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Arduino Sensor network connected to KNX. Stream] Controlling Arduino with Android using Processing IMPORTANT NOTE: These examples are optimized for Processing version 2.0.3a.


Since Processing was heavily rebuilt at version 2.0.6a, these examples are no longer compatible with the latest releases. The good news is that the rebuilt software is significantly easier to work with. The latest official instructions for Processing+Android are available here. We will continue to host these examples, as we feel that they are valuable for the community as inspiration, building blocks and for future reference. There are 3 main steps to this process: Arduino communicated with Android using LabVIEW. Connecting an Arduino to EIB/KNX. Update 14.07.2015: We are currently thinking about producing an Arduino KNX shield.

Connecting an Arduino to EIB/KNX

Please let us know if you are interested. Thanks! After having heard about it a couple of times already, I recently rediscovered the Arduino for myself and quickly came up with an idea for a first project – connecting it to KNX (formerly known as EIB). This was actually quite easy and I’d like to share my experience (and code) here in case somebody wants to do a similar thing. To interface with KNX an interface IC is required (at least if you’re not able to build one on your own). To connect the TP-UART to KNX you need some rather standard parts (resistors, capacitors, diodes, a crystal, …).

I built it up on a breadboard for now using an Arduino Mega 2560. Next, I needed some software. The whole source code of the library can be found on my Bitbucket repository for this project. Feel free to use the library for anything you want (of course without any warranty). Arduinoos. Wabbit Wavings. 433M Arduino and PC Data Transfer DTU RF Wireless Module UART RS232 MCU Pic 8051. Below item is powered by Canton-electronics Ltd .

433M Arduino and PC Data Transfer DTU RF Wireless Module UART RS232 MCU Pic 8051

Package inlcuded: 1 x RM1101-USB-232 transceiver module 1 x RM-1101-TTL232 Typical application : 1 pcs RM1101-USB-232 ; Description: RM1101-USB-232 wireless module, wireless communication, TI's high performance CC1101 chip, a USB interface, serial data radio module, designed specifically for the host computer device wireless data transmission applications, general wokds RM1100-232 TTL digital transmission module for wireless data use, mainly used in the lower machine (MCU) with the host computer (PC computer end) , we also can use two RM1101-USB-232 module, wireless communication between two PC. Compare CC1101 and CC1100 : Improve stray response;The more closely phase noise better improve adjacent word power (ACP) performance;Saturation level higher input;Higher efficiency of power outputThe expansion of the continuous frequency band,

RF1100-232 serial to RF transceiver module. I think mine was set to 9600 baud by the factory.

RF1100-232 serial to RF transceiver module

16-Channel 12V Relay Module Expansion Board for Arduino (Works with Official Arduino Boards. Afin d'activer les escomptes de volume sur ce site, utilisez le code coupon: BULKRATE lors de la caisse,\n Vous verrez une décote appliquée au fond du panier.

16-Channel 12V Relay Module Expansion Board for Arduino (Works with Official Arduino Boards

Une tarification concurrentiel est disponible. Contactez-no What is Bulk Rate? BulkRate is a semi-wholesale system with items priced separately from retail. When you use bulk rates, a flat $1.70 registered air mail fee will automatically be added to your cart to ensure delivery of package. Looking to get even more? 16-Channel 5V Relay Module Board - Red + Blue. 8-Channel Relay Module Board w/ Optocoupler Isolation -Blue (Works with Official Arduino Boards. Para permitir descontos por volume neste site, use o código do cupom: BULKRATE durante o checkout.

8-Channel Relay Module Board w/ Optocoupler Isolation -Blue (Works with Official Arduino Boards

Você vai ver um desconto aplicado na parte inferior do carrinho de compras. Preços competitivos estão disponíveis. Instalación Domotica con Arduino Mega. Main - open-plc - OpenPLC - an open hardware alternative for automation. OpenPLC is an open hardware alternative for industrial and home automation.

Main - open-plc - OpenPLC - an open hardware alternative for automation

Rugged Circuits. Home page. MicroBridge: ADB support for Arduino. Google recently announced their open accessory toolkit, a new way of making Android talk to microcontrollers over USB.

MicroBridge: ADB support for Arduino

Unfortunately there are currently two barriers that are preventing people from playing with it. One is a lack of hardware, which I addressed in my previous post. Another is a lack of devices that support the new USB protocol, requiring either Android 2.3.4 or 3.1. Fortunately almost every Android device since 1.5 supports the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) protocol, which allows for some interesting functionality such as TCP forwarding between the phone and PC, shell access, logcat output, and so forth. ACS712 module current 30 A sensor module.

#include <Sensor.h> #include <ACS712.h> #define CURRENT_ON_OFF_PIN 8 #define ACS712_ANALOG_PIN 0 #define ACS712_VCC_PIN 9 #define FREQUENCY 60.0 #define MAX_VALUES 100 int valuesInt[MAX_VALUES]; float values[MAX_VALUES]; ACS712 acs712; Sensor &currentSensor = acs712; void setup() { Serial.begin(57600); Serial.println("====== ACS712 Sensor Demo ======"); Serial.println("Assumption: ACS712 on A0 and D9, current on/off on D8");

ACS712 module current 30 A sensor module

Adding RF 433MHz to your Arduino. In this tutorial I'll show you how to add RF 433MHz to your Arduino, allowing you to: Use your Arduino as a wireless sensor that you can see on your DashboardUse your Arduino as a wireless actuator that you can control from your Dashboard Ideally, you'll use two Arduini (In Italian, the plural of 'o' is 'i') with one connected to a transmitter and one to a receiver, but if you only have one Arduino, you'll need to re-upload the various provided sketches, or else merge them into one sketch.

Adding RF 433MHz to your Arduino

If you're only interested in transmitting or receiving, that's no problem, as the Ninja Block has both of these functions built in, and you can use it via the Dashboard to both send are detect the receipt of RF signals. Remote outlets, AVIDSEN and CHACON. Measuring AC Voltage with an AC to AC power adapter. Measuring AC Voltage with an AC to AC power adapter An AC voltage measurement is needed to calculate real power, apparent power and power factor. This measurement can be made safely (requiring no high voltage work) by using an AC to AC power adaptor. The transformer in the adapter provides isolation between the high and low AC voltage. Mains AC Relay Module. Andriod ADK-compatible USB Host Library release. UHS Charging Android Android Open Accessory Development Kit, announced on Google IO the other day is a hot topic.

Android Open Accessory support, introduced in Android 3.1 (tablet OS) and backported to 2.3.4 (phone OS), allows external USB devices to interact with Android phone/tablet switched to so-called “accessory” mode. Because phones are USB functions (AKA devices) this accessory device must act as USB host. Een avondje pielen met de Arduino.

Vanavond heerlijk de hele avond kunnen prutsen met de Arduino UNO R3 en mijn grote vriend Google. Ik heb een aantal interessante links gevonden die ik later ( ook ) wil gaan gebruiken. Dit artikeltje is dus ook bedoeld voor mezelf als referentie Voor de aansluiting van de zonneboiler op de CV moet ik drie zaken regelen: 230V detectie ( draait de pomp )Aansturen 230V voor de 2e pompDiverse temperatuursensoren die uitgelezen moeten worden. Een avondje pielen met de Arduino.