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Welcome to MyPath: Career Doctor: Consulting While Looking For A Job - A Quick Q & A. The Best Job Search Tool Ever. There are a lot of super resources on the internet for job search help.

The Best Job Search Tool Ever

And I will agree, it can be overwhelming. This post, and the others written by the experts of Career Collective (down below) will help you sift through the data to find the most useful tools for your toolbox. Mass. Hospital Association To Ban Hiring Smokers. For Lynn Nicholas, president and CEO of the MHA, the issue of smoking is personal.

Mass. Hospital Association To Ban Hiring Smokers

“I have lost my own father and many, many of my beloved relatives to smoke and secondhand smoke,” she said. (Courtesy of MHA) BOSTON — No Smokers Need Apply. That’s the message you’ll hear from the Massachusetts Hospital Association (MHA) starting Jan. 1. A ban on hiring smokers as police officers or firefighters has been in place in Massachusetts since 1997, but the hospital association could be the first to take restrictions in the private sector to a new level. AvidCareerist. LinkUp Job Search Engine. AvidCareerist. Do this to identify a job’s big deliverables: First, most hiring managers want to hire someone who works well with others.


That’s Deliverable #1 in most jobs. Even if they say it isn’t. Beyond interpersonal skills, I ask hiring managers the following questions in order to understand the big deliverables of any job: C-level Executive Resume Writing, Biography, Personal Branding, Online Identity, Job Search Services. AvidCareerist. “No, I can’t do another social media anything!”


You sigh. It’s OK. Really. I’m going to give you a very low maintenance way to establish your presence on Twitter. AvidCareerist. The first discussion addressed the question, “How Can Job Seekers Quickly Build a LinkedIn Network?”


I asked this question because it’s normal for my job search clients to start their searches without a LinkedIn presence and without any connections. Gee, does that resemble anyone you know? You will see comments from several participants, including Viv and Jason, below. Penetrating the Hidden Job Market. Home « Online Job Search Guide « Guide to Working with Recruiters You may have heard the term "hidden job market" a lot while searching for a job.

Penetrating the Hidden Job Market

To many, this term can be frustrating. Top ten job search best practices - National career management. One of the most challenging aspects of a job search, in a market as tough as we face today, is creating successful practices to enhance the opportunity to land an interview.

Top ten job search best practices - National career management

Ed Han, a wordsmith from the New York City area, shares some of his top ten best practices for your job search. This information is vital for anyone looking for a position, and many of these steps can also be used in your internal job search as well as your external job search. 10. AvidCareerist. One of the most effective ways to job hunt is to create a targeted list of companies where you might want to work.


Once you’ve done that, you can laser focus your efforts on learning about the companies and connecting with people who can connect you to jobs inside those companies. If you know what matters to you, then it’s very easy to identify a list of prospects. You might consider one or more of these parameters: Specific companies. Headquarters locations.Branch locations.Brands & products.Industry.Location. The Monster Blog. « Pop-Culture Report: If Your Boss Were a Movie Character | Main | Making the Most of's Job-Search Tools » October 26, 2010 Top Ten Job-Search Hashtags If you're in the market for a new job, you should be using Twitter--not because tweeting is likely to replace traditional job-search methods (such as a well-crafted resume, online job boards, and face-to-face networking), but because it's a great complement to these tried-and-true tools.

The Monster Blog

Some recent surveys suggest that up to 90 percent of companies have some sort of social-media presence. Is Craigslist A Good Place to Look for Jobs? My brother-in-law just bought a car for my nephew off of Craigslist.

Is Craigslist A Good Place to Look for Jobs?

I know NOTHING about Craigslist. The little I do know had negative connotations attached to it, so I decided to do some research to find out more. While opinions differ, many believe that Craigslist can be a good place to look for jobs, as long as the job seeker takes the appropriate precautions. Job Search: Facebook: The Untapped Job Board. Most of what you hear about using Facebook while looking for a job involves keeping your information as private as possible from potential employers.

While this is good advice, Facebook can also be a valuable tool in your job search since many smaller companies post their job ads on their Facebook pages. If you are looking for work at a smaller local company, “liking” their Facebook page can often be a great place to start. Open jobs are sometimes posted there before they make it onto the company’s regular web site.

Additionally, Facebook sites will often include pictures from previous events the company has held. The HireFriday #HFChat Digest (10/21) Green Industry Job Search Resources. Home « Online Job Search Guide « Guide to Green Industry Jobs On this page you'll find employment resources for this field, but don't stop with the job boards listed here. Be sure to check out the associations, terminology, and glossaries, and also read the articles about the green industry listed in the "More on Green Jobs" box on the right below. Job Boards. Resume Confidential » Blog. December 19th, 2012 Interim management – bringing in heavyweight executives to manage an organization during a period of crisis or transition – is a staffing strategy that began in the Netherlands in the early 80s in response to stringent labour legislation that made it costly to hire and terminate permanent employees. The concept has since been adopted in [...]

November 28th, 2012 I live in a town with a high percentage of first generation immigrants. AvidCareerist. Career advisors often suggest that you take control of your employment interviews. I want to offer another point of view. Here’s why. AvidCareerist. A Twitter Friend and I have shared these messages with each other this week: Twitter Friend: Is it a good idea to contact the person reviewing applications through LinkedIn (outside the prescribed application process)? AvidCareerist: It depends. What are the circumstances? Twitter Friend: It is a position with the X Organization.

5 Ways to Create Random Acts of Love. 8 Photoshop Tutorials for Retouching Your Profile Pic. 8 Ways to Dissolve Your Career Fears. Using USAjobs to Find a Federal Government Job. Approach the job market. First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue. AvidCareerist. AvidCareerist. Employers Recruiting Twitter List by Susan P. Joyce on Listorious. HOW TO: Use Twitter Hashtags to Boost Your Job Search. Solutions from Design Resumes & Thoughts from Julie Walraven. AvidCareerist. AvidCareerist. Overcoming Age Bias. AvidCareerist. AvidCareerist. AvidCareerist.

Are You Boring Your Network Silly? AvidCareerist. AvidCareerist. AvidCareerist. AvidCareerist. AvidCareerist. AvidCareerist. AvidCareerist. AvidCareerist. AvidCareerist. AvidCareerist. The Process of Job Search.