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Economic Consequences of China’s Slowdown. By Scott Kennedy Source: DavidDen’s flickr photostream, used under a creative commons license.

Economic Consequences of China’s Slowdown

Perhaps the most popular term used among strategic analysts in the past year is “Thucydides Trap” — the notion that a rising power and the incumbent power are destined for war because of the growing rivalry between the United States and China. The worry is that as China’s economy continues to grow, China will gain the means and confidence to challenge American military primacy and influence in Asia.

From this perspective, China’s recent economic slowdown is viewed as helpful in putting off the day of reckoning. While perhaps comforting to some, there is more to fear from China’s current economic weakness than its potential future strength. China avoided the worst of the global financial crisis with an RMB 4 trillion stimulus package. Concern about China’s poor economic performance is not only the result of built-up debt, but recent policy swings.

Dr. Russia’s military is proving Western punditry wrong. Ever since the first indications that there were Russians encamped at the airfield in Latakia, theories have proliferated around Russia’s strategy in Syria, its intentions, and questions on just how far they (and others) will go.

Russia’s military is proving Western punditry wrong

There are lots of things that these theories get wrong. Many analysts have called Russia militarily weak, with some pointing specifically to its shortcomings in air and naval forces in Syria. But based on Russia’s battlefield performance so far, this assessment seems off: To the contrary, Russia has shown that it has the capability and capacity (not to mention willingness) to employ its conventional forces to achieve limited political objectives.

In the air The Russians are flying a significant number of sorties with recognizable successes. In the process, they have hit a significant number of targets among the anti-Assad rebels. Can Russia sustain this level of air campaign? At sea. The Myth­ of Putin’s Strategic Genius. Photo PALO ALTO, Calif. — THE Russian president, , continues to surprise. ’s military intervention in , followed by a face-to-face meeting in Moscow this week with that country’s president, Bashar al-Assad, has startled the world.

The Myth­ of Putin’s Strategic Genius

As there was after Mr. Putin’s action in Ukraine last year, there has been a chorus of commentary on his supposed strategic genius. He is acting decisively, seizing the initiative and creating facts on the ground — so the narrative goes, in contrast with the West’s feckless pursuits in Syria. The opposite is true. Five years ago, Russia was in a much stronger position, both at home and in the world. Recognition of Russia’s mistakes, however, does not guarantee future failure. Five years ago, Russia was on the move in the world.

Moscow had also improved relations with Europe and the United States. Both the American and Russian public noticed the progress. The Russian economy was returning to growth after the 2008 financial crisis. Mr. Mr. Mr. America Without a Cause. “If the Cold War is over, what’s the point of being an American?”

America Without a Cause

Said Rabbit Angstrom, the protagonist of the John Updike novels. A haunting remark, since, for 40 years, America was largely united on the proposition that our survival depended upon our victory over communism in the Cold War. Syrie : comment Carter a aidé Poutine à viser les positions de l'Etat islamique. Accueil +VIDEO L'ex-président américain a bien transmis des cartes, établies par sa Fondation, qui indiquent les positions de l'Etat islamique et des autres belligérants en Syrie.

Syrie : comment Carter a aidé Poutine à viser les positions de l'Etat islamique

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