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Art Quilters and Their Quilts.....

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Your window into the world of Aurifil. BERNINA USA’s blog, WeAllSew, offers fun project ideas, patterns, video tutorials and sewing tips for sewers and crafters of all ages and skill levels. In the spring of 2014, I decided it was time to try using a design wall for quilting.

BERNINA USA’s blog, WeAllSew, offers fun project ideas, patterns, video tutorials and sewing tips for sewers and crafters of all ages and skill levels.

Since I’m a long arm quilter, I had a bunch of batting already, so I just used tacks and hung some on the wall. There are fancier ways to make a design wall, but I’m an instant gratification kind of gal, so this worked for me! Do you use a design wall? If you don’t, you need one. NEED. My design wall had only been up for a week or so, when I found that I couldn’t sleep one night. I wasn’t really planning to do anything with it, I was just entertaining myself on a sleepless night.

The first thing I did was take all my scraps down and pin up a larger piece of fabric as a base for the appliqué, since what I had done the night before was just lay the scraps on the batting. Once I had the base fabric up, I started by making the shape of the face and roughing in the features. Here you can see that I started to refine the eyes by rounding off the iris and adding a dark lash line. Ah, much better. But! Xo, 1610_2D00_1_5F00_Shay.pdf.

Quilting Daily - Eye'd watch out for this one! ~Cate (Art... BLOCK Friday: Art Quilts. Have you been to an art museum lately?

BLOCK Friday: Art Quilts

If the answer is no, I highly encourage you take a visit sometime in the near future. You won’t regret it. I know I’ve said it one hundred times before, but as a quilter, you’re an artist. You’ve got an eye for beauty, and creativity comes naturally to you. Quilting is the way you work out stress at the end of a long week or the way you unwind your thoughts and emotions. The gorgeous art you’ll find in a museum is great for inspiring new creativity and for finding inspiration. Take a strip of blue here and a patch of red there and make a beautiful sunset scene come to life.

Art quilts themselves can be a seemingly ambigous concept. Some quilters consider themselves crafters – they take big blocks of fabric, chop them up, and “paste” them back together into something that takes shape as a thing of beauty. The one component of an art quilt is that it is created based on an experience, a memory or an image. QA_2D00_QuiltArt_5F00_v1. QA_2D00_HandQuilting.pdf. Thousands of Unwanted Clothing Labels Turn into Amazing Animal Art. Artist Joy Pitts, from Nottingham, UK, has an unusual gift.

Thousands of Unwanted Clothing Labels Turn into Amazing Animal Art

She can turn thousands of unwanted clothing labels into amazing works of art. The artist collects labels from charity shops and then turns these rags into beautiful portraits. So far, she's created animal portraits that include a rabbit, a bull, a goose and cows. In 2013, designer Paul Smith commissioned Joy to create a rabbit entirely out of Paul Smith clothing labels. Set against a black background, the delightful red and purple bunny looks as if it's jumping in mid-air.

Joy is exhibiting next at Lace Market Gallery, from April 23 to May 13, and then at The Lally Gallery at the Erewash Museum, from September 11 to October 30. Joy Pitts' website via [BBC] Ladder Lattice Quilt. Kristin Schwarze of And Chips is a Minnesota stitcher and designer with a passion for modern quilting and art of all kinds.

Ladder Lattice Quilt

Kristin designed this pretty Ladder Lattice Quilt so you can use fat quarters efficiently to make quick and easy blocks. Kristin learned to sew in 2012 and jumped right in, sharing her creative adventures with piecework, embroidery, stuffed toys and more at And Chips. Kristin joined us with her very first tutorial in 2012, and we’ve had such fun watching her learn and grow as a sewist and designer. Here’s Kristin’s intro from 2012, and here’s her Aurifil Mini Quilt from our recent challenge. Have fun with this new Ladder Lattice design! Hello, my name is Kristin and I love ladders. The blocks are made three at a time using one fat quarter and about 1/3 yard of background fabric for each set. Materials: (For a 48″ baby quilt.)

Extra Tips: Spiral Geese Mini Quilt. My latest finish is my spiral of geese mini quilt for Fab Little Quilt Swap.

Spiral Geese Mini Quilt

It measures 20″x 20″ and consists of 50 paper-pieced flying geese on a reverse appliqued background. I quilted it on my Juki using both my walking foot and free-motion foot. The fabrics are all from my stash and the background is Kona White. Can you see the tiny, embroidered triangles in the middle? Those were hand-sewn with pearl cotton. Landscape Quilts with Karen Charles of Husqvarna Viking.

Hollis Chatalain

Annabel Rainbow.