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Facebook Open Sources FriendFeed's Ultra-Fast Real-Time Web. Coming soon: Finding your friends on YouTube. YouTube has always been a place for you to share and enjoy videos with family and friends.

Coming soon: Finding your friends on YouTube

Executives and Social Media. US executives have come to value social media very highly to enhance relationships with customers and build their company’s brand, according to the “Social Media: Embracing the Opportunities, Averting the Risks” white paper from Russell Herder and Ethos Business Law.

Executives and Social Media

More than eight in 10 management, marketing and HR executives responding to the July 2009 survey cited relationship- and brand-building as benefits of social media. Execs also considered social media a good tool for recruitment (69%) and customer service (64%), and 46% thought it enhanced employee morale. Respondents reported using social media most for brand-building, followed by networking, customer service, and various research- and information-related activities.

Google Rolls Out The Mother Of All Updates: A Larger Search Box. Google is continually updating its search experience via the algorithms and the way results are displayed.

Google Rolls Out The Mother Of All Updates: A Larger Search Box

But when it comes to the search box itself, it has largely left it alone. Sure, it has added drop downs for suggested results, but the box itself has stayed a thin input field. But now it looks like Google may be thinking about a change. My View of the Future of Search. 21 Great Shots [And How They Were Taken] PubSubHubbub vs. rssCloud UPDATE: I’ve written a PubSubHubbub-to-XMPP gateway that solves some of the issues of running a real-time feed reader behind a firewall.

PubSubHubbub vs. rssCloud

Yoko Ono: Beatle's Catalogue on iTunes Tomorrow. Paul McCartney's whooping encouragement, Lennon's calm breaths and Harrison's pensive plucking - if you're a Fab Four fan, you already know that tomorrow marks the official launch of the Beatle's remastered catalogue.

Yoko Ono: Beatle's Catalogue on iTunes Tomorrow

But to further fan the flames of excitement, Yoko Ono spilled the beans that the discography will also finally appear in the iTunes store. According to 9 to 5 Mac, Ono told Sky News that the entire Beatles back catalogue will be available for download in conjunction with tomorrow's Apple event. While the post has since been removed, Twitter has been a aflutter with rumors. The long awaited event will also happen with the release of The Beatles: Rockband. Time to Take a Stance on the Future of Journalism. [qi:085] OK, I admit it.

Time to Take a Stance on the Future of Journalism

I’ve become one of those snooty guys who is telling the rest of us what the future will look like. Case in point: I’m one of the authors of the “Internet Manifesto,” a collection of positions about the future of journalism that was published yesterday. The original manifesto was in German, collectively written by 15 journalists and bloggers more or less known in the German new media landscape, but it has since spread well beyond the krautosphere. Journalist Jeff Jarvis tweeted about it yesterday, an official English version was published earlier today, and users have contributed Finnish and Romanian translations.

10 More Infographic Reasons Why You Should Go Green. In this day and age, we should all be thinking about how we can better conserve the environment, because if we don't, well you know, the planet will die. In a follow-up to my previous eco-friendly list, here are 10 more infographics and visualizations on going green. How much water do you use? From GOOD In this collaboration with Fogelson-Lubliner, GOOD shows how much water you actually use during your daily activities. Where US Oil Comes From by Jon Udell US oil comes from places you wouldn't normally expect. Creating A Social Business Is Your Next Social Media Challenge. You’re going to hear more and more people in the social media space start using the term “social business” in the coming months.

Creating A Social Business Is Your Next Social Media Challenge

It will likely replace “community building” as the corporate catch phrase of the moment. The FASTForward Blog McKinsey Survey: Seven Out of 10 Seeing We. By Close to seven out of ten respondents (69%) report that their companies “have gained business benefits [italics mine], including more innovative products and services, more effective marketing, better access to knowledge, lower cost of doing business, and higher revenues.” This is probably the most significant set of survey findings I have seen yet that document actual benefits being seen from Web 2.0/Enterprise 2.0 deployments. Google Doodle's Mystery Revealed. Yesterday Google posted a mysterious doodle that linked to the search results for [unexplained phenomenon].

Google Doodle's Mystery Revealed

According to Google Korea's blog (English translation), this was the first from a series of 3 doodles that celebrate a famous person. The next doodle will be posted on September 15th and the hints are: mystery, invisible, novel. As someone suggested in a comment, it's very likely that Google celebrates the birthday of H. G. Wells, a famous science fiction author born on September 21st. WordPress › Blog How to Keep WordPress Secure. A stitch in time saves nine.

WordPress › Blog How to Keep WordPress Secure

There is no ‘I’ in Team, but there&#8217. One of the first things you begin to realize, as you delve into social media, is that there is a lot of trumpeting of personal brand and boosting of egos.

There is no ‘I’ in Team, but there&#8217

Whether it’s getting your article onto the front page of DIGG, seeing a couple hundred comments or trackbacks rolling into your blog or even just having that witty bon mot retweeted a dozen times over; the ego feedback loop is intrinsic and instantaneous. Given all the tools, means and tactics for sharing your message via the social platforms you can almost forgive brands and their communications and marketing professionals who step into social media, for treating it as another broadcasting platform.

There is success to be had with those tactics. The cost of broadcasting your message online is nominal in comparison to traditional media, and arguably the measured results are more representative of interest in your message. Locate the communities that matter to your brand and deliver your message directly. China Sets New Rules For Music Sold Online. How Team of Geeks Cracked Spy Trade. WordPress for iPhone › Beta Testers Needed. We are in need of beta testers for the upcoming WordPress iPhone application release version 1.4! If you’d like to be part of the fun and excitement and test the latest release on your device, please go and fill out a brief survey!

(See update below.) Please note that this release only supports OS 3.0 and higher, and we have limited spots as Apple restricts these beta tests to a max of 100 people. Contribute to or Contaminate the Conversation Direct Marketing. Nine Awesome iPhone Apps for Business - ReadWriteEnterprise. Maybe it's odd to be recommending iPhone apps right now, with the house of cards that is the confused App Store policy falling down on Apple's head. But business users, we know you've got no time for listening to the woes of developers.

You need to get things done. From file sharing and mobile meetings to serious data analysis and business intelligence, here are nine of the coolest apps for enterprise iPhone users that we could find. Exclusive: Motorola bringing a “webOS” to An. Restoring API and SMS. Active Listening on the Social Web; It’s Overrated. How To Get Featured By the Press (Repeatedly) Even If Your Blog. Twitter API problems still continuing/ more info. What the f**k ISN’T social media? Last week I published an article dedicated to Marta Kagan’s excellent ‘What the f**k is social media? A Comparison of Open Source Search Engines zooie's blo. Updated: sphinx setup wasn’t exactly ‘out of the box’. Operation “Silence Cyxymu” Crushes Twitter, MediaShift . Blogs, Twitter Become Force at TV Critics Press Tou. News Corp. and the Great Not-Free Experiment.

Is Twitter here to stay? Brand vs. Brand Relationship: Let’s Not Confuse Them. To Jump on the Massive Unfollowing Trend Would Be. For weeks, in my ever-increasing list of potential future blog post topics, I have had one titled, "What If I Purged My Twitter Followers? ". Trust me, the option has crossed my mind on the rare occasion I log in and try to use Twitter or any of its 3rd party apps in the way the Twitter team had intended - as I watch update after inane update swim in a sea of half-baked offers and hashtaggery.

Social iGoogle Tested in Australia. Women Dominating Facebook : Buzz Networker - Social Networking T. Inside Facebook report today on the distinct female demographic of Facebook. Seth's Blog: The bandwidth-sync correlation that's wor. The FASTForward Blog New Study Finds Social Media Becoming Main. TweetBlocker: Easily Delete Spammers From Your Twitter Stream. Why Cloud Computing is the Future of Mobile. How to create a social media department. How Different Groups Spend Their Day - Interactive Graphic - NYT. Stop Saying Sorry, Start Getting Really Social. UN and Google Create Climate Change Mapping Resources. Is the advertising model dead? 10 Useful Thunderbird Add-ons for Almost Everybody. The Most Horrible Blog Post Ever. Building a Portrait of a Lie in the Brain.