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Teacher Tech - Alice Keeler. Mike Fisher. Resources - Dr. Lissa Pijanowski. Ditch That Textbook. What Ed Said. The Ignite Show. MegOrmiston. A web site for the #BYOTchat twitter chat. Presentation Zen. Educational-origami. About BYOT. The acronym BYOT stands for Bring Your Own Technology, and this practice is also referred to as BYOD – Bring Your Own Device.

About BYOT

It is an initiative that is having an impact in business as well as education. From a user’s point of view, there are so many forms of technology devices that are capable of being customized to one’s needs and interests. As students utilize their personal technology devices, they can become more proficient with them than they do with school-owned devices. When they bring their own technology tools to school, they can learn new ways to use them for learning purposes as they collaborate and interact with their teachers and each other to research information, solve complex problems, create original products, and publish their work to show what they have learned. Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything. Tony Ryan.

#BYOTchat. Friday Flash. Technology had me back in 1990 with my one Apple IIe and Bank Street Writer.

Friday Flash

My special education/exceptional students typed text for their stories and we printed with a dot matrix printer. We then paired the text with their own drawings or photos developed at the local store and pasted to make construction paper books. Next we moved to making big books, poster size, with Big Book Maker Favorite Fairy Tales and Tall Tales from Pelican (Toucan Software). We taped the pages together, colored and bound with a spiral binder. We thought we were really cool creating our books twenty years ago. Whole Child Education. Cool Cat Teacher Blog. Free Technology for Teachers. iLearn Technology.