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What kind of Strip School Do You Need? As exotic dancing becomes more culturally accepted as both a fitness regimen and a viable career, more and more women are learning how to strip.

What kind of Strip School Do You Need?

And there are more ways than ever before to learn how! There are infomercials for sexy fitness routines. Radio, television and print ads abound in many cities for local dance studios offering pole dancing, lap dancing, floor work and more. And of course, there are dozens of virtual strip schools through Internet media like YouTube. All of these options can give you an understanding of how specific moves are performed, but which one is right for you will depend largely on your motivation! The Importance of Pole Dancing. The Physiology of Pole Dancing.

The Importance of Pole Dancing

How to Wear Sexy Stripper Shoes Without Killing Yourself. Sexy stripper shoes are a staple of Gentlemen’s Clubs.

How to Wear Sexy Stripper Shoes Without Killing Yourself

Whether that’s a good thing or a bad one is up to you! But the fact of the matter is that stripper shoes aren’t going away any time soon! With a typical height of 5″ or more, these high-heels can be real killers if you haven’t prepared yourself for the ordeal (and nothing spells “ordeal” for your feet like six hours in heels!) So, how do you avoid killing yourself while wearing them? Choosing the Right G-String Bikini for Stripping. The g-string bikini is a staple in many strippers’ wardrobes and is an essential feature of the exotic dancing industry.

Choosing the Right G-String Bikini for Stripping

Of course, every guy in the room is going to want to see as much as he can of you, but you have to choose them carefully. The right g-string isn’t just the one that fits properly (though that’s important too). Rather, it’s the one that complies with local laws regarding the degree of coverage that’s required. It’s hard to believe, but women have actually been arrested for dancing in the wrong g-string. This sort of thing is more likely in an election year, when local officials want to be viewed as “tough on crime” and “family friendly.” 1. In the straight-up topless clubs and in non-nude states, counties or cities, you do have to toe a line.

If you can’t go full nude, then your g-string has to completely cover your vulva. 2. The best way to avoid an embarrassing slip during your routine is to simply make sure that your bottom fits properly. 3. Stripping Stories: Humilation (and How to Deal with It)! When people find out that I’m a professional exotic dancer (yep, that’s me to the left), many of them ask me to relate my most interesting stripping stories.

Stripping Stories: Humilation (and How to Deal with It)!

Humiliation, unfortunately, has played a part in a few of them! It’s easy to sit back and pretend that nothing embarrassing ever happens, but chances are that it will (I mean, we do dance in 5” heels!) Embarrassment happens in every profession, but it doesn’t have to be a job killer (or even a mood killer.) How you walk away from the situation, whatever it may be, depends entirely on your personality and sense of humor. Let’s look at a few examples of potentially awful situations you could face during a shift. Using The Best Pole Dancing Equipment as a Stripper. Platinum Stages ROCKS!

Using The Best Pole Dancing Equipment as a Stripper

If you want to be your sexiest in your own home, or out at a party somewhere, Platinum Stages is THE number one Pole Vendor in the Industry, Period. Strip Club Pitches Pole Tax for Education. It has come to my attention that we Strippers have a lot to learn in the political arena.

Strip Club Pitches Pole Tax for Education

So hold on tight! I’m going to analyze and asses this situation as unbiased as possible, because I only care about the facts and if 1+2=3. I think it is great that there are strippers out there that want to change the world. Especially to better the world for kids. You can see the video below to get the scoop. Strippers and Strip Clubs Pitch for Pole Tax Their methods of going about this could be done much more effectively. In 2004, public elementary and secondary education received $462.7 billion from federal, state and local sources in 2004, up 5.1 percent from 2003. 462.7 BILLION! In 2007 our educational budget went up to almost 1 Trillion dollars!

We also spend much more than Japan and other countries, and quite frankly, they kick our asses in grades and test scores! I could list many more sources and go into professor like detail onall of this, but the point is, WE DO NOT NEED ANY MORE TAXES! Attention Exotic Dancers: Your Stripper Names ARE Important! If your only perspective of strip clubs has been formed through the media, it may seem that exotic dancers just choose ditzy-sounding stripper names at random.

Attention Exotic Dancers: Your Stripper Names ARE Important!

And why should it matter; it’s just a disposable job, right? Wrong—way wrong! Some girls may dabble in stripping for the naughty fantasy of it, but they tend not to stay long.The women who love their work, on the other hand, and truly treat it like a career will put a great deal of thought into their stripper names. Strategies for Eating Out on the Road. Just about every woman – not just dancers – will always moan about how she just can’t eat well on the road.

Strategies for Eating Out on the Road

And I have to admit it, I too was one of them. Fortunately, I started to associate myself with people who showed me that, not only was I wrong – but dead wrong! You can eat out and eat healthy, too. Many restaurants offer delicious meals that are low in saturated fat, trans-fat, cholesterol, and have the proper nutrient and portion ratios you have already learned about. WHAT ARE YOU REALLY AFRAID OF? A PERSPECTIVE ON Society’s PARADI. If you are apprehensive about doing this business of exotic dance I completely understand! Or maybe you have taken the plunge and there are people in your life that have a big problem with it. This apprehension happens mostly because society has always trained women to do only what is traditionally considered ladylike, socially acceptable, and polite.

This is why most women in the previous century were either teachers, nurses, or secretaries – not that those things are bad at all – but what if a lady didn’t want to do that?