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AVT Productions provides creative theme design/refinement for staging, lighting, and digital signage for all facets of an event production.

Get Best Practice Ebook. BHPB opening video FINAL. 3 Free (and Very Cool) Tools for Event Planners. Whether you’re an independent event planner, an agency, or working at, there are so many technologies out there today to make your #EventProf life a little more manageable.

3 Free (and Very Cool) Tools for Event Planners

Here are three that can make a world of difference! EasilyDo: There’s one constant in an Event Prof’s life – you’re hardly ever in one place. EasilyDo advertises itself as ‘Your Smart Assistant’ and follows through on the promise by making your smartphone even smarter. It integrates your email (Outlook, Google, etc.), social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), cloud storage and services (, Dropbox, Evernote) and even with a paid business account. 10 Ways to Engage Your Event Audience. Venue Negotiations: 10 Points to Consider. The outcome of venue contract negotiation can make a difference to the success of your event, impacting everything from the bottom-line to attendee experience – not to mention your peace of mind.

Venue Negotiations: 10 Points to Consider

Here are ten areas you to negotiate – and get results – with your event venue. Important Note: Always put out an RFP to multiple vendors to negotiate from a position of strength. You may have a favorite location when you start the RFP process but keep an open mind. Make it clear hat you’ll be going with the venue that you feel you can partner with the best. 3 Ways to Increase Event Engagement. The move to a “digital world” where information is readily available at all hours, opinions are shared widely on social media, and mobile technology is pervasive, consumer expectations are higher than ever before.

3 Ways to Increase Event Engagement

Customers willingly share data about themselves and, in return, they expect companies to interact with them on a more personal level. 5 Video Trends for Events in 2017. One of the big trends across marketing channels in 2017 is video.

5 Video Trends for Events in 2017

Marketers will be using video more for social, on websites, in emails – and at events. As the year kicks off, let’s take a look at the trends for video this year. Live Video Platforms Periscope, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Houseparty… the number and popularity of live video apps are expanding, and you can incorporate their use in events to enhance the way users process their event experience. Imagine the type of engagement and subsequent attendance you could get from a live address by a top speaker. AVT Sizzle Reel. 5 Tips for A Sales Kickoff to Remember. Your sales team is smart, charismatic, and high-energy.

5 Tips for A Sales Kickoff to Remember

They can also be busy, easily bored, and forgetful. Venue Negotiation: Using Your Own AV Services Partner (Contract Clauses Included) Venue Negotiation: Using Your Own AV Services Partner Recently, one of our clients ran into a venue trying to lock them into over-priced AV Services.

Venue Negotiation: Using Your Own AV Services Partner (Contract Clauses Included)

This is something we’ve encountered many times throughout the years and we’re betting you have too (or will one of these days). We prepared the event contract clauses below to allow professional event and meeting managers like you to continue partnerships with your own Audio Visual Services Suppliers, in any facility, without additional fees or charges. If you don’t currently have an AV & Production partnership, clauses can be modified to allow competitive bids, for AV services, in a facility.

BP Companion Checklist. Venue Selection: Avoid the Gotchas with These Rules (by Nick Catanella III, Sr. Project Manager) Finding a new venue can be both a scary and exciting experience.

Venue Selection: Avoid the Gotchas with These Rules (by Nick Catanella III, Sr. Project Manager)

There are a few key things to keep in mind when evaluating any new venue as a potential event space to make sure you aren’t overspending or under planning. Here are three main factors to consider: Venue Occupancy: The first and probably the most obvious, it’s important to find a balance that not only accommodates the target guest count but also achieves the best look and feel for those guests within the available space. A rule of thumb when calculating space for theater / conference style seating is 10 square feet per person (for groups over 300) divided by the total square footage of the meeting space.Keep in mind, the meeting space is defined as the clear, usable area of the room and would exclude any back of house, storage or technical footprints.I would also suggest subtracting 15% from the meeting space to account for aisles between seats. by Nick Catanella III, Sr. See It to Achieve It! Visualization can be a powerful tool for success.

See It to Achieve It!

While we’re not sold on the feasibility of attracting buckets of money through visualization alone, we are confident that taking a concrete step to see the look and feel of your main stage will instill confidence in the successful outcome of your event. Announcing the ‘See It to Achieve It!’ Promotion. Facebook Infrabot Drone Flyover. An Open Love Letter to Our Clients – Past, Present, and Future. Yes, Valentine’s Day is really more about romantic love.

An Open Love Letter to Our Clients – Past, Present, and Future

A Few Rules of Thumb for Managing Your Event Media [GUEST POST] A special guest post by Tom Scarpino, Mixed Media Support media – presentations, videos, and demos – are a key component of all business events.

A Few Rules of Thumb for Managing Your Event Media [GUEST POST]

Thanks to our all-digital world and hectic work environments, it’s likely this content will get revised and updated frequently, often up to the very last moment. Facebook Infra Summit Sizzle Reel. Checklist: Marketing Video Pre-Production. Creating the perfect video involves a lot more than picking up a camera and shooting from the hip (though there’s a place for that too). This checklist can be applied to any marketing video you create. We’re in the business of events, so our top suggestion is starting an event with a jaw-dropping WOW video that emphasizes your theme. 2017 is the year of experience in events and conveying your theme with video to kick things off can be a powerful way to immerse and engage your audience. The Checklist [ ] Define your audience. Get specific. .

[ ] Select one message. . [ ] Set your goal. . [ ] Define your budget. . [ ] Choose your style. 5 Video Trends for Events in 2017. Final Mike Flannagan General Session 2015 DAC. ‘Tis the Season for Giving. October through December is often called ‘the giving season’ since holidays tend to bring out the generous side in people. With an entire day dedicated to giving thanks and good tidings in the air, it’s hard to resist the urge to share wealth and joy, in whatever way one can. At AVT we’re lucky to have a leader who has incorporated giving into the culture of our company, and on a year-round basis. Rick L’Hereux started AVT 29 years ago, in Santa Clara, CA. He was already committed to his community personally, and as AVT began to grow, he started to bring his professional resources and capabilities to that commitment.

As a family-owned business, AVT also makes a conscious effort to hire employees who care. 87% of our employees personally volunteered in 2016. Event Snapshot: Making the Most with Less. Client: IT Solutions Company Headquartered in SF Bay Area Event: Sales Kickoff for 150 Reps Challenge: Grand vision, reduced budget. Highlight Reel: November’s Illuminate Event. ▶ MGA's AVT Productions Promo Project v1 - YouTube.

Event-production-San-Mateo. AVT Productions: Event Productions company in SF Bay Area, Oakland & San Jose. Corporate-event-planning.