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Needles and Pins

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A Guide to Schmetz Sewing Needles. Rail Fence Pincushion. Hand Quilting Needles Guide: Get The Right Needle. Hand quilting involves sewing running stitches through three layers of a quilt sandwich: the quilt top, batting and the backing fabric.

Hand Quilting Needles Guide: Get The Right Needle

That’s a hefty task for a needle. So which needles are best for hand quilting? Whether you want to quilt the tiny stitches of traditional quilts or try the current trend of Big Stitch quilting, the needle you choose will make a big difference in your results and the enjoyment of your sewing. The ins and outs of choosing the right needle. Traditional hand quilting Quilting needles, also known as Betweens, are the needles of choice for traditional hand quilting. Big Stitch quilting In recent times there has been a rise in popularity for Big-Stitch Quilting also known as Pick Stitching or Perle Quilting. Embroidery or Crewel needles are best to use for these threads as they have large eyes and sharp points. How to Choose Sewing Needles: Looking at Types, Sizes & Lifespan.

Sewing machine needles might seem insignificant, but they can literally make or break your stitching.

How to Choose Sewing Needles: Looking at Types, Sizes & Lifespan

Sewing with damaged or worn sewing machine needles can cause broken or shredded threads, skipped stitches, fabric puckering, uneven seams, or even permanently damage fabrics. To learn more about needles and basic sewing techniques, check out the Craftsy class Sew Ready: Garment Basics, taught by Brett Bara. And see our list of essential sewing tools to see what else you’ll need to start stitching. You should select the type of needle based on the textile construction (i.e. knit vs. woven), and the needle size is determined by the thickness of the thread and the weight of the fabric you will be using for your project.

A FREE Printable PDF Guide to Schmetz Sewing Machine Needles. The most common brand of sewing machine needles in the world is Schmetz.

A FREE Printable PDF Guide to Schmetz Sewing Machine Needles

It’s the brand that most of us use, and personally, it is the only brand I ever use. They are consistent, reliable and easy to get no matter where you are. You’ll never mix up your Schmetz needles again with this handy guide at your side! Though many of us use these everyday, many people do not know that each and every needle is color coded with both the type of the needle as well as the size of the needle. It can be so easy to get your needles mixed up when you go from project to project, but never fear! Below is all the information you need to keep things straight, but the most convenient place for this information is in your studio, so I’ve also created a handy chart for you to download and print to hang up next to your sewing machine for your reference.

Click here to get your own copy! Determining the band Each needle is color coded with two bands. Hand Quilting Needles Guide: Get The Right Needle. SMSPincushionOrganizer. The Importance of Quilting Pins. Tips for Recycling and Disposing of Sharp Sewing Supplies. I like to think that I am an earth-conscious person who makes every attempt to recycle and reuse, but for some unknown reason, until recently, I never gave any thought to just tossing a dull rotary blade, sewing machine needle or straight pin directly into the trash.

Tips for Recycling and Disposing of Sharp Sewing Supplies

After reading a discussion in a Facebook group on ways to safely dispose of these items, I decided to do a little research and come up with my own tips for recycling and disposing of used rotary blades, sewing needles and other sharp supplies! Free Online Sewing Machine Class Make your sewing, quilting & embroidery faster & more fun, when you get the most out of your machine! Enroll FREE Now » You may be thinking to yourself, “Hey, what’s the big deal?

So, what can you do to prevent these used sewing items from being unsafely tossed into the trash or wasting valuable precious metal resources? Here are some key tips on how to safely dispose of or recycle used rotary cutting blades, sewing needles and pins. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Tip Tuesday: Sewing Needle Tips. Threading needles, dropping needles, finding needles, storing needles.

Tip Tuesday: Sewing Needle Tips

When it comes to those pesky needles, it can be nice to have a little help working out the details. Is there a “Best Sewing Needle”? Check out our needle comparison… Teresa Coates and her sewing friends compared a wide selection of needles to see if the price or brand corresponds to a difference in quality.

Is there a “Best Sewing Needle”? Check out our needle comparison…

Which brand of needle is best for the job? Teresa and her crew hit the pub for a hard-hitting investigative comparison to try eight different needles from five different companies. Learn all about their results below, and comment for a chance to WIN all of the needles in a darling, handy needle book made by Teresa. Teresa sewed the books, and Fabric Depot donated all of the needles and thread! We will select 10 winners from all comments on this post.