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Axtria is a decision science company providing predictive analytics and big data software and services for Sales, Marketing and Risk Management to global companies. Please visit us at

Make US Pharma Great Again!? - Part 1. Pharma Sales and Marketing Restrictions – Has the Pendulum Swung Too Far. The Relationship Between Drug Price Controls and Patient Health Outcomes. Axtria Whitepaper: Relationship of recessions to biopharma drug demand. Axtria Insights White paper Is Biopharmaceutical Industry Drug Demand Becoming More Recession Sensitive?

Axtria Whitepaper: Relationship of recessions to biopharma drug demand

Patient Claims versus EHR Data – How to Choose Between the Two? Discover the Magic with Axtria at PMSA 2017! There is no doubt that the Pharmaceutical Management Science Association’s (PMSA) annual conference is one of the most eagerly awaited events on the Pharma calendar.

Discover the Magic with Axtria at PMSA 2017!

This year’s theme is “Discover the Magic” with a focus on the leading trends in Pharma analytics. As the Pharma ecosystem continues to evolve, the industry leaders are those able to invest in innovation, take advantage of the latest data sources, integrate them into the enterprise and drive meaningful insights. And this is the real magic we will help you to discover! Axtria, shares a long association with PMSA, and we are excited to be back at this year’s conference as a Gold Sponsor.

We have a lot of activity planned between April 23rd and 26th with thought-leading presentations, informative conference tutorials, engaging poster, innovative showcases and lots of networking opportunities! Axtria: Perspective on Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Management. Econometric Analysis of Biopharmaceutical Transfer Pricing. The Evidence Supporting Sales Rep Access Restrictions to Physicians. The Pricing Challenge of Pharma's Shift to Specialty Medicines.

The Evidence Supporting Sales Rep Access Restrictions to Physicians - Whitepaper. Axtria Press Releases, Big Data Analytics News. The Pricing Challenge of Pharma's Shift to Specialty Medicines - Whitepaper. Axtria: End-to-end Incentive Compensation services to Boehringer Ingelheim. Axtria, a global big data analytics company, is pleased to announce a strategic agreement with Boehringer Ingelheim (a top 20 pharmaceutical manufacturer) to provide end-to-end Incentive Compensation services to its global commercial teams.

Axtria: End-to-end Incentive Compensation services to Boehringer Ingelheim

As part of the agreement, over 12,000 users across Boehringer Ingelheim’s global markets will be deployed on Axtria’s SalesIQ. Axtria Ranked 178 in North America on Deloitte’s 2016 Technology Fast 500™ Axtria attributes their strong revenue growth to innovation, transparency, and a focus on customer satisfaction.

Axtria Ranked 178 in North America on Deloitte’s 2016 Technology Fast 500™

Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, November 16th 2016 — Axtria today announced it ranked 178 on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™, a ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and energy tech companies in North America. Axtria grew 482 percent during this period. Axtria’s chief executive officer, Jassi Chadha, credits innovation, transparency, and a focus on customer satisfaction with the company’s 482 percent revenue growth. He said, "We believe that it is this unique blend of people, process and technology, combined with a corporate culture obsessed with customer satisfaction, that has been key to our company’s growth. " Highlights FROM dreamforce 2016. Axtria ranks in Top 100 Tech Companies Founded and Managed by Indians in the U.S. Axtria is extremely proud to rank in the si100 list for 2016, which is SiliconIndia’s annual listing of the top 100 technology companies founded and managed by Indians in the U.S.

Axtria ranks in Top 100 Tech Companies Founded and Managed by Indians in the U.S.

Over the years, si100 has become the default standard for business ranking of companies in various industries and the 2016 list marks the 19th edition of si100. The top 100 were chosen based on long-term visibility, sustained growth, business focus, profitability, and employee value-creation. A distinguished panel comprising of accomplished Indian CEOs and CIOs of public companies, VCs, analysts, founders of other VC funded companies, including SiliconIndia’s editorial board finalized the list. si100 not only represents the continuing rise and glory of Indian entrepreneurship in high-tech but also recognizes companies impacting the marketplace.

With rapid growth over the last six years, Axtria is now operating in multiple markets across the globe. Axtria Whitepaper: Answers to Important Territory Alignment Questions. From widespread detailing to outcome-focused engagement, the shift from volume to value has truly transformed the selling dynamic in the Pharma ind… Axtria SalesIQTM is a cloud based sales operations platform with integrated Territory Alignment, Call Planning, Incentive Compensation and Field Re…

Challenges to Traditional Pharma Incentive Compensation Plan Design for Today’s Rapidly Changing Pharmaceutical Environment Read More. Measuring Sales Rep - Physician Relationship Disruption in Sales Force Optimization & Territory Alignment Analyses Read more. The Axtria 5-Step guide: Getting the most out of your Dreamforce Experience! Dreamforce 2016 is one of the industry’s largest technology conferences with over 2,000 sessions, including keynotes, breakouts, training, and certification.

The Axtria 5-Step guide: Getting the most out of your Dreamforce Experience!

The event takes place across a range of venues indowntown San Francisco from October 4th – 7th. Past Dreamforce-goers have experienced huge increases in ROI across the board. Axtria Insights: Case Studies, Whitepapers, Datasheets and Blogs. Download Axtria 5 Step Guides on Sales Management and Commercial Operations. Axtria Datasheets: Pharma sales management, Sales planning, Sales analytics. Axtria Whitepaper: Table Size Optimization for Small Datasets in Amazon Redshift. Table Size Optimization for Small Datasets in Amazon Redshift. Amazon Redshift is a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale Data Warehouse (DWH) solution.

Table Size Optimization for Small Datasets in Amazon Redshift

It is a columnar Database and facilitates massive parallel processing (MPP). In any DWH solution, we always have facts, Dimensions, Xref, etc. types of datasets which vary significantly in size. Hence, It is not wise to use default redshift setting for all sizes of datasets. To design an efficient redshift based DWH solution one need to be aware of various Static and dynamic variables which control the size and performance of the environment. Grab Dreamforce discount coupons! Experience data-driven insights @ Dreamforce 2016! It’s now less than few weeks until the world’s largest software industry conference begins!

Experience data-driven insights @ Dreamforce 2016!

Download Axtria 5 Step Guides on Sales Management and Commercial Operations. The Axtria 5 Step Guide - Optimizing Pharmaceutical Commercial Models. Driver Score - Quantifying your Moves. With the advancements in the field of science and technology, more and more appliances have integrated systems capable of storing and reporting streams of data.

Driver Score - Quantifying your Moves

Under the field of telematics, various devices are being used to extract, store and transform information related to vehicles and their usage. The data provided by these devices also contains information regarding various aspects of the driver including the driving patterns. Need of an hour is the unified rating for drivers that represents how good a driver is, irrespective of the device or telematics service provider (TSP). A lot of information related to driving behaviors is being tracked through in-vehicle telecommunication devices (telematics) that are usually self-installed into a special vehicle port and can be used to predict the level of risk that a driver will cause an accident in foreseeable future.

Click here to read the complete whitepaper. Axtria White Paper: "Driver Score - The New Paradigm" Axtria Whitepaper: Table Size Optimization for Small Datasets in Amazon Redshift. Axtria: 5 Step Guide - Incentivize For Success. Axtria Insights - 5 Step Guide The axtria 5 step Guide Incentivize For Success When it comes to running a sales team, the Incentive Compensation Program is probably the most powerful weapon you have in the arsenal.

Axtria: 5 Step Guide - Incentivize For Success

A well designed IC plan holds the keys to aligning sales efforts across the organization and executing your strategy. Datasheet: Axtria Incentive Compensation Capabilities. Datasheet: Axtria Call Planning Solution Capabilities. Datasheet: Axtria Territory Alignment, Territory Management Solutions. Datasheet: Axtria Analytics COE - Sales & Marketing Analytics Service. Datasheet: Axtria SalesIQ – Sales Planning & Operations Solution. At Supplier Management crossroads? - Choose the Right Approach. With new compliance requirements, increased scrutiny from regulators and the pressure to maintain ones market position, reputation and brand, developing a comprehensive supplier management function has become critical in recent times.

Banks can gain tremendous cost advantages and efficiency gains through increased governance and streamlined operations of supplier management. Through this paper, we have laid out the components that we believe can enable effective supplier risk management practices. In our experience, some of the common flaws that we have observed in the current supplier risk management framework across banks are as listed below: Inadequate Governance Frameworks: We have observed that the risk management frameworks to manage suppliers is far from being mature.

We recommend the supplier risk management program to be based on the following framework. Deploying K Nearest Neighbor Modeling Methodologies for Real World Problems. Easily available online data, immense improvement of theory and algorithms in recent times have influenced and enhanced the computation power in solving real world problems. A bunch of machine learning techniques are available now to make our job easier. K Nearest Neighbor (KNN), Decision Tree, Gradient Boosting Methodologies (GBM), Random Forest, Support Vector Machine (SVM) are some of the popular techniques that have emerged in the recent past. It may happen that multiple methods (machine learning as well as traditional methods) are applicable to a particular problem in hand and the researcher or the analyst may be confused to find a good reason for choosing one method over another.

This paper aims to help you make intelligent decisions about where KNN is most suitable for your particular problem and how you can apply it. KNN is a non-parametric method which does not assume anything about the underlying distribution. Drive Timely, Relevant and Valuable Engagements At Scale With Axtria Triggers. As it becomes increasingly more difficult for Sales Reps to gain access to physicians, the need for timely, relevant and value-focus engagements is now more important than ever. Digital technologies, professional communities and social media have changed the way physicians educate themselves on new products.

The Sales Rep is no longer the prime source of product knowledge and the nature of their interactions has changed. According to the MMS Annual Physician Survey for 2016, only 18% of physicians prefer to hear about new product promotions through a Sales Reps. Data Visualization & Pharma Sales Reporting. What gets measured gets improved! Sales representatives in the field and decision makers in the home office need to be continuously aware of sales trends, customer moves and market dynamics. Axtria works with several Fortune 500 companies to accelerate their journey on the “BI maturity ladder” and transform them to a true “Intelligent Enterprise”. Our capabilities are built on a solid foundation of data management coupled with analytical visualization developed on state-of-the-art technologies. We have made significant investments in business analytics and field reporting with a dedicated Business Information Management (BIM) Center of Excellence.