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We provide a wide range of flexible bathroom products and fittings in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and across Australia. Call us today for more details.

Shower Heads Everything that You Need to Know. Top Bathroom Fixtures for the Disabled. Currently, there are no more bulky and primitive fixtures for the disabled in bathrooms worldwide.

Top Bathroom Fixtures for the Disabled

Bathroom aids, which are available for the elderly or persons with mobility issues, make it possible for them to use the bathroom and perform daily tasks without help from family or care-givers. The addition of disabled bathroom accessories like grab rails Australia may be all that is required to transform a current residential washroom for an older or disabled person. The simple addition of such accessories is what that helps the latter to lead a comfortable and independent life. The following are some of the top disabled accessories, which are most commonly installed in the home bathroom: Handicapped Toilet Seat This is a toilet seat, which is designed to accommodate a disabled person. Bathtub Lift. Why Install Bathroom Shower Seats? There are many accessories available for bathrooms that are known to make showering a more enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Why Install Bathroom Shower Seats?

One such accessory that is popular among homeowners would be a shower bench. They are known to serve several purposes, some of which aren’t really something that crosses the mind often. Because of these reasons, bathroom shower seats are becoming increasingly popular among the masses. People who do not understand the fuss will benefit a lot from this blog. The popular reasons why people like having shower benches are discussed below. Storage Many may not believe it, but shower benches can add quite a lot of storage. The Top Benefits of Remodelling Your Bathroom. Even though bathroom accessories in Australia are not as cheap as you would like, there are numerous advantages of updating or remodelling your restroom.

The Top Benefits of Remodelling Your Bathroom

Whether you will be staying there for a long haul or looking to sell your home in the near future, renovating it can be one of the wisest decisions. Renovation leads to a substantial increase in the value of your house, besides improving the general style and aesthetics. However, remodelling is not an easy thing to do. It surely can cost you a lot and that is why most homeowners tend to be a little hesitant. An experienced interior designer would tell you that this isn’t the smartest strategy though. 3 Essential Products to Make Showers Senior Friendly. Who doesn’t love the feel of warm water drizzling, dripping, dancing and trickling down our skin in a relaxing shower!

3 Essential Products to Make Showers Senior Friendly

Our time in the shower is truly the time to unwind. Some come up with snarkier comments for debates they have already lost, bring out our inner Beyonce while others take that time to listen to the news or the radio. While many things change as we age, but the love for showers remain quite constant for most of us. With 5 of these essential bathroom products Australia, one can enjoy worry-free shower even if they have a wheelchair waiting outside for them. 1. Equipping Bathrooms with Safety Measures. Bathroom Supplies are Highly Underrated and Here’s Why. Curtain Rods: Tracks vs. Poles. Buy Bathroom Supplies in Australia - Axess Trading. Buy Bathroom Safety Grab Rails in Australia. Finding the Perfect Shower Kits in Australia. Things To Consider Before Installing Grab Bars. Can a Grab Rail Save Your Life? Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Right Bathroom Products. Bathroom products are, undoubtedly, the most important accessories for any home or office.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Right Bathroom Products

Putting the appropriate accessories add to the charm and aesthetics of a bathroom. The accessories could be anything from toilets and bath rubs to shower heads, soap dispensers, and faucets. Another specific segment that most companies miss out on is fittings for bathrooms that are used by people with special needs. Handrails, grab rails and adjustable shower chairs are some of the products that can prove extremely beneficial to these individuals.

But how does one go about selecting these accessories? Theme. Handheld Shower - How This One Simple Item Enhances And Amps Up The Monotonous Bathing Routine. Creating Safe Bathrooms For Seniors. One of the primary reasons senior citizens are forced into assisted living or nursing homes is a fear of falling or slipping and causing serious injury to themselves.

Creating Safe Bathrooms For Seniors

As individuals age, they develop conditions that make them more prone to falling. Preventing falls is critical to allowing individuals to remain independent in their homes, as falls can lead to many more serious complications. The bathroom poses the most threats to safety—it is the primary location where falls take place because of slippery floors and conditions such as poor balance, decreased vision, and loss of strength. Because of this, the importance of bath safety continues to grow. After all, it’s one of the first areas of the home that is modified, especially with items such as grab bars and bathroom accessories Melbourne, to help prevent falls and aid in sitting and standing. Why Your Bathrooms Are Equally Crucial In The House? Safety Rails In The Bathroom: An Essential Feature. Ageing can be difficult.

Safety Rails In The Bathroom: An Essential Feature

Aluminium Threshold Ramps And Why They Are Useful. The Importance of Curtain Tracks. The interior design of your home is a very strong indication of your taste and identity.

The Importance of Curtain Tracks

The decor that it houses makes your home different from any other. It is crucial then for you to be creative and think outside the box. Everything in your home needs to be well thought out and should have great design enabling it to stand out from the crowd. One aspect, in particular, that makes a big impression is how the modern window is treated. The type of blinds or curtains that you use along with the hardware you choose to highlight it makes a world of difference. Seeing how important it is to do window treatment right, there is always some innovation and creativity that is seen in this part of interior design. What people tend to do is that they spend most of their time picking out the perfect curtain.

Curtain tracks have grown in importance over the past few years, and they are one of the most popular choices for curtain hardware in stylish and modern homes. Axess Trading — Making Your Bathroom Luxurious: A Walk-through. Dochub. 5 Tips For Buying The Best Bathroom Supplies. Everyone would love to have a house that is well furnished and sophisticated.

5 Tips For Buying The Best Bathroom Supplies

However, there are other parts of the house that people are always concerned about. Bathrooms are important elements in your house and you would obviously want them to look beautiful and feel comfortable. While designing your bathrooms, you must consider using supplies that would make it look beautiful and feel good. Axess Trading: The Best Company For Bathroom Accessories in Australia. Buy Flexible Shower Head in Melbourne, Perth & Australia. Business Directory - Products, Articles, Companies. Why Are Stainless-Steel Handrails So Popular? If you are looking for stainless steel handrails Sydney, then you know for sure that it's not just you, there are many others who are on the same search mission.

Why Are Stainless-Steel Handrails So Popular?

After all, more and more people have begun to understand and acknowledge the benefits of stainless-steel handrails over other varieties. So, there is no doubt about whether or not this accessory is popular; it is extremely popular and here are these reasons why it has gained so much popularity. Have a look- The first and most important thing to keep in mind is that you get a wide range of choices when you choose it. Although you might be tempted to think that there are not many options when it comes to steel, you will be surprised when you come to terms with reality. If you are thinking of buying stainless steel handrails Sydney, go ahead and make your purchase.

Improve the Style Quotient of the House with a Bathroom that Rocks converted. Improve the Style Quotient of the House with a Bathroom that Rocks. Improve the Style Quotient of the House with a Bathroom that Rocks by Axess Trading. Improve the Style Quotient of the House with a Bathroom that Rocks. What Should You Think of Installing Hand Held Showers? – Axess Trading Pty Ltd. Bathroom Supplies Sydney and How to Find the Best Retailers. Looking for Bathroom Accessories Adelaide? Here are the Top Shopping Tips – Axess Trading Pty Ltd.

Here is Who Needs Disabled Grab Rails- Find Out. Reliable Seller For Bathroom Supplies in Australia. Best Bathroom Shower Seats. How important are grab rails for your bathroom? What Qualities Make a Seller of Bathroom Accessories Worth dealing with? Best Bathroom Accessories in Australia. Planning a Safe Bathroom Design. When you think about all the slippery surfaces, the burning-hot water, and the hazards related to drowning and electrical shock, the bathroom seems like a very dangerous room. You can’t dismiss the risks completely, but you can for sure, make your bathroom much safer. Given below are some of the most important steps to take for this. Good traction underfoot is a must in a room with splashing water and slick, glossy tiles on bathroom floors should be avoided as much possible. Grout lines increase friction, so smaller floor tile is usually the best choice.

There are larger stone or ceramic floor tiles available, designed with a little extra grit, making them a safer option to out on the bathroom floors. Essential tips to buy the best shower heads. These days’ bathrooms are given equal importance just like your living rooms and bedrooms. People pay a lot of attention to the styling and detailing of their bathrooms. The expensive and choicest of bathroom accessories are used for a rich bathing experience. The bathrooms exude a sense of luxury and people choose every bit of it carefully. When it comes to bathroom showers, there is a huge variety that will spoil you for choices. Based on your personal preference, comfort, and design of your bathroom, and shower space, you can opt for different showers such as no-frills, wall-mounted, shower head with hose or a lavish spa shower with multiple sprays.

Need good but cheap shower heads, where will you get them? Bathroom fittings are an important part of the whole aesthetic of your house. Gone are the days when the bathrooms were only used to bath hurriedly and get ready for the day. Now, bathrooms are the spaces to relax and rejuvenate. After you have come from a tiring day, amidst all the blistering heat and dirt and dust, the bathroom will be one place where you will be able to cleanse not just your body, but also your brain and unwind. A warm water bath is what everybody craves for after toiling for the day.

Various bath accessories have been invented and have made their way into the popular lifestyle that the people nowadays lead. Factors to Keep in Mind While Shopping for Bathroom Accessories. Your bathroom is as important as any other part of the house. A lot of people consider the bathroom a secondary part of the house. But this is a mistake. Disabled toilet grab rails,bathroom shower heads, hand held shower heads.

Shower Curtain Rail Curved.