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Für etwas Pause im Büro: – Das Kraftfuttermischwerk. Mathematical Proof/Introduction/Notation - Wikibooks, open books for an open world. While a comprehensive list of notation is included in the appendix, that is meant mostly as a reference tool to refresh the reader of what notation means.

Mathematical Proof/Introduction/Notation - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

This section is to introduce the notation to the reader and explain its usage. Basic Set Theory[edit] This is not meant to be a comprehensive or rigorous definition of set theory. We will define a minimal amount of set-theoretical objects, so that the concept of mathematical thinking can be understood. In this book, we will use capital letters for sets and lowercase letters for elements of sets. Axioms[edit] Welcher LaTeX-Editor für Einsteiger empfehlenswert? - LaTeX und TeX Welt. Vorab seien Anfänger darauf hingewiesen, dass man vor der Wahl des Editors erst einmal LaTeX selbst installieren sollte.

Welcher LaTeX-Editor für Einsteiger empfehlenswert? - LaTeX und TeX Welt

Siehe dazu: Wie installiere ich LaTeX? Letztlich ist die Frage nach dem richtigen Editor eine Frage des Geschmacks. Unterschiedliche Anwender haben unterschiedliche Voraussetzungen und unterschiedliche Vorlieben. Hier einmal eine kleine Auflistung von LaTeX-Editoren: TeXworks: OpenSource/Freeware für Windows, Linux, OS XDieser Editor ist bei MiKTeX und TeX Live für Windows bereits dabei. Für viele weitere Universaleditoren wie Vim, Nedit, jEdit, notepad++ etc. gibt es LaTeX-Anpassungen. Ich habe in der Regel Links für Windows-Anwender gesetzt, da sich die Frage (ursprünglich) auf Windows bezog. Stupid Git Tricks. My apologies if you speak the Queen’s English since that title probably has a whole different meaning to you than I intended.

Stupid Git Tricks

In fact, I’m talking about Git, the version control system. This Flowchart Helps You Find Your Leadership Style. The Feynman Technique Helps You Study Faster and Retain More Information. The Genius Deck Helps Reset Your Brain When You’re Stuck on a Problem.


Program Your Brain, Hack Your Way to Productivity. Most people wish they were more productive.

Program Your Brain, Hack Your Way to Productivity

Some buckle down and leverage some rare facet of their personality to force the work out. Some of them talk with friends. Some go on vision quests. There are lots of methods for lots of types of people. Most hackers, I’ve noticed, look for a datasheet. Chemical Formulas 101. It seems like every other day we hear about some hacker, tinkerer, maker, coder or one of the many other Do-It-Yourself engineer types getting their hands into a complex field once reserved to only a select few.

Chemical Formulas 101

Costs have come down, enabling common everyday folks to equip themselves with 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC mills and a host of other once very expensive pieces of equipment. Getting PCB boards made is literally dirt cheap, and there are more inexpensive Linux single board computers than we can keep track of these days. Combining the lowering hardware costs with the ever increasing wealth of knowledge available on the internet creates a perfect environment for DIYers to push into ever more specific scientific fields. One of these fields is biomedical research.

KLONK Image Measurement, free, software, tool, image, measurement, length, angle, area - Home. The Feynman Technique Helps You Study Faster and Retain More Information. Semi-automatic Mouse Requires No Permit. Microsoft Dream Job Helps You Design Resumes and Presentations to Land Your Perfect Gig. Chemical Hacking at a Store Near You. Imagine for a minute that you aren’t an electronic-savvy Hackaday reader.

Chemical Hacking at a Store Near You

But you find an old chemistry book at a garage sale and start reading it. It has lots of interesting looking experiments, but they all require chemicals with strange exotic names. One of them is ferric chloride. Searching for a Replacement Part? Just Take a Picture of It. Even if you’re not a machinist, you’ve probably had a crisis at home or with your car where you only needed one weird, tiny screw to fix the problem.

Searching for a Replacement Part? Just Take a Picture of It

You bring the part to a store and stand in line only to discover the part isn’t in stock. So they call it in, and the part that arrives maybe a week later is the wrong one. This Infographic Lists 128 Words You Can Use Instead of “Very” This Infographic Crams In Over 30 Essential Google Search Tips. Learn How to Master Google Forms With This Handy Visual Guide. Wikiverse lets you explore Wikipedia like a human spaceship. Anyone who has spent any serious time on the internet has fallen down a Wikipedia hole, idly clicking linked sources and the site's "random article" option for hours at a time, accidentally learning about everything from Ghanian sprinters to goatfish.

Wikiverse lets you explore Wikipedia like a human spaceship

These sessions are illuminating, but I find myself snapping back to reality after an hour with no idea how I got to my last entry. Wikiverse could help solve that problem. The site casts Wikipedia's pages as floating points of light in a 3D universe, clustering "stars" on the same topic — technology, society, music, etcetera — together. Click on a star and you can read its entry, as well as see the pages it links to, stretching across the universe as colored lines. Microsoft's OneNote will help you solve equations you've handwritten. Microsoft is adding a neat little trick to its OneNote app today: ink math assistant.

Microsoft's OneNote will help you solve equations you've handwritten

Popular with students, OneNote is often used to jot down notes with a stylus, and the new ink math assistant is designed to help students convert handwritten equations into text, and teach them how to solve them. It works by automatically detecting equations that have been digitally inked into a OneNote page, and allows you to circle the equation and get step-by-step instructions on how to solve it.

Alongside the new math equation option, Microsoft is also bringing an ink replay feature to its Office apps for Windows 10. You can choose to replay exactly how a note was created in ink, which will be useful if your handwriting is particularly bad. These app updates are available for Office 365 customers right now, and the ink replay will be available in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on Windows desktops soon. SourceMicrosoft Office blog. Digitize Your Graphs With WebPlotDigitizer.

Have you ever had to write a bit of code to interpret a non-linear analog reading as picked up by an ADC?

Digitize Your Graphs With WebPlotDigitizer

When all you have to work with for your transfer function is a graph in a semiconductor datasheet that was probably written thirty years ago and prints out the size of a postage stamp, that’s a rather annoying task. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had access to the numbers behind the graph! You can’t knock on the office door of the engineer who created it back in the ’80s, he’s probably in retirement and playing golf or growing prize petunias by now. Mausr Helps You Identify Unknown Symbols.