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StyleCop for ReSharper. Markdownsharp - Project Hosting on Google Code. Open source C# implementation of Markdown processor, as featured on Stack Overflow.

markdownsharp - Project Hosting on Google Code

This port is based heavily on the original Perl 1.0.1 and Perl 1.0.2b8 implementations of Markdown, with bits and pieces of the apparently much better maintained PHP Markdown folded into it. There are a few Stack Overflow specific modifications (which are all configurable, and all off by default).

Reflection & IL

Download details: Managed Stack Explorer. C# Fun With .NET Regex Balancing Groups. Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008 • Related • Filed Under The .NET Framework's regular expression package includes a unique feature called balancing groups, which is a misnomer since although they can indeed be used to match balanced constructs, that's not all they're good for and really has nothing to do with how they work.

Fun With .NET Regex Balancing Groups

Unfortunately, balancing groups are quite poorly documented. Following is a brief description of their functionality, but this post will mostly focus on examples of using them in interesting ways. Note: If you're reading this in a feed reader or aggregator, see the original post, which uses regex syntax highlighting to hopefully make things easier to follow. (? Math.NET Numerics. The Wayward WebLog : LINQ: Building an IQueryable provider serie. Moq - Project Hosting on Google Code.


Welcome to SaaSGrid. Documentation. CLR Hosting - part 3 (memory management) Sunday, July 24, 2005 12:54 AM bart Introduction A first specific aspect of CLR Hosting I want to cover in this blog post series is the memory management part of the CLR Hosting APIs.

CLR Hosting - part 3 (memory management)

Diagrams. Source Checkout - unconstrained-melody - Project Hosting on Goog. An open source ASP.NET 2.0 powered blogging eng.