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Matrix - ITA Software by Google. Skiplagged: The smart way to find cheap flights. Ndc strategy paper. The Airline & Travel Payments & Fraud Summit - 9th ATPS Worldwide. Photo: Fort Worth - the most Western feeling of big US cities & venue of the ATPS 2015 Conference Airlines & travel companies are paying Billions of Dollars each year to collect payments!

The Airline & Travel Payments & Fraud Summit - 9th ATPS Worldwide

And, with an increasing shift of bookings to the online and mobile, will these costs increase or decrease? Will these changes in payment channels increase fraud? To help answer these key questions for travel industry profitability, the 9th annual Airline & Travel Payments Summit (ATPS) will be held in Fort Worth, Texas from the 28th - 30th of October 2015, co-Hosted with UATP. It will offer three conference tracks in a single conference: 1) Payments Track; 2) Fraud Track; & 3) Travel Agency & OTA Track. Managed Travel 2020. Ingenico Payment Services infographic 3d secure EN. Airline Retailing. New Distribution Capability. Apply to the NDC Program as a pilot participant and help make sure the NDC schemas are travel industry-proficient.

New Distribution Capability

Apply to pilot the NDC schemas! Aer Lingus - Live! In its continuous drive to be at the forefront of technological advances, Aer Lingus, is piloting the Shopping schemas to further enhance its retailing and merchandising capability with industry partners. Visa airline fraud guide march 2014. Neo6 airline ecommerce travel trends 2. 41st Parameter FraudNet Account Takeover. 41st Parameter FraudNet Transactions. 41st Parameter FraudNet Travel Overview. 41st Parameter Mobile CNP Overview. About - Accertify. In 2007 Accertify launched the Interceptas® Data Management Platform, a first of its kind in the marketplace laying the foundation for best-in-breed solutions that continue to drive leading results for our global merchant customers.

About - Accertify

Today Accertify is a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Express and a leading provider of fraud prevention, chargeback management, and payment gateway solutions to merchant customers spanning diverse industries worldwide. Accertify’s suite of products and services help e-commerce companies grow their business by driving down the total cost of fraud, simplifying business processes, and ultimately increasing revenue. Complimenting these solutions, Accertify also offers a complete portfolio of support, professional, and managed services that empower merchants to focus on growing their business, rather than on the underlying risk management and payments technology.

Solution Portfolio. E-Payments & Security - Southwest Airlines grounds chargebacks by adding a fraud-prevention service. Accertify’s service helped the airline avoid $490,000 in potential chargebacks in two months.

E-Payments & Security - Southwest Airlines grounds chargebacks by adding a fraud-prevention service

Southwest Airlines Co. began selling gift cards online in 2006. The cards quickly became successful, says Brandon Adams, the airline’s ticketing operations manager. The downside of the cards’ success, he says, is that they started to attract criminals who used stolen credit cards to buy gift cards online. By 2012, 90% of the airline’s gift cards were bought online and Southwest faced the prospect of losing millions of dollars in chargebacks.

Fraud triggers chargebacks when the legitimate consumer whose credit card number has been used to make the purchase complains to his card-issuing bank, which then retrieves the money from the merchant via a chargeback. Southwest had been manually reviewing gift card purchases. Accertify, Adams says, has saved Southwest a lot of money and staff time. CS_SouthWestAir.pdf. Forget the crude upsell: airlines must do more with e-commerce. Airlines e-commerce teams can't afford to let their online direct conversion rates slip in a highly competitive market.

Forget the crude upsell: airlines must do more with e-commerce

Considering that driving ancillary revenues outside an airline’s sales channels is a major challenge, e-commerce teams have to focus on fine-tuning their website experience. This means ensuring simplicity of use and relevant tailored offerings in order to step up the average order value. E-commerce teams have to relentlessly focus on key performance indicators such as online revenue and the cost of distribution. One way to differentiate the online experience is to go beyond commodity descriptions like travelling from one airport to another. There are other aspects like in-flight experience, informing customers about self-service kiosks, mobile apps and so on. There are few aspects that continuously demand attention: 1. 2. 3. Fraud costs airlines USD1.4 billion a year. Regional airlines the fraudsters' “carriers of choice” The aviation industry is inherently exposed to numerous external influences, such as fuel costs, the economy, exchange rate fluctuations, natural disasters and political instability, as recent world events highlight.

Fraud costs airlines USD1.4 billion a year. Regional airlines the fraudsters' “carriers of choice”

Fraud is another external challenge facing the aviation industry, with major cost implications - although this can at least to some degree be controlled and monitored by aviation companies. In an exclusive Q&A with CAPA, David Britton, VP of industry solutions at risk management/fraud prevention company 41st Parameter, explains how online fraud is affecting the aviation industry. 1. In 2008, airlines lost around USD1.4 billion to fraud, representing around 1.3% of the world total. Where does this figure stand today? Overall, the airline industry continues to experience an “attack rate” of 1% - 1.5% of revenue, although some geographies, including the Middle East and Latin America, are subject to rates as high as 3 – 4% of revenue. 2. 3.

Who is at a disadvantage today? 4. SharpeningTheE-CommerceEdge_APR_2009.pdf. The%20Effect%20Of%20E-Commerce%20Technology%20On%20Airline%20Industry.pdf.