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10 Rules That Govern Groups PsyBlog. What most groups of people have in common.

10 Rules That Govern Groups PsyBlog

Much of our lives are spent in groups with other people: we form groups to socialise, earn money, play sport, make music, even to change the world. But although groups are diverse, many of the psychological processes involved are remarkably similar. Here are 10 insightful studies that give a flavour of what has been discovered about the dynamics of group psychology. 1. Groups can arise from almost nothing The desire to form and join social groups is extremely powerful and built into our nature.

Just how readily people form and join groups is demonstrated by Tajfel et al. (1971) in the so-called ‘minimal groups paradigm‘. Find Creative Commons images with Image Se. Let's say you're a blogger.

Find Creative Commons images with Image Se

You've just returned from a trip to New York City, and you're writing a post on New York landmarks. You want to illustrate your travel guide with an image — as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. It's easy to find images of New York online. Practical Traveler - Having a Travel Problem? Share It on Twitte. Half of Communicators Think Twitter's a Fad. More than half (54%) of professional communicators think Twitter is a fad and believe that the burgeoning number of users and tweets will eventually reach a plateau and likely decline, according to a poll by Ragan Communications and PollStream (via MarketingCharts).

Half of Communicators Think Twitter's a Fad

This division in sentiment represents a split in the corporate communications field as to whether Twitter is a viable business and communications tool with staying power, or a flash-in-the pan novelty that will eventually give way to something new. Among respondents, 28% report their companies currently employ microblogging as part of their communications activities. Getting to 'Wow': Consumers Describe What Makes a Grea. Paula Courtney found “wow” when she took her daughter to the employee washroom at her local grocery store.

Getting to 'Wow': Consumers Describe What Makes a Grea

A sign by the door instructed workers to remain physically by the side of any customer experiencing a problem until that problem was resolved. Later, when Courtney was in the checkout line, the cashier noticed Courtney’s blueberries were squishy. The cashier insisted on walking back to the produce section to find a fresh box. For Courtney, chief executive of The Verde Group, a Toronto retail research and consulting firm, that was a “wow” shopping experience. Why agencies' social media use doesn't matter - iMedia. Does your ad agency need to have its own regularly updated Twitter account in order to be competent in social media?

Why agencies' social media use doesn't matter - iMedia

That seems to be what this Ad Age article suggests as it looks at the Twitter feeds of a wide variety of agencies. And while folks like me at small, independent agencies often find it amusing to poke fun at big holding company agencies, I found the article to be mean-spirited and unfair. But before we get to what this piece got wrong, let's talk for a bit about what it got right.

After skewering Euro RSCG for failing to update its Twitter feed, the piece by Rupal Parekh goes on to identify several marketers -- including C-level executives at Best Buy, Zappos, and Express -- as Twitter users who utilize the channel successfully to "boost brand awareness and interact with their consumers.

" How to Whitelist in Gmail. Gmail has a fantastic built-in spam filter, but no spam filter is absolutely perfect.

How to Whitelist in Gmail

Sometimes, we might run into a situation where a much-anticipated email actually ends up in the spam folder. Why build a whitelist If you’ve ever been anxiously waiting to receive an email from a potential new flame, or potential job offer, you want to make very sure the important message is not going to be banished as spam. To avoid messages you do want to receive from being send straight to spam is the one and most important reason to have a so-called ‘whitelist’. 2 ways to whitelist in Gmail: 1. When you receive an email, and you want to make sure you keep receiving messages from the same person in the future, you can do this by adding the sender to your contact list: 2. This method can be used to add one individual sender (for example,, or all senders from a particular server (for example, everyone sending mail from

Hate Facebook's new look? You'll like it soon enough. Do you hate Facebook's new design?

Hate Facebook's new look? You'll like it soon enough.

Do you find the home page too noisy, with important updates from your friends getting buried under a stream of banal comments from high-school classmates and other people you pity-friended? I bet you think the site's confusing, too. Strange Attractor Blog Archive Why is social media importan. Posted by Suw Charman-Anderson And another draft section!

Strange Attractor Blog Archive Why is social media importan

This is basically the introduction, explaining why this is all important. It is not the executive summary. Again, comments welcome. 10 Things We're Dying to Know About Chrome OS. This morning the blogosphere is abuzz with the late-breaking news about Google's new Chrome OS, a combination of the Chrome browser and windowing system running on top of a Linux kernel.

10 Things We're Dying to Know About Chrome OS

But more important than what's being announced is what hasn't been said. People already have a lot of questions about the Chrome OS and the answers may ultimately determine how well it succeeds as a true competitor to both Microsoft and Apple, as is being widely speculated. How to spot a social media snake oil salesman. It's inevitable: when opportunity pops up on the internet, there are plenty of snake oil salesmen waiting to take advantage of it.

How to spot a social media snake oil salesman

The field of SEO provides the perfect example. While there are plenty of reputable guns for hire and firms providing SEO services, there are also plenty of snake oil salesmen promising the moon but delivering a bag full of sand. Unfortunately, the rise of social media has created another internet opportunity that is ripe for snake oil salesmen. And boy have they taken advantage of it. Facebook does not even makes minimum wage! 25 Incredible TED Talks for Educators - Learn-gasm. Does Twitter Deserve a Nobel Peace Prize? Not Yet, But Maybe Som. It's hard to imagine anything more far out than the suggestion that the founders of Twitter be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, especially since the people who invented the internet never were. Google Apps is out of beta (yes, really)

The 10 Twitter Commandments. Conceptis addict: Wife Carrying World Championships 2009. Finland put an end to Estonia's 11-year reign and took gold and bronze on Saturday at the annual Wife-Carrying World Championships held in Sonkajärvi, central Finland. Wife carrying (Finnish eukonkanto) is a sport in which male competitors race while each carrying a female team mate. The objective is for the male to carry the female through a special obstacle track in the fastest time. The winner gets the weight of the carried wife in beer. 5 mistakes to avoid when launching a viral campaign - iMediaConn. Top 20 Countries for SocNet Engagement. Of the 1.1 billion people ages 15+ worldwide who accessed the internet from a home or work location in May 2009, 734.2 million visited at least one social networking site during the month, a penetration of 65%, according to data from the comScore World Metrix service.

Among 40 individual countries reported by comScore, Russia has the world's most engaged social networking audience, with the average online Russian spending 6.6 hours and viewing 1,307 pages per month. Brazil ranked close behind Russia at 6.3 hours, followed by Canada (5.6 hours), Puerto Rico (5.3 hours) and Spain (5.3 hours), MarketingCharts writes. The US ranked at #9 in terms of social network engagement, with an average of 4.2 average hours and 477 pages consumed per visitor. "Social networking has become a popular online pastime not only in mature internet markets like North America, but also in developing, high-growth internet markets such as Russia," said Mike Read, SVP & managing director, comScore Europe. Sharing by Twittering - Scout Labs.

Maybe Twitter Trends Shouldn't Be Entirely Automated? Over the weekend, Twitter's trending topics were once again the target of an attack, this time implemented by the members of the infamous image board 4chan, the site known for their internet memes and pranks. As with previous attempts to pollute the trends with nonsense, the hashtag pushed into the leaderboard was yet another inappropriate term.

Last time this happened, we saw Twitter pull the offensive tags from the trends section, a move which prompted us to cheer: Twitter censoring trending topics? 20+ Ready to Use Auto Completion Scripts. Learn how to earn $125 or more per hour as a freelancer - Click Here Looking for hosting?. We recommend MediaTemple for web hosting. It's Here! iTwitter: The First Twitter App to do Push. Ever since Apple released iPhone OS 3.0, Twitter addicts have been waiting for their favorite iPhone application to implement the OS's new "push" technology which could deliver messages as pop-ups on the homescreen.

Today, the first app to implement this feature has arrived, but it's not one of the popular apps as you may have expected. Instead, the brand-new app iTwitter (iTunes link) has beaten out all the other major clients to become the first push-enabled Twitter application for the iPhone. BbPress bbPress 1.0 final, finally released. BlueTunes: Music In The Cloud Comes To Your Desktop. BlueTunes, a streaming music site that lets you stream your music library from the cloud to any computer, is launching a new desktop app tonight that looks to make the service an even more compelling alternative to other online music sites and possibly even iTunes. Half of Twitter's Never Tweeted. 3 easy ways to personalize video messages.

Restoring accidentally suspended accounts. SUSPENDED. Top Twitterers: US, Canada, Norway, Au. Business plans, business models. TweetDeck Marks One Year Anniversary: The Journey. America’s Secret Innovation Weapon: Immigration. Organizations without a 2.0 strategy risk failure. Firefox 3.5 patch coming soon as Mozilla cranks up downloads. Tips for Sorting Through the Social Networks. Ten Companies Twitter Should Consider Acquiring Next. Twitter Needs a Spam Filter? No, We Need a Marketer Filter. Twittering from the tractor: smartphones sprout on the farm - CN. The Value of Twitter Followers: Quality Over Quantity. Rupert Murdoch: Facebook is Just a Directory. iPhone 4.0 OS: event based modes, intellingent and scheduled com. A Growing Acceptance of Social Networking in the Workplace. Faviki's Social Bookmarking Tool Makes Semantic Tagging Eve. In Defense of Social Media (At Least Some Of It) - O'Reilly.

Facebook Says It Wants You to Be Less Private - But Why? Facebook for iPhone 3.0 Coming Soon - Preview and Details.