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This Easy, DIY Magnet Frame Won’t Damage Your Posters. Heng Gleichgewicht Lampe. Designer Arthur Limpens hat eine schöne wie ungewöhnliche Lampe entwickelt an der Magneten an Schnüren aufeinandertreffen und dabei LEDs im äußeren Ring leuchten lassen.

Heng Gleichgewicht Lampe

Schickes Teil, das im letzten Jahr mit einem Red Dot Design Award ausgezeichnet und nun auf Kickstarter bereits durchfinanziert wurde. (via Colossal) Tagged: Design, Lamps, LED, Lights. Maslow Brings The Wall Plotter Into The Woodshop. Hanging plotters, or two steppers controlling a dangling Sharpie marker on an XY plane, are nothing new to our community.

Maslow Brings The Wall Plotter Into The Woodshop

But have you ever thought of trading out the Sharpie for a wood router bit and cutting through reasonably thick plywood sheets? That would give you a CNC machine capable of cutting out wood in essentially whatever dimensions you’d like, at reasonably low-cost. And that’s the idea behind [Bar]’s Maslow. It’s going to be a commercial product (we hope!)

, but it’s also entirely open source and indubitably DIYable. [Bar] walks us through all of the design decisions in this video, which is a must-watch if you’re planning on building one of these yourself. His current design only uses two bricks for counterweights, uses lighter chains, and seems to get the job done. Taking the wall plotter into the woodshop is a brilliant idea, but we’re sure that there’s 99% perspiration in this design too. Maslow. Maslow CNC. Work Space: 4' X 8' *Encoder Resolution: 8148 steps/revReal World Precision: +- 1/64th inch (.4 mm) or betterMax feed rate 48 inches/minuteAC Voltage: 110-250 voltsDC Voltage: 12 voltsConnection: USBOS for Software: Mac, Windows, Linux *The work space is defined by the length of the two #25 roller chains so it can be easily enlarged or made smaller by adding or removing links from the chains.

Maslow CNC

Here's a video of me running through the design: Find out more and watch videos of the machine in action on our website or check out our source code (firmware and software), PCB layouts, and CAD files at. Euro-Paletten auseinandernehmen. Ich habe vor ein paar Wochen mit ein paar Jugendlichen 20 Euro-Paletten zerlegt.

Euro-Paletten auseinandernehmen

Wir wollten damit Gartenmöbel bauen. Gute Idee, klingt leicht umsetzbar. Zwei-drei Videos angesehen, easy. So sah es zumindest aus. Beim Zerlegen dann wurde schnell klar, dass das mit Kuhfuß, Keil und einem Hammer nur schwer ohne Materialverluste zu machen ist. Hätte ich dieses Video vorher gesehen, hätten wir uns jede Menge Schweiß, Zeit und Arbeit erspart.

(Direktlink, via Sploid) Impulsive Furnishing Unit – Frame Moooi Award winner « Christian Fiebig. For the furnishing of the ‘C-Fabriek‘ exhibition Itay Ohaly, Thomas Vailly and I developed a new series of furniture together with a new production unit.

Impulsive Furnishing Unit – Frame Moooi Award winner « Christian Fiebig

Following the basic concept of Thomas and Itay of an adhoc furnishing of the exhibition, I developed a new CNC machine that is directly mounted on a plywood palette where it then cut one sheet of plywood after the other. With this production unit a whole furniture factory is reduced to the size of a standardized plywood palette, which can be shipped and produce anywhere. By adjusting the CNC machine to the thickness of each sheet, it will only cut one sheet at a time. As soon as the machine is finished with cutting the top sheet it will cut two holes as handles on one of the length sides of the board. This side of the machine can then be opened and the cut board can be pulled out. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Computer Visualisations work in progress. Inventables. Alibaba Group. Alibaba Group. Параметры продукта: 1: Габариты Высота 715*699 * длина ширина 610 (мм) 2: эффективный ход 300*400 * (150) (мм) 3: 1605 прецизионный шариковый винт 4: XY железнодорожные диаметром 20 плюс жесткий хром Диаметр вала 16 Z оси железнодорожных и твердый хром вал. 5: XYZ3 оси шагового 57*78 250 унц. 6: Повторите точность позиционирования 0.01 мм, точность 0.02 мм 7: скорость обработки 0-4000 мм/минуту, оси b-оси вращения скорость 0-180 об. 8: по оси X Таблица Максимальная нагрузка 50 кг, 80 четыре оси Чак Максимальная нагрузка 30 кг 50 Чак четыре оси Максимальная нагрузка 15 кг, пять оси таблицы Максимальная нагрузка 15 кг.

Alibaba Group

Amazon. PR20EVSK Colt™ Variable-speed Palm Router Kit. DWP611 1-1/4 HP Max Torque Variable Speed Compact Router with LED's. Shapeoko 3 – Carbide 3D. X-Carve®: Customize. There are two common voltage standards in the world.

X-Carve®: Customize

If you click the name of your country in the table below, we'll automatically select the right kit for you. If you have questions, contact 110V: Anguilla Aruba Bahamas Barbados Belize Bermuda Brazil Canada Cayman Islands Colombia Costa Rica Dominican Republic Ecuador El Salvador Guam Guatemala Haiti Honduras Jamaica Japan Liberia Libya Madagascar Mexico Micronesia Nicaragua Panama Puerto Rico Samoa (American) Saudi Arabia Suriname Taiwan Trinidad & Tobago United States Venezuela Virgin Islands.