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How to make LED lighting mainstream: make it a service — Cleantech News and Analysis. SORAA. LED light bulbs: Comparison charts. How Something You’ve Never Heard Of Is Changing Your World. Editor’s Notes: John C.

How Something You’ve Never Heard Of Is Changing Your World

Zolper, Ph.D. is the Vice President of Research and Development at Raytheon, an American corporation with core manufacturing concentrations in weapons and military and commercial electronics. So yeah, neat stuff. I’ve got a riddle for you. What do Blu-ray disks, military radars and LED light bulbs have in common? Chances are, if you work outside of the defense or electronics sectors, you may not easily make the connection. GaN is a wide band gap semiconductor material with special properties that are ideal for applications in optoelectronics, and high-power, high-frequency amplifiers. Take the Blu-ray disc, for example. You’ve likely seen the light bulb revolution that’s taking place, but may not have known gallium nitride is at the center of it. And LCD televisions, backlit by GaN-powered LED lighting, are thinner, lighter and up to 40 percent more energy-efficient than those using CCFL backlighting.

Pradeep's Point! News from India on Technology, Electronics, Computers, Open Source & more: EFYTIMES.COM. Glo AB: Innovative Swedish Technology. Creating the OLED Revolution. Novaled GmbH, a leader in the organic light-emitting diode ( ) field, specializes in high efficiency, long-lifetime OLED structures.

Creating the OLED Revolution

With expertise in synthetic and analytical chemistry, we offer complete solutions for the organic electronic markets, commercializing Novaled's Doping Technology and Materials. Novaled has developed long-term partnerships with major OLED players worldwide. Our strong IP position in OLED technology is based on more than 500 patents granted or pending. Novaled’s majority owner is Samsung Cheil Industries. In operation since March 2003, Novaled is headquartered in Dresden, Germany with two branch offices (Japan/ South Korea) in Asia. With 3-D Transistors, Intel Keeps Moore’s Law Ticking.

Intel's new 3-D transistors at 22nm.

With 3-D Transistors, Intel Keeps Moore’s Law Ticking

Intel has managed to keep pushing Moore’s Law by developing a 3-D transistor that allows the chipmaker to deliver ever smaller chips that will be more powerful, yet consume less energy. The race to build ever smaller chips to meet Moore’s Law ensures our electronics get more powerful and still decrease in costs every 18 months to two years. However, shrinking our chips has become more and more difficult and expensive, and people worried that we had reached a plateau. On Wednesday, Intel proved them wrong — for a few more years at least.

At a macro level, this announcement is big because it helps Intel keep moving down the process node and cramming more chips transistors on a transistor chip in order to keep following Moore’s Law. The original, "flat" transistor at 32nm. The breakthrough comes from building up the channel that conducts electricity inside chips from a flat structure to a taller, 3-D structure. Why Intel Will Be a Mobile Loser. Intel, as it’s wont to do, overnight made a splashy unveiling of a new family of processors: the Atom Z6xx series, whose chips are much more powerful than current versions but consume less power.

Why Intel Will Be a Mobile Loser

Why the hoopla? Apparently these chips, which run at over 1.5 GHz, can be used to power not only smartphones but also tablets. So as I usually do when a public company announces major news, I checked Intel’s stock price in pre-market trading: largely unchanged from its closing price the day before. If this was supposed to be such a big deal, why was the market ignoring it, and responding by shrugging its proverbial shoulders? Here’s why. Future Shock It reminded me of a piece of wisdom imparted to me by a friend of mine, a veteran of Wall Street.

Intel’s stock performance over five years, as this chart shows, has been mostly flat to down. Former Apple executive Jean-Louis Gassee, in a recent blog post titled “Very Personal Computing,” wrote: Take its Atom Z6xx series announcement, for example. Startup Makes Probability-Based Chips for Big Data Apps — Cloud Computing News. Adapteva Pitches A Supercomputer For Your Phone. The brains inside your smartphone are getting more power with the latest application processors having two processing cores to help speed up the delivery of web site load times and mobile gameplay.

Adapteva Pitches A Supercomputer For Your Phone

That’s pretty awesome, but Adapteva, a Lexington, Mass. -based startup wants to take that number higher — a lot higher. The startup has created a design (and also the actual chip) for a 64-core accelerator that will sit inside a tablet or smartphone to help offload work from the application processor or graphics engine and do more computing on the device as opposed to sending it over a cellular or Wi-Fi network. The concept of an accelerator is a familiar one in super computing, where the addition of a specialized massively multicore chip, such as a graphics processor or custom chip, is becoming more common.

But unlike a GPU, the 64-core Adapteva chip only operates at one watt. Electrical engineering, electronic engineering times, ee times, news, analysis, electronic design, products, education, learning ,eet,part search,tech papers, demos,fundamental courses,product search,components,part number. ExploreLabs.com: Online Shopping India: Buy Official V-Cube, Arduino Boards, Sparkfun Electronics, Open Source Hardware and Kits. Links to Electronics Sites. Electronics Lab - Community. Arduino. Arduino - HomePage.

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Resistor Color Codes : COLOR CODES. We need your help!

Resistor Color Codes : COLOR CODES

This page requires proofreading - If you notice any errors, please post on our forums Components and wires are coded are with colors to identify their value and function. The colors brown, red, green, blue, and violet are used as tolerance codes on 5-band resistors only. All 5-band resistors use a colored tolerance band. The blank (20%) "band" is only used with the "4-band" code (3 colored bands + a blank "band").

Example #1 A resistor colored Yellow-Violet-Orange-Gold would be 47 kΩ with a tolerance of +/- 5%. Example #2 A resistor colored Green-Red-Gold-Silver would be 5.2 Ω with a tolerance of +/- 10%. Example #3 A resistor colored White-Violet-Black would be 97 Ω with a tolerance of +/- 20%. Example #4 A resistor colored Orange-Orange-Black-Brown-Violet would be 3.3 kΩ with a tolerance of +/- 0.1%. Example #5 A resistor colored Brown-Green-Grey-Silver-Red would be 1.58 Ω with a tolerance of +/- 2%. Example #6. Advanced Electronic Projects, Test Equipment, PIC Projects - EduTek Ltd, Phil Townshend. Magenta. Published in EPE Magazine May 2009 issue Achieve smooth motion control of 4 Phase Unipolar motors with this advanced microstepping driver.


Efficient PWM current control provides up to 1/16 step operation - giving 3,200 steps per revolution with a standard 200 step per revolution motor. Maximum current can be adjusted by multiturn preset from zero up to 3 Amps. Step mode selectable to 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, or 1/16 by plug in links. Logic level Opto-Isolated Inputs compatible with computer parallel (LPT) ports. Full kit, and construction details, plus computer connection information, and simple demonstration software supplied.

Electronic Components and Modules.