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How to Convert Audible.Com Audiobooks: 8 Steps. Professional Jeweler Archive: Stud Earrings: Setting Yourself Apart. January 2002 Professional Bench/Defining Quality Stud Earrings – Setting Yourself Apart Knowing the ins and outs of findings demonstrates another aspect of quality in your shop All of us – bench jewelers and sales professionals alike – work hard to earn the respect and loyalty of our customers.

Professional Jeweler Archive: Stud Earrings: Setting Yourself Apart

It’s called setting ourselves apart and establishing the place where people want to shop. There are several findings options for stud earrings: Standard preassembled stud earring findings. Regardless of what you offer your customers, the components that make up earrings contribute to the final product, its wearability and comfort. The Earring Post Quality posts are most often required, but different shaped ears may call for different types of posts. Custom Fitting a Post Standard earring posts may require custom fitting. Earring backs Most suppliers offer earring backs in a wide variety of sizes and weights. High-Security Earring Backs Handling Special Situations Prong Assembly Holding a Stone. 3 Ways to Glue Plastic. How do I glue foam to foam and foam to plastic? Bra Size Calculator. International Bra Size Calculator 85b's revolutionary three measurenement bra size calculator will accept measurements in either inches or centimeters.

Bra Size Calculator

Your measurements can be whole numbers - e.g. 72, 89 and 78, or to one decimal place - e.g. 28.1, 33.9 and 31.2. Once you have taken your measurements, simply enter them in the appropriate fields and click on Calculate. Your bra size will then be displayed in American, British, European, Japanese, Australian, New Zealand and Belgian, Spanish, French and Portuguese bra sizes. Determine Your Bra Size: it's as easy as 1-2-3 Go Measuring your Bra Size When measuring to determine your bra size you should, if possible, wear a comfortable standard underwired bra (not padded or push-up, etc.) 1 - Measure below your breasts (band size) Use a soft tape measure. 2 - Measure around your breasts and back (bust size) 3 - Measure above your breasts (above bust size)

Ring Size Conversion, International ring sizes. This Glue Chart Guides You Through Which Glue to Use Where. Tech Tips - Good to Know About Superglue. The cyanoacrylate glue, popularly referred to as superglue is one of those additions to the workbench which brought a small technological revolution in modelling.

Tech Tips - Good to Know About Superglue

Not only did it allow to bond different materials such as metal to plastic, but also opened up the way for entirely new modelling materials such as resin. Used on plastic, it provides non-shrinking, non-destructive seams that are just great for sanding. Applied as filler, it takes scribing unlike any other. Since there seems to be a degree of confusion about how cayanoacrylate glue works and what it is best used for, I have made some research, the results of which are presented here. The information contained below comes from interviews I made at the the Department of Fibre and Polymer Technology at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and from a variety of sources on the Internet.

What is Superglue? The correct chemical designation for the CA glue is ethyl 2-cyanoacrylate. How it Works CA applications Accelerators.

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Legal. Stuff that's cool to know. Automobiles. Research. Find Best Customer Support Phone Number & Contact Info - any Company. Health & wellness. Incense - Basic Scent and Flavor Guide. Scent can create a powerful atmosphere.

Incense - Basic Scent and Flavor Guide

For meditation, magic, creativity and healing. A particular scent can evoke memories, primal desires and calm. Scent is more a part of life than many realize. The following is a basic guide to scents. Jasmine As a well-used scent, Jasmine provides strength in matters of spiritual love and money. Sandalwood Also feminine with the moon as ruler, Sandalwood is a necessary item in your spiritual cupboard because of its potent protection properties.

Cinnamon Is an extraordinarily potent masculine scent ruled by the sun. Rose As a feminine scent, ruled by Venus, rose stands out as a scent to be reckoned with in relation to love. Patchouli As a scent to attract lusty ventures, Patchouli certainly ranks up there with the most potent. Saffron As fiery Saffron's color shows, the Sun rules this masculine scent. Incense Meanings - In Scents. About Incense Meanings If there is anything that dates back thousands of years and is yet modern and contemporary, it is incense.

Incense Meanings - In Scents

These versatile biotic substances not only add fragrance to your life, but also heal your mind and body in a delightful manner. Incense meanings can be best understood by studying their history and the effects they have had on people of all ages. Below, we will also describe incense and the different meanings to which it is burned. History. 99U - Insights on making ideas happen.