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Aventior is a technology consulting firm that is into Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Satellite Imagery, Computer Vision, and so on.

Geospatial Intelligence Solution Providers. Delivering world-class geospatial intelligence that provides a decisive advantage as well as real-time insights for the oil & gas, utilities, geoportals, smart cities, insurance, logistics, and agriculture sector to support data-driven strategic and operative decision making.

Geospatial Intelligence Solution Providers

Aventior offers geospatial solutions with accurate data mapping and management services, horizontal and vertical integration of Satellite/Aerial Remote Sensing, Positioning Applications, and Satellite Imagery based Multi-Class Object Detection. We offer services in photogrammetry, GIS, and surveys in industries such as oil & gas, utilities, geoportals, smart cities, insurance, logistics, and the agriculture sector. We derive actionable intelligence by employing an intelligence-led approach to data science and machine learning techniques, resulting in a higher degree of clarity and confidence in decision management. Top Satellite Imagery Sources. The approximate number of satellites orbiting the earth is 2666.

Top Satellite Imagery Sources

These satellites provide us the images of the earth which is known as Satellite Imagery. The images are used for communication purposes, for observation of Earth, and for navigation purposes. Governments and businesses around the world have ownership rights of these satellites. The satellites are placed in 3 main orbits of the earth. They are classified as low, medium, and high earth orbits.

Another aspect of the satellite imagery one needs to consider is the resolution. How is Real-World Evidence changing Healthcare? The healthcare system has been evolving with the changing times.

How is Real-World Evidence changing Healthcare?

It isn’t as simple as it used to be. We now have a healthcare based on real-world evidence. This has changed the way we look at healthcare. To understand Real-World evidence (RWE) let us understand from where the evidence is collected. Real-World Data The Real-World data (RWD) as the name states is collated from the various routine-care delivered and not just from clinical treatment rendered. Real-World Data gives a true representation of health and the care opted by the people. The actual usage of this evidence is to bridge the gap between the research results and the actual usage results of various medical products used by people. How is RWE used in healthcare? Let us see how RWE is used presently in various fields of medicine for research and other purposes: Clinical TrialsResearchers conduct various clinical trials before they zero-in on the final product.

Aventior’s contribution to Healthcare. Life Sciences Technology Solutions. Aventior has been working with some of the leading pharma, biotech, and diagnostics companies providing the technical know-how and support to build their digital ecosystem.

Life Sciences Technology Solutions

With a significant focus on harnessing the power of data for drug research, clinical trials, and drug manufacturing, leading life sciences companies are building solutions that will help them achieve faster go-to-market solutions. Additionally, Aventior is also helping develop solutions for telehealth and eCOA. In the current pandemic the popularity of telehealth systems, mobile apps for patient and physician interaction, remote monitoring, real-time analytics are becoming increasingly important.

These technologies also help retain patients longer for clinical trials and overall improve the end-user experience by reducing the number of time patients have to spend at clinics. Insights from Aerial & Satellite Images. Technology Consulting Firm. Digital Innovation & Technology Solutions Provider. Machine Learning to Nowcast Urbanization. Do you live in a city?

Machine Learning to Nowcast Urbanization

Your answer most likely would be a ‘Yes’. It is estimated that around 4 billion people live in cities. Also, there are two reasons: your ancestors moved into a city, or your village has been urbanized into a city. In recent times, we have been observing a significant surge in the urbanization of cities. Urbanization has now become a need for the current population to explore new facilities and technologies. As per a report, around 54% of people who live in urban areas may rise to 65-70% by 2050. Common Survey Methods The most common method used to measure an area’s urban growth is some of the economic variables like population, area, employment, density, facilities, and some combinations of all these variables.

Modern Survey Methods The calculation is made using satellite images and data. How urbanization occurs? The earth has a surface area of 510 million square kilometers, but only a few percent of this area is considered to be a part of development.