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Stanford University’s Facebook Profile is One of the M. With over 35,000 fans, Stanford University’s Facebook Page ranks among the top five most popular Facebook public profiles owned by a US academic institution.

Stanford University’s Facebook Profile is One of the M

According to PageData, Stanford shares a spot in the top five with the University of Kansas, Ohio State University, Texas A&M, and Indiana University. 6 Tools To Monitor Your Brand. 6 Tools To Monitor Your Brand 6 Tools To Monitor Your Brand May 14, 2009 Aug 19, 2013 If you're a company trying to succeed, staying in touch with the community is of utmost importance.

6 Tools To Monitor Your Brand

Gmail Tip: Twitter Gadget. Twitter is has become a crucial part of my online life: I use it for my personal brand management, as a news source, and as a resource for answering any questions I might have.

Gmail Tip: Twitter Gadget

When I’m on the go, I use the popular Twitter client Tweetie on my iPhone,but when I’m sitting at my computer I use the Twitter Gadget for Gmail. I prefer using the web interface simply because it’s extremely lightweight — and I have yet to find a desktop client that I like. Having Twitter inside Gmail is awesome. It’s a simple text box that sits in the lower left-hand corner of my Gmail window. I keep Gmail open in a tab all day, so whenever I want to tweet something, I simply pop over to my Gmail tab, scroll down and type in my message. Where does everyone go after Twitter? Here’s the top 1. The Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media. 3 Key Twitter Changes Lost in the Hysteria.

Twitter’s Spectacularly Awful 24 Hours. Twitter just went through an awful 24-hour stretch.

Twitter’s Spectacularly Awful 24 Hours

It included taking away a feature some people loved, probably being misleading about it, getting a huge amount of backlash, halfway bringing the feature back, and getting railed by the press for it all — with bouts of downtime mixed in for good measure. This is hardly the first time Twitter has had everyone up in arms, and it won’t be the last, but it’s pretty astonishing how the company seemed to solve one problem by creating two more.

Sure, it’s easy to play desk-chair quarterback, and probably a bit unfair — but it’s also fun, and a good cautionary tale, so let’s do that. Here’s how the past 24 hours at Twitter went down: Problem 1: Twitter yanks the option to see @replies directed towards people you don’t follow. How to Make FireFox a Better Spell Checker. Nowadays you can spot mis-types and misspellings even on most reputable blogs.

How to Make FireFox a Better Spell Checker

I am guilty of that myself, despite the fact that I always take time to proofread. The thing is not even about (or mostly is not about) us paying less attention to proper language but rather about the overwhelming amount of information we process daily: our eyes are too used to letters and words and no more see the mistakes. Therefore this quick FireFox toolkit is about making it a more powerful spell checker. What Companies Should Know About Digital Natives Web Strategy.

Left: Dr.

What Companies Should Know About Digital Natives Web Strategy

Urs Gasser of Harvard’s Berkman Center, who focuses on Digital Natives. I’m live blogging from Corporate Social Networking Conference in Amsterdam, and listening to Dr. Urs Gasser of Harvard’s Berkman Center, his website and twitter account (works with friend Doc Searls) who coined the term “Digital Natives”. Twitter Mania: Will Twitter Change the World? Twitter has become a multi-headed phenomenon since MediaShift devoted a week to covering micro-blogging two years ago.

Twitter Mania: Will Twitter Change the World?

Twitter is now established as a new form of communication, an early warning system for breaking news, and a startup company in San Francisco that has no discernable income. And with the power of Oprah, CNN and Ashton Kutcher, it has become a full-fledged mainstream phenomenon, like it or hate it. So this month’s 5Across video roundtable discussion was dedicated to finding out more about Twitter from a group of power users who have built large followings on Twitter — whether in politics, photography, self-help, shopping or just cults of personality. The exchanges were sharp, and often the participants jumped in with questions of their own. Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media: So you w. NTEN offered a fantastic Webinar today featuring Randi Zuckerberg, Director of Marketing at Facebook and Adam Conner from the DC Office on the emerging best practices for nonprofits who want to set up Facebook Fan Pages.

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media: So you w

Here's the description This webinar will be a resource for non-profits and other organizations for social good. Expanding on the Non-Profits on Facebook page, we want to help you harness the power of Facebook and bring positive change to the world. Facebook empowers non-profits by enabling them to mobilize communities, organize events, increase fundraising, reduce costs with free online tools, and raise awareness through viral networks. New York Times To Restore Links To IHT Stories In Coming Weeks. Docstoc leave beta, launches API and revenue sharing. The Growing Feedback Fiasco. What is the obligation that companies have to their customers to listen to — and act on — the feedback they receive from customers?

The Growing Feedback Fiasco

Well, if you are in the Social Media Age of 2009, the obligation is high, the pressure intense. No longer can developers put out a product or service, form a business around it, and then expect to run their business however they choose. Today, customers have the unprecedented power of social media communication tools at their fingertips, and feedback is no longer relegated to easily ignored emails that pass through the ether into oblivion. Feedback is now big news. Take this week’s #twitterfail and #fixreplies fiasco. Twitter — like Facebook a month or so ago — failed to fully understand the turbocharged power of social media that could actually work against it. 5 Interesting Things Regarding Twitter. Google Search Evolves - But Has Google Finally Lost its Core Foc.

Yesterday at Google's Searchology event, which we live-blogged, the search market leader announced two significant features to its search product: Search Options and Rich Snippets.

Google Search Evolves - But Has Google Finally Lost its Core Foc

It also previewed a new fact-finding search product called Google Squared. The first two features are already live on and they've notably extended Google's core search product. As we sit back and reflect on the meaning of this, one thing is starkly clear: the core Google search experience is now much more than a simple search box on a plain white background, which it was for so long. Just how far has Google evolved its search experience over recent years? 2010 Winter Olympics athletes get restricted blogging go-ahead. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is gradually coming round to the idea that people are going to blog about each summer and winter Olympic Games regardless of what rules they put in place.

The latest development is that the IOC will allow athletes blogs at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games. Sample Google Chrome Extensions. Last time when I wrote about Google Chrome extensions, they were nothing more than repackaged user scripts. Since March, the extension system has been improved by adding new APIs and options to create custom UIs.

If you use a recent version of Chromium or a Google Chrome dev build, you can already install two useful extensions. But first you should find a Chrome shortcut on your desktop, right-click, select "Properties" and append a flag to the target field: --enable-extensions. Restart the browser to use the new option. Seth's Blog: What kind of open are you looking for? If you hear someone talking about "open source," it's quite possible that this isn't what they mean. One major soft drink company, for example, was talking about turning their brand open source. Pretty unlikely. Women Use Blogs for Info, SocNets to Connect. Women are nearly twice as likely to use blogs than social networking sites as a source of information (64%), advice and recommendations (43%), and opinion-sharing (55%), while they are 50% more likely use social networks to keep in touch with friends and family (75%), reports BlogHer.

Results from the 2009 Women in Social Media Study (pdf) from by BlogHer, iVillage and Compass Partners, found that while women who use social media platforms share a strong desire to connect and to entertain themselves, their motivations for using various tools differ, MarketingCharts reports. Women Turn to Social Media in Greater Numbers Since the release of last year's Benchmark Study of Women and Social Media, research found women turn in greater numbers to blogs (55%), social networks (75%) and online status updates (20%) as primary sources of community interaction, entertainment and information:

Facebook Audience in Germany Reaches 2 Million Users. Facebook Adds Friend Lists to Facebook Chat. Facebook Adds Friend Lists to Facebook Chat Ever since Facebook launched Facebook Chat one year ago, grouping contacts inside the Facebook Chat window has been a top user request. This afternoon, Facebook just turned on grouping friends by Friend Lists in Facebook Chat – and also started allowing users to turn their visibility on and off per Friend List. Headlines and Deadlines: Reporter tweets being shot. The Art of Nonconformity Building Influence to Gain Widespread.

More marketers are counting on social networks. Ten Twitter Mythconceptions. Poor Twitter! RelaunchXing socialmedian - Guest blog post from Jason Goldberg, Chief Product Officer at XING & founder of socialmedian Hi everyone! gets 8% of its traffic from social sites malco. Men Want Faster Downloads; Women Favor Usability. Faster, HAL, faster! Men and women want websites to be easy to use overall, but men say fast downloading is their second-most-desired feature, while women value easy navigation and accessibility over speed, according to a recent web usability study from Southern Illinois University, announced by Website Optimization.

In Bb 2.0 - a collaborative music/spoken word project. Seth's Blog: What to do with people who aren't going t. 10 Rules for Today's Consumers In the New World of Real-Tim. How Executives Should be Using Social Media. Facebook platform developers could see $500M in revenue this yea.

Social Strategy for Exciting (and Boring) Brands. The Google Reader Snow Leopard theme…this is gorgeous. Google Execs: Twitter-like Functionality Could Be Added to Searc. Your Blog vs. The World: 7 Steps To Winning The War for Attentio. Twitter and Google ... Analytics. Will Social Media Save The Newspaper Industry?