nephews.

Babycouture Styling Tips For Your Little Diva. Baby Girl Headbands For Your Little Doll. Summer Vacation With Kids: Where To Go? Tips To Initiate Your Toddler Into Swimming. Disadvantages of Watching Television in Young Kids. Safety Rules You Should Teach Your Preschooler. Unique Party Wear Dresses For Your Angel. Dazzling Sequin Dresses for the party season! Shop for Cool Kids Clothing From Our Clearance Store. Is Your Kid’s Wardrobe Summer Ready? How Well in Advance To Prepare For Your Child’s Birthday Party. 5 Ways for Fathers to Connect with Their Infant. Best Learning Activities For Kids at Home. Make Room For Accessories In Your Child’s Wardrobe. 5 Best Swimwear For Kids Online. A-Z Diaper Changing Guide For New Mommies. 10 Quick Tips About kids birthday party.

Happy Moms Are The Best Moms. How to Keep your kids off the Gadgets. Why a Single Pair Of Baby Shoes Isn’t Enough? How to Take Care of Tutu Dresses. Beautiful Indian Baby Names. Flower Girl Dresses That Are Just Too Cute To Ignore. Buy Kids’ Clothes Online & Save Quality Time For Them.