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PhET: Free online physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and math simulations. Marilyn Burns Math Blog. Multiplication Bingo has long been one of my favorite games, and I recently introduced it to students who have been committing the multiplication facts to memory.

Marilyn Burns Math Blog

(More about how the students are studying the multiplication facts appears at the end of the blog.) Also, several different versions of the game allow for varying and differentiating the experience, making it a good addition for the class Math Menu. Rekenrek 0308. Virtual Manipulatives. eTools v1. BT15 ThanksgivingBirthday Solution. Estimate. Marilyn Burns Math Blog. I’m always on the lookout for math experiences that engage students’ interest and curiosity, encourage them to persevere when solving problems, and are accessible to students with a wide range of abilities.

Marilyn Burns Math Blog

Solving KenKen puzzles does all three. After getting hooked on solving them myself, I explored their classroom potential, and I’ve been pleased with the results. At first glance, KenKen puzzles look like Suduko puzzles—you fill a grid with numbers. Both are logic puzzles, but KenKen puzzles have the instructional benefit of providing practice with basic facts. Plus Ken Ken puzzles are ideal for differentiating instruction.

KenKen Puzzles Come in Different SizesIn KenKen puzzles, the numbers you’re allowed to write to fill the grid depend on the size of the grid. Getting Started in the ClassroomIn the classroom, I post a puzzle for everyone to see. Outlined one-box cages are freebies, and the Number Clue is the number to write in that box. Try solving the puzzle. Games. Sokikom. Reasoning Games. There are 187 results Broad Topics > Using, Applying and Reasoning about Mathematics > Games.

Reasoning Games

Four Strikes and You’re Out. Yet Another Way to Subtract. When Alfred, a sixth-grade teacher, explained the trouble-coming method of subtraction he learned as an elementary student, he recalled that his teacher had pointed out that you didn’t “make any cross-outs” or “write those little 1s.”

Yet Another Way to Subtract

He said that his teacher’s tone of voice made it sound as if doing subtraction without marks of any kind had to be superior. You can decide about that. Animated Factorization. Plan Family Vacation Webquest. What if YOU were the one to choose where your family goes on vacation?

Plan Family Vacation Webquest

What if you got to plan all activities, where to stay, and what to eat? Here's your chance! Created by Alena Zink and Betsy Cain. Are we teaching math all wrong? By Carol Lloyd As sure as one plus one equals two, it happens year after year.

Are we teaching math all wrong?

Math talks to blow your mind. A Problem with a Word Problem. Lynne Zolli, a colleague with whom I’ve worked on different projects for many years, told me about one of her third-grade student’s complaints about this test item: There are 40 chairs and 10 tables.

A Problem with a Word Problem

If each table has the same number of chairs, how many chairs will there be at each table? What do you need to do to solve this problem? Technology and the Curious Mind. Problem-Solving-Strategies_Chapter-1.pdf. PROBLEM SOLVING STRATEGIES. Problems:


Problem Solving Strategy : Look for a Pattern. Problem Solving Strategy : Draw a Picture or Diagram. Cool Math Games for Common Core. As students, we always loved when teachers used stories and games to make learning fun.Wizen World is a cool math adventure game that tries to recreate the same experience.

Cool Math Games for Common Core

Sign up for an account now, its free! We currently cover 3rd to 8th grade math, including fractions, decimals, arithmetic, algebra and more... 11 Virtual Tools for the Math Classroom. More and more classrooms are gaining access to technology that can be used with students.

11 Virtual Tools for the Math Classroom

Whether you're modeling a lesson, creating stations, or working in a one-to-one classroom, virtual tools can promote student engagement while increasing academic success. Here are some apps for iPads -- along with a few other tips -- that can transform your daily lessons and are definitely worth checking out! Base Ten Blocks Number Pieces is a great free app that allows every student with an iPad to have an endless number of base ten blocks at their fingertips. Whether they are learning basic place value, modeling how to add decimals, or exploring expanded notation, this app is worth looking into. Max Ray at NCTM Ignite. Graphing Stories - The Math in Short Videos.

Progressions Documents for for Mathematics. Interactive Fraction Wall explore Fractions Percentages and Decimals. Fraction walls are a great way to teach about fractions and in particular equivalent fractions. In a fraction wall each row or layer of the wall represents one whole number. The layers are divided into a number of bricks and hence each brick represents a fraction whose denominator is equal to the number of bricks in that layer. Each brick can be turned on or off by clicking it. This wall also allows the display of decimal and percentage values. To the right of the wall are boxes which can be hidden, the value of each box is fraction of the wall that has been turned on.

Selecting different walls When you launch this interactive teaching program the initial wall is a mixed one showing 3 distinct fraction families. Fractions, decimals or percentages. CCSS-M = Common Core Math. Student Growth Across Grade Levels with New Common Core Math Videos. As a 1st grade math teacher, I never thought I was teaching the same skills as high school math teachers. But as I’ve gotten to know the Common Core State Standards, the math practice standards have shown me that effective math teaching looks remarkably similar across grade levels. Through the practice standards, K-12 students will develop skills around problem solving, reasoning and proof, connections, representation, and communication.

Regardless of the grade level, focusing on these standards helps students feel comfortable explaining their thought processes, learning from others, and building conceptual understanding. Teaching Channel recently partnered with the American Federation of Teachers to create a series of videos that show how two of the Common Core Math Practice Standards progress throughout the grades. While the goal is for the math practice standards to be used K-12, we know that nothing looks exactly the same across grade levels. Bridging Coding and Common Core with Tynker. “Research shows that you begin learning in the womb and go right on learning until the moment you pass on. Your brain has a capacity for learning that is virtually limitless, which makes every human a potential genius.” by Michael J.

Gelb Tynker is a great new FREE web tool designed to teach students computational thinking and coding skills. It is similar to Scratch but you don’t need to download and it works on multiple browsers which is great for schools that are bring your own technology (BYOT). It is easy to set up a class and only takes minutes. What I like most about Tynker is it balances the left and right side of the brain while using 21st century skills. Pa_katie_revised.pdf. Thinkport. Blowing Bubbles. When having students blow bubbles, there are many different ways you can incorporate this lesson into your classroom. This activity has been around for a long time; however, I incorporate modes of central tendency as a review with this activity. All your students will need is something to record data on (or provide a lab sheet for them), calculator, and pencil.

Here are the basic steps my students follow: 1. Completely clear desk surface. 2. 3. 4. 5. Elementary_fal_descriptions_as_of_sept_2012.doc. Exemplary Lessons: Two Classrooms Integrating the Standards of Mathematical Practice. In the documented lessons of Fran Dickinson (5th/ 6th grade) and Cathy Humphreys (9th/10th grade), several of the mathematical practice standards are evident within one lesson/problem. Problems of the Month. Problem solving is the cornerstone of doing mathematics. Real World Math - Home. Khan Academy. Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. A Billion Nickels – 3 Acts « Zero-Knowledge Proofs.

November 5, 2011 by John Scammell. Three Ways to Help Parents Understand the Math Common Core. “Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” Best+Practice+in+Mathematics+Instruction+Relating+to+Common+Core. Math class needs a makeover.