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Home. Create IVR applications in minutes. 5 Free Applications for Students. A computer is a staple in the lives of today’s students, however, they are useless without the software. Here are some free applications that every modern student should take advantage of in their studies. Being poor college students, we don’t have hundreds of dollars to drop on Software. Here are some ,ahem, legal free software. If you don’t have the big bucks to spend on Microsoft Office, the best alternative I believe is LibreOffice. It is free, open source, and is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux-for you computer science majors. Hopefully in college, you’re needing more computing power than a calculator that doesn’t even know order of operations.

For those of you that are familiar with Mathematica , Maxima should come naturally to you. Being a college student requires complicated file logistics, especially those of you with multiple computers. Ok, we kind of cheated on this one. Your computer would be useless if it got crippled due to a virus. Microsoft Excel Tips - Excel.Tips.Net.

6 Free Screen Recording Software. Fraps is an awesome software for gamers to show off their skills and tricks to their friends. It allows the user to record their in-game video easily and effectively. Although it’s perfect in the job but the main short coming is that the application is not free and one need to buy it for $37 to use its full potential. Although you can use the trial version with limitation but if you are ready for a change and try other similar application similar in objectives here are some free alternative to record your in-game videos.

If all you want is an application to record the audio and video of your PC games, CamStudio is the best freeware alternative. With basic feature of saving the recorded video in AVI file type it include some advanced features such as  ability to compress your files, toggle audio on/off , custom cursors and video annotations. WeGame is also a decent working alternative to Fraps. Growler Guncam is a nifty application to simply record your games into AVI standards. If Windows users want to give themselves some lovin’ then you need Ninite : WinExtra. 7plus - Improving windows, one by one. 7plus is a free open-source program which aspires to make working with Windows as comfortable as possible.

7plus - Improving windows, one by one

The feature set it adds to Windows ranges from interface extensions to the explorer to highly specialized solutions for all common tasks, with the goal of reducing the work load for the user. This feature-rich system, powered by AutoHotkey, provides very powerful configuration capabilities to suit the needs you have and those that you have but not know of yet! Here is a small compilation of use cases where 7plus can greatly enhance your workflow*: doubleclick on the desktop to create a folder upload any file from the explorer to an FTP server use tabs in Windows Explorer! Type with the keyboard to run programs, switch windows, etc. use hotkeys to launch programs navigate to folders using hotkeys or buttons in the explorer bar!

News Archive 7plus allows nearly all features to be fully customized. Here are some of the most important features:


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