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Modern Small Apartment With Delightul Details. Advertisement Looking planning solutions for tight spaces?

Modern Small Apartment With Delightul Details

Development of a small apartment with a modest surface is always a challenge for anyone. The experience and professionalism of designers, but also the original concept, creativity and imagination put their stamp on the work done over time. Economy, functionality and privacy describe perfectly this project. Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture (JPDA) find a great solution to transform a sixth floor small home office studio from East Village neighbourhood in New York into an area both functional and aesthetically attractive. It displays interesting features that range from the floor plan and sculpted-wooden volume that contrasts very well with beautiful minimalist furniture. Design Team: Jordan Parnass, Darrick Borowski, Danny Orenstein, Sean KarnsPhotography: Frank Oudeman, Sean Karns. 25 Cool Ideas To Display Family Photos On Your Walls.

Family portrait by Lori Andrews (via designcrushblog) We all have family photos that we love.

25 Cool Ideas To Display Family Photos On Your Walls

Most of them live well in photo albums but the best of them could and should be displayed throughout the house. It’s one of those things that add a personal touch of coziness to any interior decor. Besides, nowadays there are so many cool ways to display them that your family photos could even become a real design element. Some time ago we’ve already shown you a bunch of cool ideas how you can hang your photos and art in creative ways. Displaying pictures could be challenging but we can and will make the process more easy for you. 10 Incredibly Cool Shelves. Jaguar Shelf This is a real Jaguar that's been gutted of its heavier parts and hung on a wall to serve as a shelf.

10 Incredibly Cool Shelves

Why? No clue. I guess that's what rich people do. (Source | Via) Most amazing apartment ever! - MAIYA - MY ADVENTURE IS YOUR ADVANTAGE. Ah, jeez.

Most amazing apartment ever! - MAIYA - MY ADVENTURE IS YOUR ADVANTAGE

This apartment in Sweden has my name written all over it! I love the black and white theme accented with bits of green and yellow. I could definitely be happy in such a bright, clean place! One of my favorite details is the Random Light (by Moooi) in the living room. Space Saving Tiny Apartment, New York. This tiny but highly sophisticated studio apartment in the East Village of NYC has made us very proud, thanks to JPDA.

Space Saving Tiny Apartment, New York

Not only was it built as a super efficient multi-functional unit but with the use of detailed mill work, the storage capacity was very cleverly executed and resulted in a super stylish studio with a decent amount of floor space. Shouldn’t all NYC dwellers aim to live like this? You decide… Your online home + design directory. Home, Building, Furniture and Interior Design Ideas. South Shore Decorating Blog. Modern Home, Interior & Furniture Designs & DIY Ideas. - Interior Design Blog - Interior Design Ideas, Tips & Inspiration. A chandelier that turns a room into a forest. 10 Beautiful Living Rooms Design Ideas.

Source : Freshome We have collected hundreds and hundreds of images of interior design for home design inspiration since we started

10 Beautiful Living Rooms Design Ideas

We have compiled it for you and sorted it Room by Room. Now we’d like to share them with you. Today we present to you 10 beautiful living rooms. 13 Super Secret Stair Storage Ideas. Brilliant Stairs photos. Designer's Portfolio: Room Design Ideas & Styles For Your Home. Home Decorating Ideas, Kitchen Designs, Paint Colors. Asian Bathroom Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas. 19 Dream Tubs for Bath Lovers. OVERFLOW BATHTUBS. Times Interior - Online Interior Magazine - interior designs : Interior design magazine, interior home design, residential interior design, luxury interior designs. Superior Interiors. A completely renovated first apartment.

Pages Search Eames Lounge Chair, Barcelona Chair, Marble Tulip Tables - Exclusive at Rove Concepts Colorado real estate and homes Kim's personal links.

A completely renovated first apartment

The Selby + Simple Creative Home. Posted by rd on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 · I recently discovered The Selby, and here is a home, more or less 1000 sq ft., bursting with neutral colors making it ‘bigger’ than it actually is.

The Selby + Simple Creative Home

I really love the combination of open planning and simple palette in this home.. Everything’s seems within reach but doesn’t appear too crowded.. Every area is properly spaced.. First thing that caught my eye was the loft guest bed (sleeps overs not a problem!).. The sculpture above the fireplace is just amazing. The open shelves looks fantastic in the kitchen. Outdoor style. Houses Home Interiors Design. Stunning Home Interior Decoration Render. Compared with Alessandro’s work these images provide more pressure to the interior and the medium used to create them is also different.

Stunning Home Interior Decoration Render

Anton used 3DS Max to design and VRay for Maya rendering while Alessandro choose to MentalRay for rendering. For the clueless, the level is very difficult to achieve photorealism in computer CAD and if you are able to do this means that you are the very cream your trade practices. Mplementary colours « Root Creations. Another great article by Rikard Rodin of Zeven Design.

mplementary colours « Root Creations

One of the basics of design is colour harmony. This is how colours are combined in an image. Done correctly, the image will look good. Done incorrectly and the image will look amateur. Bedroom Decorating Ideas: Yellow Fever. Drop Dead Luxury and Gorgeous Bedrooms 2011: Stunning Bedroom Guest House Like in the Library. 6 Summer Bunk Bed Rooms. Whether you have a large family or a busy summer house, a bunk room is an ideal solution for accommodating lots of guests. Here are some of our favorites. This nautical-inspired bunk room in a Hamptons home by Steven Gambrel features lots of room for storage with built-ins and under-bed drawers.

Custom netting provides safety for the top bunks. An absolutely gorgeous bunk room from the Lerer House in Park City, Utah. Love the barrel ceiling! Bookshelf Porn.