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Acid Mothers Temple - Dark Stars in the Dazzling Sky. BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE / GRAVE WISDOM / MIDNIGHT BLACK EARTH. Celer - The Carved God Is Gone; Waking Above The Pileus Clouds. Gastr del Sol - The Wrong Soundings (1995/09/23) Porcupine Tree - Gravity Eyelids. FILMography. Feather'd Son. GAIDEN x PDOX x FILIGRANN x JAM - Ecoeurant...!!! Convoyunltd. Parov Stelar - Psychadelic Jazz. When the Clouds - November Song. Hungry Ghosts - I Don't Think About You Anymore But, I Don't Think About You Anyless. Hectic Zeniths - Save Me (Instrumental) Stakka & Skynet - Clockwork.

Kruder & Dorfmeister-Black Baby. Arts the Beatdoctor - Fragments. Synthagmatics's sounds. La Smala - Freestyle ALL SHART (2011) Face C. Please stay courteous and be sincere (for good and bad!).

Face C

It can be an interesting read for others, but only if it is constructive and doesn't disparage the artist. Please write about the music itself and don't be too hard on the sound quality of some demos. A few ideas for your review : What are you favourite tracks? THX 1983 - "PARADISE" Eklips "Skyzofrench Rap 2".flv. Oeil Vif - Virus Urb1 - Les Zonards - Qu'est ce que t'en dis ?!