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10 Funniest Graffitis on Signs. Funny signs remind me traveling around the streets, and kill my boring time.

10 Funniest Graffitis on Signs

I used to watch and these images refresh my mind. Whatever the reason may be, there are graffiti artists out there who spray paint walls with the spirit of joke and just plain LOL-taste opportunities. They sure make commutes and walks more interesting. 24 Smartass Acts Of Vandalism. BLU >. ROA – Mysterious Belgian Street Artist. You may not be aware of the distinctive art of ROA but the first thing you will acknowledge is that this mysterious Belgian street artist likes animals.

ROA – Mysterious Belgian Street Artist

No, let’s put it in a better way – there is an obsession here. Growing up in Ghent, Belgium in the eighties the artist had modest artistic beginnings, with art under bridges and walls. Although extremely rare, here are some pictures of the artist at work - you can see the process slowly taking shape. Is this vandalism? I know what my answer is - a resounding one in the negative! Ghent is small, certainly in European terms and the average American would think of it as more of a village than a town. ROA loves animals, that is for sure, but there is something a little different about his depictions, something that gives them an edge. His art is, for me, akin to the movies of David Lynch where an appearance of normalcy might hide something else which lurks below. RED BULL STREET ART VIEW. Jetset Graffiti » New “Graffiti Fetish Mural” by INSA for LA Freewalls Projects.

INSA is renowned for his incredibly detailed photo-realistic aerosol paintings, and he just couldn’t leave LA without flexing his artistic muscles a little more.

Jetset Graffiti » New “Graffiti Fetish Mural” by INSA for LA Freewalls Projects

Have you ever seen such a lovely pair of minty-fresh…? Graffiti Fetish- Do you lust for the Woman or the paint covering her? You decide… This was our second challenge for INSA while he was visiting LA for a minute before going up north to open his highly anticipated show at Fifty24SF. This mural is at 1937 E. 7th St. 90021. Banksy Graffiti Drawing. Great graffiti by Banksy, a British graffiti artist, political activist and painter, whose identity is unconfirmed.

Banksy Graffiti Drawing

Art In Cities. The Best Of Street Artist MTO. To make such awesome street graffiti you have to be extremely talented, very creative and truly artistic.

The Best Of Street Artist MTO

This artist has all of those qualities and more. He is French but lives in Berlin, his name is Mateo but everybody knows him as MTO. Most of his work you can see in the streets of Berlin; Black-and-white graffiti with a touch of red and pink of mostly famous pop culture icons, but also some really known movie scenes. These photos represent some of his best work throughout his career so far, and that is what makes Berlin such a great town for street art. MTO started with graffiti when he went to Barcelona one time with his friend who got him into it. He admirers and gets inspiration from artists like Banksy, Annie Lebowitz and Zevs among many others, which is weird because for a great amount of people he is the one that is considered as best street artist of our time. Illustration Paiting. I Hate Billboards.