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One Degree: What My 15-Year Old Son Taught Me About Marketing. Seth&#039;s Blog: Can you change everything? {*style:<a href=''>*}{*style:</a>*} » {*style:<a href=' Just Sit There!

Seth&#039;s Blog: Can you change everything?

Do Nothing! {*style:</a>*} from Mary Schmidt Marketing Troubleshooter{*style:<br>*} As my friend and attorney, Jill, said with a wry grin. And, it is funny. The Sustainability of Social Media. Jason Falls Rumor has it there is an advertising executive in my hometown of Louisville who, five or six years ago, said, “The Internet is a fad.”

The Sustainability of Social Media / Columnists / Lucy Kellaway - Twittering executives reve. As It Inflects, Twitter Must Add Value to New Users, Faster - Jo. I’ve spent a bit of time going back in time lately, at least as far as Twitter is concerned.

As It Inflects, Twitter Must Add Value to New Users, Faster - Jo

In short, I created a new account, as if I had never used the service before. Why? Well, as Twitter hits inflection, it struck me that there was something really, really important that had to happen, in terms of how the service works. Twitter&amp;#8217;s Tipping Point. This past weekend, while walking around San Francisco’s Union Square shopping area, I decided to stop by at one of my favorite stores — Thomas Pink — to see if they had any exciting new shirts worth buying. While shopping options remained tame, I did get into a discussion with one of the salespeople, who in our chitchat picked up on the fact that I’m a technology writer. “So what is this Twitter all about?” He asked me. I was taken aback by such a question in a decidedly non-tech and retail setting, but then quickly realized that Twitter perhaps is one of the most commonly used words in the media today.

Everyone from Oprah to blathering potato-heads on cable television channels are touting their Twitter accounts, and that interest has started to spill over into the mainstream. Facebook Shuts Ku Klux Klan Group: TOS WIN. Anthropology: The Art of Building a Successful Social Site - Re. Thinking about thunder. I read an interesting blog post by Mike Markson, VP of Marketing for Blekko, which is the working name for a new search engine planned to launch to the public in a few months.

Thinking about thunder

The title of Mike’s post was “Google Likes To Steal Other’s Thunder,” and he mentions several anecdotes to back up that idea. 2012: Not Doomsday, It&amp;#8217;s the Last Stand for an Ancient. My good friend, talented writer and co-author Greg Fish, sent me this cartoon last night and I got a giggle out of it, so I thought I’d share.

2012: Not Doomsday, It&amp;#8217;s the Last Stand for an Ancient

I think it exemplifies just how something so small can be blown completely out of proportion. Although the cartoon depicts two Mayans constructing the “Sun Stone”, it was actually the Aztecs, another mesoamerican culture, who constructed the Sun Stone. But that’s not the point of this article (besides, several doomsayers are clueless about the difference between Mayans and Aztecs anyway). The Mayans built a calendar so they could better organize their time, document historical events and enable them to make plans for the future (like any good calendar does). So, out of necessity, the Mayans put together an amazingly complex system of embedded calendars of various lengths. Integrating AdSense In Your Google Analytics Stats. Integrating AdSense In Your Google Analytics Stats Here’s how you can integrate AdSense revenue and top content information into your Google Analytics dashboard for your site.

Integrating AdSense In Your Google Analytics Stats

This makes for very helpful information:Log-in to Google AdSense. As a news item, you should see a link “Integrate your AdSense account with Google Analytics”. Click this link and check all the sites presented to you.You will be presented with a bunch of code snippets which you are asked to insert into your pages where you run AdSense and Analytics. Weekly Wrapup: Facebook vs Twitter, State of the Web, Google Pub. In this edition of the Weekly Wrapup, our newsletter summarizing the top stories of the week, we look at how and why Google is making public data searchable, provide a succinct update on the state of the Web, review Facebook's latest efforts to open some of its data, question why Facebook is trying to be like Twitter, and more.

Weekly Wrapup: Facebook vs Twitter, State of the Web, Google Pub

We also introduce you to our new channel ReadWriteStart, which is dedicated to profiling startups and entrepreneurs. The Weekly Wrapup is sponsored by Smub: Subscribe to Weekly Wrapup You can subscribe to the Weekly Wrapup by RSS or by email (form below). Seth&#039;s Blog: The banal brazenness of telescammers. I got a call a few weeks ago from a telemarketer at Premier Impressions.

Seth&#039;s Blog: The banal brazenness of telescammers

(Her number is 800 778 6304). She told me she was selling ads for a free directory being published by my local library. How To Win a Social Media Award! : Buzz Networker - Social Netwo. Dell sponsored a social media awards for business and last year the winner of the small company award was Wiggly Wigglers.

How To Win a Social Media Award! : Buzz Networker - Social Netwo

I find this interesting because they are not the usual small business – they sell worms and other gardening/sustainable living items! The company was founded by an incredible lady called Heather Gorringe who talks you can see talk about social media on this video at the end of the post. I was lucky enough to ask Heather about networking, small business and branding… The Man Who Made Gmail Says Real-Time Conversation is What&#039; Paul Buchheit built the first version of Gmail in one day.

The Man Who Made Gmail Says Real-Time Conversation is What&#039;

Sports go mad for online pastime Twitter. Originally published April 29, 2009 at 12:00 AM | Page modified April 29, 2009 at 11:13 AM More on Twitter. adds comments with Disqus - We’ve taken your miniblog to the next level by integrating comments using Disqus. Disqus , pronounced “discuss”, makes managing discussions on one or multiple websites painless. To manage comments most effectively, you will need to sign up for Disqus .

A Disqus account allows you to easily comment on thousands of other blogs and sites on the web. Disqus also gives you a profile where you can manage, track and display comments across all of these sites! The Online Ad Recession Is Officially Here: First Quarterly Decl. It was the last part of the advertising sector to fall and may be the first to recover, but online advertising is now in a recession. With the four largest Web advertising companies (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL) having reported March quarter financials, we can get a pretty good sense of how the sector did as a whole. If you add up the online advertising revenues of these four online advertising bellwethers, the total online advertising revenues for the quarter came to $7.9 billion, a 2 percent decline from a year ago and a 7 percent decline from the fourth quarter.

The growth of online advertising has been slowing down for a while, but this is the first quarter to experience an actual decline in revenues. Given the poor performance reported by all of these companies during the quarter, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Only Google was able to eke out any annual growth, the rest all saw online advertising revenues drop. Running List of the Five Eras of The Social Web Web Strategy b. How We Talk About Social Media. @AKGovSarahPalin joins Twitter. Why It&amp;#8217;s a Terrible Idea to Unfollow Everyone on Twitt.

Content Marketing Today 6 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Your Most Im. It’s much more powerful than those young whippersnappers–Twitter and Facebook We often talk about the need to develop a content marketing mindset. Astroengine Featured on CNET - In an article written by Don Reisinger for CNET News, was selected as one of the “18 cool sites and apps that teach you about space.” New in Labs: Google Search right in Gmail. Posted by Adam de Boor, Software Engineer I used to have a problem. People would ask me questions, over chat or email, and I'd have to leave Gmail to search Google for an answer. Then I'd have to select the answer, copy it, go back to Gmail and paste the answer into the chat window or my reply. Your prospects are tweeting Rob&amp;#8217;s World. Twitter Search for Everyone! Every public update sent to Twitter from anywhere in the world 24/7 can be instantly indexed and made discoverable via our newly launched real-time search. Relationship is the argument Levite Chronicles.

A bunch of guys are eating supper together. Case Study: Yamaha&#039;s Conversation with Their Customers. Incompatible Browser. If everything was made by Microsoft. Social Media Success 201: Forget About Your Brand, Get a Persona. Journalism 2.0: Don&#039;t Throw Out the Baby - ReadWriteWeb. Will Twitter Replace Google in Search? IBM turns its developer site into a social network VentureBeat. 10 Ways to Turn Google Calendar into an Effective Time Managemen. It&#039;s time for companies to get serious about blogging - The. Social Business mobile edition.

Retailers Utilize Facebook Connect to Make Online Shopping More. What&#039;s The Deal with OAuth? Engage your community with the Get Answers gadg. Did You Know WordPress Has It&amp;#8217;s Own URL-Shortener Buil. Windows Live To Add More Social Network Partners (Digg, MySpace,