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AVZ GeoEng Ltd

We are an independent geotechnical company with over 20 years of experience in the geotechnical and geo-environmental fields. We are able to complete a wide variety of investigation methods for the purpose of geotechnical and geoenvironmental ground investigation.

What is the Purpose of Site Investigation. Reports show that most of the issues faced on construction projects are simply because of the unanticipated ground conditions, which could have been dodged if you hire a Ground Investigation Company in UK and carry out a Site Investigation Southeast.

What is the Purpose of Site Investigation

Get Familiar with Site Investigation Site or ground investigation is nothing but a procedure of gathering information, evaluating the data, and coming up with the potential hazards under a site that are not known. Site or ground investigation is divided into the following steps: Investigation of soilGeological survey mapInitial investigationDetailed ground investigationAdditional examination and construction control Site Investigation’s Purpose These days, people prefer carrying out ground investigations due to several reasons. It is performed to know whether or not the sites, as well as the surroundings, are perfect for the construction project. Contamination If the site is contaminated, then one can know it through ground investigation. Get to Know About Hiring the Ground Investigation Company in UK – AVZ Geo Eng. Reports show that most of the issues faced on construction projects are simply because of the unanticipated ground conditions, which could have been dodged if you hire a Ground Investigation Company in UK and carry out a Site Investigation Southeast.

Get to Know About Hiring the Ground Investigation Company in UK – AVZ Geo Eng

Water Well Drilling UK. Water is a precious resource and it becomes more expensive commodity.

Water Well Drilling UK

Drilling your own water well can reduce the monthly water bill outgoings significantly, the larger the volume of water used the quicker the payback period on your investment. Since a borehole abstraction below 20,000 litres per day is exempt from licensing it is essentially free once the initial investment is paid off. If you are considering the idea of tapping into your own water supply, we provide water well installations tailor-made to the unique requirements of each client. Our water well installation service covers all aspects of borehole design, drilling, ground work and pump installation giving you a limitless supply of clean water for your business or home.

The process of borehole drilling for own water well supply starts with an initial consultation to discuss your requirements, a site visit and the commissioning of a full Borehole Prognosis Report. Deep Borehole Soakaway London UK. Soakaways are used to collect surface runoff prior to being discharged into the surrounding soil.

Deep Borehole Soakaway London UK

They are usually employed in areas where the surface run-off cannot be disposed into existing sewers or watercourses. Where the impermeable layer is considerably thicker, it is necessary to drill a Soakaway Borehole to reach the permeable strata that will allow the water to run away at a convenient rate. We aim to make the installation of your deep bore soakaway as simple as possible, with the minimum of disruption. All work is undertaken by our own in-house drilling team and we keep you updated about the progress. We will provide you with advice, a no-obligation site assessment and a free, no-obligation quotation. If you decide to accept our proposal for your deep bore soakaway, our services typically include: AVZ GeoEng Ltd: Why is Geotechnical Investigation Important? Geotechnical or Soil Investigation is a process that determines the stratigraphy and relevant physical elements of the soil underlying the site.

AVZ GeoEng Ltd: Why is Geotechnical Investigation Important?

And this is performed to make sure that this substructure that is going to hold up houses, is enduring and safe. Vital Part of the Construction Procedure For a civil engineering project, whether small or big, it is of great significance that a proper site investigation needs to be conducted. Why is Geotechnical Investigation Important? Geotechnical Site Investigation Essex. We pride ourselves in delivering a confidential, fast and professional service to our customers.

Geotechnical Site Investigation Essex

We have a detailed understanding of soil mechanics, engineering geology, hydrogeology and civil engineering processes which is essential for the successful design and construction of foundations, retaining structures, embankments and cuttings. Our multidisciplinary team of civil engineering professionals provides in-depth geotechnical assessment and innovative value engineered design solutions. We take a proactive approach to problem solving, to ensure you achieve the best value from your ground. With our over 25 years experience in site investigation, geotechnical design and consultancy we are able to provide both engineering analysis and design solutions for the range of simple to more complex ground engineering and foundation problems. Our Location. London Site Investigation Service. Ground Investigation Services London, UK. AVZ GeoEngLtd. Our drilling department is well equipped and the work is carried out by highly experienced drillers and supporting personal.

The Comacchio 305 MC rig is compact multi functional rotary unit, ideal for geo-environmental site investigation work, with its ability to access restricted sites, it offers an impressive range of drilling techniques to suit wide range of site conditions and is a great choice for almost any contract. Using so called "dry drilling" or standard double/triple core barrel systems we are able to achieve high quality core sample in almost any environment. The rig is mounted on rubber tracks and is remotely controlled for easy access in difficult terrain. This rig is also suited to Auger Drilling, Deep Borehole Soakawys, Deep Piezometars and conventional Water Wells. The machine is capable of operating all rotary drilling systems, D.T.H. hammers, coring and if required can also carry out window / window-less sampling and in-situ testing including standard U100 sampling.

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