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Pride and Prejudice

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LITERATURE - Jane Austen. Jane Austen - A Biography of Pride and Prejudice I THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. Jane Austen: social and historical context. Jane Austen: Biography of a Great Thinker. Improbable Research » Blog Archive. We discovered today that, in Wikipedia’s entry for Satire, the Ig Nobel Prizes are the first exemplar of one of the two kinds of satire.

Improbable Research » Blog Archive

The entry reads: Historical Context of Pride and Prejudice. Regency Timeline Archives - George III's first bout of madness brings about the first Regency crisis.

Regency Timeline Archives -

Cricket rules are codified. The Time of London begins... Read More → A Regency Bill is introduced in Parliament. Fletcher Christian lead a mutiny on the Bounty. Pride and prejudice. Social Customs During. This page is copyrighted (c) Jane Austen’s World.

Social Customs During

Please note: The long lists of links are arranged by topic in alphabetical order. To learn about Regency customs and life from the people who actually lived in the era, please visit the Original Sources page on top of this blog. You will find many of the resources you are seeking there. Regency Period Glossary. The Jane Austen reader will quickly realize that Austen's works take place in a time unlike our own modern world willed with automobiles, airplanes and smartphones.

Regency Period Glossary

They cover a period of history of which some portions are forever lost to history while others are preserved thanks to historical items which have survived the test of time. As such, her stories make use of some lesser-recognized terms that, for the modern reader, can provide some difficulty. The Regency Period Glossary below is intended to serve as a basic primer of sorts for understanding some of the terminology then in use. Jane Austen's writing style, particularly its dialogue sections, provide the reader with an insight into the daily English speech of the period and, in itself, serves as a historical artifact to be preserved. Correct Forms of Address. I provide the following summary charts for your convenience, with three important caveats: 1.

Correct Forms of Address

Please do not use this page in a vacuum. Most of the usages listed here are explained in greater detail elsewhere in these pages, which is why I have resisted including charts at all until now. These charts are for convenience and reference. 2. What Jane Austen Can Teach Us About Our New Internet Selves.