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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Mental Health (HBO) Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Online Harassment (HBO) Is White Washing Really Still a Thing? StumbleUpon Video. StumbleUpon Video. StumbleUpon Video. StumbleUpon Video. StumbleUpon Video. Philippe Starck: 11 truly thrilling talks. Larry Smith: Why you will fail to have a great career. If WWI was a bar fight… Moxy Fruvous - Entropy. Guy Hoffman: Robots with "soul" Cautionary Tale: Internet Story. Mental Floss: Why Do We Knock on Wood? Reader Dante wrote in to ask, “Why is knocking on wood good luck?”

Mental Floss: Why Do We Knock on Wood?

Traditionally, when you speak of your own good fortune, you follow up with a quick knock on a piece of wood to keep your luck from going bad. More recently, simply saying the phrase “knock on wood”—or “touch wood” in the UK—has replaced actually knocking. Where’d all this come from? Before Christianity and Islam came around to spoil the party with their rules about idolatry, many pagan groups and other cultures—from Ireland to India to elsewhere in the world—worshipped or mythologized trees. Some peoples used trees as oracles, some incorporated them into worship rituals and some, like the ancient Celts, regarded them as the homes of certain spirits and gods. Authors Stefan Bechtel and Deborah Aaronson both suggest two connections between knocking on wood and these spirits in their respective books, The Good Luck Book and Luck: The Essential Guide.

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The Day The LOLcats Died - #SOPA #PIPA Protest Song. 5 Easy Ways to Spot a B.S. News Story on the Internet. #2.

5 Easy Ways to Spot a B.S. News Story on the Internet

It's a Poll Disguised as a News Story Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images. 15 Things That Emotionally Strong People Don't Do. There is a particular aspect of mental strength that is the deciding factor of whether or not you will have a good life.

15 Things That Emotionally Strong People Don't Do

There are many levels to mental strength and all are needed to be successful and happy. The one particular area of mental strength that has the greatest impact is that of emotional strength. Emotions are, of course, a part of our psyche, yet nevertheless, can be distinguished from the remainder of mental qualities because they most directly influence our physical body. They affect the way our body functions and they drive every single one of our actions. Without emotion, we would have no reason to act, to do anything with ourselves. Emotions are our greatest motivators. 1. Needing attention is directly linked to emotion.

Ad with secret anti-abuse message only visible to children. Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep. Dreams-Meaning-Infographic.jpg (JPEG Image, 630x1350 pixels) Making Gak.


Wikipearls. You Probably Don't Have Bipolar Disorder (Or One Of These 7 Other Conditions) Severe depression, extreme irritability, over-exuberance: possible symptoms of bipolar disorder.

You Probably Don't Have Bipolar Disorder (Or One Of These 7 Other Conditions)

Dying your hair and then missing the old color? Not bipolar disorder. Which is why Kylie Jenner's tweet saying as much was met with understandable backlash. I miss my black hair I'm so bipolar :(— Kylie Jenner (@KylieJenner) November 6, 2013 We were glad to see that Twitter users criticized her blasé misappropriation of such a serious mental illness. Bipolar disorder is just one of many diagnoses we'd like everyone to stop misusing. Bipolar Disorder Moods change all the time, but the drastic mood swings, as well as the intense changes in energy and activity levels of someone with bipolar disorder are life-altering.

About 5.7 million American adults have bipolar disorder or roughly 2.6 percent of the 18-and-over population, according to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Approximately 2.2 million American adults have OCD. Sexism in Media: Video Highlights Worst Moments in 2013. 25 Manners Every Kid Needs by Age 9. This post has generated a lot of buzz in the past year and I am so excited for all the traffic it has brought to my blog.

25 Manners Every Kid Needs by Age 9

I never imagined that so many people would not only read my blog, but find it and share it! Please be kind in your replies to this post. You are totally (and I welcome!) Allowed to write your honest opinion in comments, but let’s remember to be kind. Attacking me is not going to change my post or have me take it down.

Finally, this article originally appeared in the March 2011 edition of Parents magazine. Please enjoy and comment if you’d like to join the discussion! …and now to the original post: It is amazing how many kids do not use basic manners these days…and I mean little kids all the way to big kids (ie adults!)

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The Maned Wolf - a surviving species from the Pleistocene Extinction. The Maned wolf is a very fascinating animal.

The Maned Wolf - a surviving species from the Pleistocene Extinction

Despite its name, the maned wolf is not a wolf at all, or a fox, coyote, or dog. It is the only member of the Chrysocyon genus, making it a truly unique animal, not closely related to any other living canid. It is believed that the maned wolf is the last surviving species of the Pleistocene Extinction, which wiped out all other large canids from the continent. The maned wolf is native to South America, but is mainly found in Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru. The ancestors of the maned wolf are thought to have spread from North to South America about two million years ago.