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DIY Lasercutter

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K40-S Laser Power Supply Control "Take 2" K40 Laser Power Supply (LPS) Control Donate: Please consider donating (button to the right of this post).

K40-S Laser Power Supply Control "Take 2"

Your donations help fund additional research, tools and parts that I will return to the community as information and how-to's. Simple Smoothie PWM Control A simple diagram showing how to connect to the LPS PWM from a smoothie 5x. In general, driver MOSFET's outputs on Smoothie compatible boards are labeled [+ or VBB] and [- or gnd]. You can remove the pot and install the red jumper which allows the PWM to have full control. Leave the Pot in. Laser Surgery: Expanding the Bed of a Cheap Chinese Laser Cutter. Don’t you just hate it when you spend less than $400 on a 40-watt laser cutter and it turns out to have a work area the size of a sheet of copy paper?

Laser Surgery: Expanding the Bed of a Cheap Chinese Laser Cutter

[Kostas Filosofou] sure did, but rather than stick with that limited work envelope, he modified his cheap K40 laser cutter so it has almost five times the original space. The K40 doesn’t make any pretenses — it’s a cheap laser cutter and engraver from China. But with new units going for $344 on eBay now, it’s almost a no-brainer. Even with its limitations, you’re still getting a 40-watt CO2 laser and decent motion control hardware to play with.

[Kostas] began the embiggening by removing the high-voltage power supply from its original space-hogging home to the right of the work area. We’re sure [Kostas] ran the tab up a little on this build, but when you’re spending so little to start with, it’s easy to get carried away. Thanks to stalwart tipster [George Graves] for the heads up on this one. » Laser Safety. Convert that Cheap Laser Engraver to 100% Open-Source Toolchain. LaserWeb is open-source laser cutter and engraver software, and [JordsWoodShop] made a video tutorial (embedded below) on how to convert a cheap laser engraver to use it.

Convert that Cheap Laser Engraver to 100% Open-Source Toolchain

The laser engraver used in the video is one of those economical acrylic-and-extruded-rail setups with a solid state laser emitter available from a variety of Chinese sellers (protective eyewear and any sort of ventilation or shielding conspicuously not included) but LaserWeb can work with just about any hardware, larger CO2 lasers included. LaserWeb is important because most laser engravers and cutters have proprietary software. The smaller engravers like the one pictured above use a variety of things, and people experienced with larger CO2 laser cutters may be familiar with a piece of software called LaserCut — a combination CAD program and laser control that is serviceable, but closed (my copy even requires a USB security dongle, eww.)

Thanks for the tip, [Peter]! Noun Project - Icons for Everything. Breathe Easy with a Laser Cutter Air Filter. A laser cutter is a great tool to have in the shop, but like other CNC machines it can make a lousy neighbor.

Breathe Easy with a Laser Cutter Air Filter

Vaporizing your stock means you end up breathing stuff you might rather not. If you’re going to be around these fumes all day, you’ll want good fume extraction, and you might just consider a DIY fume and particulate filter to polish the exhausted air. While there’s no build log per se, [ZbLab]’s Facebook page has a gallery of photos that show the design and build in enough detail to get the gist. The main element of the filter is 25 kg of activated charcoal to trap the volatile organic compounds in the laser exhaust. 90+ Videos Take you from Laser Chump to Laser Champ. Few of us document the progression of our side projects.

90+ Videos Take you from Laser Chump to Laser Champ

For those who do, those docs have the chance at becoming a tome of insight, a spaceman’s “mission log” found on a faraway planet that can tell us how to tame an otherwise cruel and hostile world. With the arrival of the RDWorks Learning Lab Series, Chinese laser cutters have finally received the treatment of a thorough in-depth guide to bringing them into professional working order. In two series, totalling just over 90 videos (and counting!) Retired sheet-metal machinist [Russ] takes us on a grand tour of retrofitting, characterizing, and getting the most out of your recent Chinese laser cutter purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions about CO2 laser lenses for cutting. The information in this page is a collection of odds and ends, related to CO2 lasers, that you may find useful.

Frequently Asked Questions about CO2 laser lenses for cutting

We are not reporting anything new in this page as many others have written about and published them before. We will add more stuff to the page as time permits. After a few months (years!) We will try to index it or give it an outline. K40-SBASE WIRING.PDF. Mini Arduino CNC - Arduino Project Hub. A literal lawn chair is on sale for $279.

Italian design collective Studio Nucleo has in the past experimented with museum-friendly design installations.

A literal lawn chair is on sale for $279

Their latest project: a cardboard frame that, when covered with dirt, becomes a chair that can be installed in your backyard. Yes, for $279, you can buy instructions and cardboard to make a very beautiful pile of dirt. That’s if you back the collective’s Kickstarter at the early-bird stage for the full-sized chair.

Clipart ETC Site Map. How To Build Anything With Delrin And A Laser Cutter — Advanced Tricks. Everyone wants their prototypes to look polished, as opposed to looking like 3D-squirted weekend afterthoughts.

How To Build Anything With Delrin And A Laser Cutter — Advanced Tricks

The combination of Delrin and a Laser Cutter make this easy, especially if you learn a few tricks-of-the-trade that will make your assemply pop, both functionally and aesthetically. Last time, we took a deep dive into fabbing parts with Delrin and a typical 40-watt laser cutter, and we discussed some of the constraints of the material. More recently, [Gerrit] gave us a close look at the material itself. It’s been about a year since our first post, but the list of tricks is far from complete. Want to laser engrave onto metal with a $200 3D printer adapter? Here's how. Jul 22, 2016 | By Andre In the second half of 2015 we reported on a Russian team of entrepreneurs called Endurance and how they were able to successfully modify an existing 3D printer into a working laser cutter.

Want to laser engrave onto metal with a $200 3D printer adapter? Here's how.

They did this using what they called the L-Cheapo module (online for $195). The device is capable of cutting through paper and wood up to 3/16th of an inch thick. Since then, the one question they've been getting over and over from would-be customers is in regards the ability to engrave onto metal (such as aluminium) using their technology. Considering aluminium has a melting temperature of around 600 degrees Celsius (with the surface aluminum oxide at around 1000 degrees) one might feel a $195 laser adapter wouldn’t have a chance. But in reality, all that’s needed is 9 - 12 volts of charge, salt, the capacity of the dielectric (plastic works), a nail, water, and of course their the L-Cheapo laser module. This is where things get a little tricky. Posted in 3D Printer Accessories. Help! k40 Laser Engraves Slower than Speed Setting.

Automatic fire extinguishers, up to 53% discount - Next Day Delivery. Automatic fire extinguishers, for many unsupervised situations, are the only answer in fire safety.

Automatic fire extinguishers, up to 53% discount - Next Day Delivery

When expensive agricultural machinery, construction and mining equipment, boat engines, computer and telecoms cabinets, and other machinery catches fire, often it will be too late by the time an operative discovers and tries to tackle it so, what better than an automatic fire extinguisher. What Are The Alternatives? One solution is a specially built, plumbed-in fire suppression system. But these can be quite costly and tricky to install once the item has left the manufacturing line. The more popular solution is an automatic fire extinguisher. HTG Supply - Filters. Cheap Chinese laser - slow speed. Taming the Beast: Pro-Tips for Designing a Safe Homebrew Laser Cutter. Homebrew laser cutters are nifty devices, but scorching your pals, burning the house down, or smelling up the neighborhood isn’t anyone’s idea of a great time.

Lets face it. A 60-watt laser that can cut plastics offers far more trouble than even the crankiest 3D-printers (unless, of course, our 3D printed spaghetti comes to life and decides to terrorize the neighborhood). Sure, a laser’s focused beam is usually pointed in the right direction while cutting, but even an unfocused beam that reflects off a shiny material can start fires.

What’s more, since most materials burn, rather than simply melt, a host of awful fumes spew from every cut. Despite the danger, the temptation to build one is irresistible. The Tome of Safe Laser Cutter Design First off, a quick disclaimer: even if you follow this guide to the nose, we can’t guarantee that you wont see trouble down the road. Shields Up: Protecting Your Last Set of Eyeballs. HTG Supply - Filters.

Maschinenschild Software

Ornaments – Free Vector Graphics Download. K40 chinese laser modifications. I own a K40 chinese laser cutter highly customized and improved. This is a very cheap but also very customizable machine. I’m the author of the MarlinKimbra support for laser cutters, and I maintain a patched version of a plugin for inkscape to generate the needed gcode to feed the machine, and of a patched version of pronterface to manage the laser machine too. This project group my work on this machine, work that benefit also other DIY laser machine and the maker community at large. Sources of my work: If you like me to put my head on laser cutting free and open software, hardwares and mods, please help me to do that by donating!

250nm to 520nm Laser Shielding – 12″ x 12″ Check Device Initialize Settings.png. Check CorelDraw Settings.png. HakanBastedt. 250nm to 520nm Laser Shielding – 12″ x 12″ Converting Kids’ Hand-Drawings to G-Code. [Martin Raynsford] wrote a program that converts a black-and-white 2D image to G-code so that his laser printer could then etch the image. Not satisfied with just that, he used his laser printer to make a scanner that consists of a stand for his webcam and a tray below it for positioning the paper just right. The result was something he took to a recent Maker Faire where many kids drew pictures on paper which his system then scanned and laser etched. [Martin’s] program, written in C#, does the work of taking the image from the webcam using OpenGL and scanning it line by line looking for pixels that surpass a contrast threshold. For each suitable pixel the program then produces G-code that moves the laser to the corresponding coordinate and burns a hole.

Looking at the source code (downloadable from his webpage) it’s clear from commented-out code that he did plenty of experimenting, including varying the laser burn time based on the pixel’s brightness. Thanks [Martin] for the tip! Converting Kids’ Hand-Drawings to G-Code. Up-Close and Personal with Laser Cuts. Plenty of materials take the heated edge of a laser beam quite well, but many others don’t. Some release toxic fumes; others catch fire easily. For all the materials that don’t cut well (PVC and FR4, we’re looking at you!) And for those that do (hello, acrylic and Delrin) they’re each reacting to the heat of the laser beam in different ways. Reframe: turn old iPhones into wall clock or wall art! Setting Up Your Defaults In CorelDraw X6 

In this lesson we will look at how to set up a default workspace in CorelDraw X6. This is typically what I do for my computers. You may do it differently depending on your workflow and your likes and dislikes. In X6 CorelDraw has introduced Style Sets which is where we make some of these changes. This is a departure from previous versions. Also it is important that you make the changes in the default pen width so that it is set to hairline. Default Plate / Document SIze.

K40 Laser Cutter: How to Cut and Engrave in One Job. GitHub - TurnkeyTyranny/buildlog-lasercutter-marlin: Marlin firmware modified and configured for LMN's inspired lasercutter. ‘LinuxCNC-Features’ is the Garage-Fab’s Missing CAM Tool. Engrave photos with ramps. Laser cutter ramps 1.4. Marlin firmware as laser cutter.

I did a similar thing to the laser cutter/engraver. Adventures in DIY Engineering: 40 Watt Chinese CO2 Laser Upgrade with RAMPS & Arudino. 3/31/2015 - Updates made in the Firmware and Inkscape plugin section below. Thanks go to Turnkey Tyranny for the many improvements and fixes he's contributed. Also, I would like to note, there are many variations on the Laser supplies. Please be very aware whether yours is an ACTIVE LOW or ACTIVE HIGH enable signal. Openhardwarecoza/LaserWeb. K40 RAMPS Conversion · ExplodingLemur/presentations Wiki. Safety warning: lasers are capable of burning and blinding you, and the K40 units come with no safety interlocks. Add some safety switches to the interlock loop line (P1-P2 in the diagram below) so that when not actuated by the lids being closed on them, they interrupt the line.

A water flow switch in the interlock loop is a good idea too so the laser won't operate if the coolant loop is not running. I've also heard of some units coming improperly grounded so make sure you inspect the power system fully, the ground pin of the 110V IEC jack should show continuity with the chassis of the power supply inside, and the chassis of the unit as a whole.