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KOMMA. De_form. h3l™ ​- ​Marketing, Communication and Design Studio. Córdova Canillas. Sans titre. Naranjo—Etxeberria. Magma. Ordinarypeople. STANDARD.a WEBSITE DESIGN FOR 'STANDARD.a' Work with Rows & Columns 2014.


Collectif Blanc. Büro Bum Bum. Businessweek Design 2016. Janine Benyus is a biologist, innovation consultant, and author of six books, including Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature.

Businessweek Design 2016

Since the book’s 1997 release, she has evolved the practice of biomimicry, consulting with businesses and conducting seminars about what can be learned from the genius of nature. Benyus has personally introduced millions to the meme of biomimicry through two TED talks, hundreds of conference keynote presentations, and a dozen documentaries, such as Biomimicry, produced by Leonardo DiCaprio’s Tree Media, 11th Hour, Harmony, and The Nature of Things with David Suzuki, which aired in 71 countries. Most recently, she has been a featured speaker at SXSW Eco 2015 and the Dubai Sustainable Cities Summit. However, her favorite role is biologist at the design table, where she introduces innovators to 3.8 billion years’ worth of brilliant, time-tested solutions through her work at Biomimicry 3.8. In 1998, Benyus co-founded the Biomimicry Guild with Dr. BIGSOUND BUZZ - by Bolster. Never Sit Still. Collect UI - Daily inspiration collected from daily ui archive and beyond. Based on Dribbble shots, hand picked, updating daily.

Pleid – Art and Motion Direction Studio. My name is — direction artistique & design graphique. Kid. Studio. Jozias Boone. {{pageTitle}} Bad Day. Neubau.


Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam. Kingsize creative agency. Studio Smacznego. Invisible Friends. Michael Taschinski. Kyle Penn. Mirage Festival 3e Édition - Art, Innovation et Cultures Numériques. À la pointe de l'innovation et déjà aux limites de l'obsolescence, les médias utilisés par les artistes contemporains mutent et ne cessent d'être réinventés.

Mirage Festival 3e Édition - Art, Innovation et Cultures Numériques

Retro-futuristes, interactives, augmentées ou numérico-analogiques, à quoi ressembleront les créations de demain? Chaque nouvelle révolution technologique bouleverse les pratiques de nos artistes et plus personne ne s'étonne de voir aujourd'hui les drones se mettre à danser et les disques durs jouer aux chefs d'orchestre. Mais il semblerait que la particularité des arts numériques ne réside pas seulement dans leur facilité à dialoguer avec les évolutions techniques mais plutôt dans leur capacité à transcender les disciplines et surtout les époques, en puisant autant dans les technologies passées que présentes.

Le monde soluble du numérique a logiquement envahi depuis déjà plusieurs années celui de l'art contemporain ou encore du spectacle vivant et les hybridations n'auront de cesse de se multiplier. En savoir plus. Studio D. Stefan Diez Office. Fletcher Systems.


Invisible Friends. ETQ Studios Amsterdam. Amanda Pratt - Photographer NYC. Wireframe Effectively on the New, Improved 970 Grid System. By anthony on 12/03/10 at 3:56 pm Page layout is an important aspect of web design.

Wireframe Effectively on the New, Improved 970 Grid System

A popular approach to designing page layouts is to use a grid system. Grid systems are used during the wireframing stage of the design process. The purpose of a grid system is to help guide the placement, sizing, order, repetition and alignment of elements on your page. Using it for wireframes is necessary for designers to create a consistent and balanced page layout. Francesc Moret Vayreda. Twitter Card UI. ADD METAPHYSICS - Aalto University Digital Design Laboratory, ADD. FPM. Sound City Project. Studio Brusco. Owen Perry Interactive Design.

A Spacecraft for All: The Journey of the ISEE-3. Piet Oudolf - Gardens and Landscapes. The Colors Of Motion. Productos.php. Diller scofidio + renfro. Custom website design, logo design, virtual assistance. Take The Tour. Mobium. Code and Theory. Hot Dot Production — заурядная, молодая-динамично-развивающаяся корпорация. Diogo Akio — Designer. Quadra Collective is a interactive & branding studio created from the partnership of Diogo Akio and Caio Rogério.

Diogo Akio — Designer

A small company that believes in working with big proportions, made with love and trust. "Quadra" in Portuguese means, "block", i.e., from neighborhood, which conveys an idea of something at reach and quite reliable. Paper Elements Sampler. H E A R T 03. Industry Art. Designer Interactif - Mathilde Jacon. Pitchfork. Abcdr du Son, le magazine rap. Piet Oudolf - Gardens and Landscapes. Inspiration for Article Intro Effects. We may define a food to be any substance which will repair the functional waste of the body, increase its growth, or maintain the heat, muscular, and nervous energy.

Inspiration for Article Intro Effects

In its most comprehensive sense, the oxygen of the air is a food; as although it is admitted by the lungs, it passes into the blood, and there re-acts upon the other food which has passed through the stomach. It is usual, however, to restrict the term food to such nutriment as enters the body by the intestinal canal. Water is often spoken of as being distinct from food, but for this there is no sufficient reason.

Many popular writers have divided foods into flesh-formers, heat-givers, and bone-formers. Although attractive from its simplicity, this classification will not bear criticism. These last are not strictly foods, if we keep to the definition already given; but they are consumed with the true foods or nutrients, comprised in the other two classes, and cannot well be excluded from consideration. Tab Styles Inspiration. Previous Demo Back to the Codrops Article Re-created from Vintage Productions Technique from Slanted tabs with CSS 3D transforms by Lea Verou If you enjoyed this demo you might also like: Arrow Navigation Styles.

Tab Styles Inspiration

Off-Canvas Menu Effects - Top Side. Stories of Adventure /// Epic There Are Other Rivers: On Foot Through India.

Stories of Adventure ///

TROGLOBITES. (Source: luxulterior, via bladelores) (via neurochemical) elisemesner: Pineapple Remixes Elise Mesner Photography 2014 (via jeffreycampbellshoes) (Source: Flickr / marlenashores)


Christina Michelitsch › Blonde Magazine. Icons Filling Effect. Draggable Dual-View Slideshow. Lorem Waldy Distilling design and other interesting methods It was not child's play tackling those horses.

Draggable Dual-View Slideshow

Some of the kind-hearted station folk in the backblocks had sent down some wild warrigals of the West; bucking brumbies that beat the band; old outlaws off the grass that the station hands could never master. But Colonel Cox ("Fighting Charlie" we called him) had in his command some of the crack rough-riders of Australia. And it was a joy to see these men tackle the outlaws. Arrow Navigation Styles. Html css. Field 5 Agata Kuczminska - Web design - Freelance web designer. Snazzy Maps - Free Styles for Google Maps. Fullscreen Form Interface. Project Worksheet Previous Demo Back to the Codrops Article This is a demo for a fullscreen form Pick a color#588c75#b0c47f#f3e395#f3ae73#da645a#79a38f#c1d099#f5eaaa#f5be8f#e1837b#9bbaab#d1dcb2#f9eec0#f7cda9#e8a19b#bdd1c8#e1e7cd#faf4d4#fbdfc9#f1c1bd If you enjoyed this demo you might also like: Minimal Form Interface.

Original Hover Effects with CSS3. Rosie Lee - Home. Drones · A Data Narrative Made by Friends. June 16, 2014. ¶ In February of 2012 Congress told the Federal Aviation Administration (faa) to open the national airspace to drone traffic by September of 2015. In 2013 the faa released the “Civil UAS Roadmap:” a plan to pave the skyways by clearing the regulations that have thus far kept government and private domestic drones at bay (for the most part) and creating a new regulatory infrastructure to welcome drones home. Privacy means more than not being watched for illegal activity. Privacy—the secret ballot—is the foundation of democracy. Surveillance undermines the secret ballot because when the government knows what you read, who you associate with, and what you talk about, it knows how you vote. And now, if the government doesn’t like how you vote—or what you read, write, or talk about for that matter—they can send the military to follow you around and monitor everything you do with a flying robot.

Consider the Fourth Amendment out the window. Flat or Not - intro. An animated map of global wind and weather. Hex clock. Offpixel by Martin Pavely. NO BOX - Chaussures pour femmes so trendy. By Crestyl. Themes. Just for fun free GUI to download by Michal Vasko. Uilove - App Design on Behance. Widgets Set [Freebie] by Alexander Zaytsev. Ondo. Flightsearchr — Flight Search Made Simple. Legend World Wide. Galerie de Eric Carl.

Sonnenstrahl — Nat-Ant. Phoenix the Creative Studio / Agency Survival Kit. World Cup 2014 Fixtures. A contemporary food, arts and culture journal - The Gourmand. DesignWoop - Web Design Blog. P ← ← Andrea Papi, Visual Designer, Free Lance.Sito ufficiale contenente una selezione dei progetti del designer. A clean point of interest icon set from MapBox.