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Menu 2. Menu 1. Animate.css. 16,.97,.82,.2) ✿ SVG Animation. SVG animation problem. Inline SVG hamburger animation. Ligne animée en SVG. Animate your HTML5. Précédent suivant action action = sur la plupart des slides, il se passe quelque chose quand on clique (surtout les slides 4, 9, 19, 31 et 38 :-) Martin Gorner GDG DevFest Berlin 2013 Transitions CSS3 Animations CSS3 Transformations géométriques 2D liste complète des transformations 2D: rotate, scale, skew, translate, matrix 1.

Animate your HTML5

Animated Border Menus. How to Create a Circular Progress Button. A tutorial on how to implement the circular progress button concept by Colin Garven.

How to Create a Circular Progress Button

We are using the SVG line drawing animation technique as described by Jake Archibald to animate the circular progress and provide a success and error state to indicate the final status. View demo Download source Today we are going to show you how to implement a nifty progress button concept. The concept is the fabulous Submit Button by Colin Garven. Take a look at it first to get an idea of what steps need to be done, and enjoy the animation. There are quite some possibilities for creating this button and the effect.

Note that animating SVGs can be problematic for some browsers so it might not work everywhere as expected. So, let’s get started! The Master plan If you have carefully observed Colin’s Dribbble shot, you might have noticed that we’ll need to take care of several states of the button. For the case of a failed submission, we’ll also want an error state style. The Markup The CSS The JavaScript. Animated line drawing in SVG - There's a demo you're missing here because JavaScript or inline SVG isn't available.

Animated line drawing in SVG -

I like using diagrams as a way of showing information flow or browser behaviour, but large diagrams can be daunting at first glance. When I gave talks about the Application Cache and rendering performance I started with a blank screen and made the diagrams appear to draw themselves bit by bit as I described the process. Animated SVGs: Custom easing and timing.

The chart above is an animated SVG featured on Sprout.

Animated SVGs: Custom easing and timing

This chart, and one other animation on Sprout, were initially GIFs. By using animated SVGs instead of GIFs we were able to reduce our page size from 1.6 mb to 389 kb, and reduce our page load time from 8.75 s to 412 ms. That’s a huge difference. Below, I’ll break down the animation of one of the circles seen in the chart. The technique applies to all of the elements in the graphic. SVG Path Animation with jQuery and Illustrator. As technology in the web moves forward we are offered new tools to build amazing web applications.

SVG Path Animation with jQuery and Illustrator

Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG’s have been gaining traction in the past year or so as most browsers handle the image file extension ‘.svg’. You can see the break down over at In this tutorial we will build a path animation using a super slick jQuery Plugin called Lazy Line Painter by Cam O’Connell. Cam is a London based front-end web developer with a passion for building interactive web applications and plugins. Here is the Demo and Source files for what we will be building. For this exercise you will need a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and jQuery. SVG interactif via Illustrator - fr32c blog.

Le SVG est un des sujets récurrents que je croise à chaque fois que je parle d'animation avec Edge Animate, que ce soit en mode basique, ou en mode interactif.

SVG interactif via Illustrator - fr32c blog

Et pour cause, jusqu'ici, Edge Animate ne donne accès au SVG que sous la forme d'une image, inaccessible, à moins d'y entrer par le biais des Edge Commons Après avoir lu une question sur le forum, dont l'auteur rêvait de reproduire cette infographie du Guardian, je me suis dit qu'il était grand temps que je rédige un petit truc, avec un exemple à la clé. Animations avec SVG et JavaScript. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) est une spécification du World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) qui utilise XML pour décrire une image vectorielle à deux dimentions.

Animations avec SVG et JavaScript

Outre produire des images fixes, SVG a aussi été conçu dans l'optique de pouvoir produire des animations. En fait, le standard définit même plusieurs techniques pouvant être utilisées pour animer des images SVG. Ici, nous allons utiliser JavaScript pour manipuler l'arbre des éléments (DOM – document object model) du document SVG afin de créer une animation. Interactive Infographic with SVG and CSS Animations. Learn how to build an interactive animated infographic using SVG, CSS and JavaScript.

Interactive Infographic with SVG and CSS Animations

View demo Download source One of the less talked about features of newer browsers is increasing support for the SVG file format. If you are unfamiliar with SVG, it stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. Unlike raster image formats like PNG, JPG or GIF, the vector graphics contained within SVG files are completely scalable to any size and will display at any resolution or screen density without quality loss. In many cases, SVG files will also be much smaller in filesize and download quicker. But one of the really cool things that some developers do not realize is that SVG is built on the XML specification, which at the end of the day means that its plain old markup, and can be worked with in a similar manner to HTML. With the right techniques and modern browser support, developers can now produce some pretty impressive animations, effects and interactions using SVG.