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Almudena Cano Pineiro. Thesis Special* // Indian Public Space | SUPER // ARCHITECTS. Student: Almudena Cano Pineiro school: Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (ETSAM) Critics: Luis Basabe Montalvo title: Urban Strategies to Regenerate Indian Public Space -A case study of Pols in Ahmedabad This research explores potential methodologies for urban interventions in historic city centers.

Urban fabric // In contrast to renewal programs that ignore the existing architectural and cultural heritage, this project proposes a number of innovative strategies for regenerating the traditional public space. The pols of Ahmedabad are regarded by historians, architects and urban designers as one of the finest surviving examples of urbanism and domestic architecture in Indian tradition. Rather than determine a single solution, this project aims to create a flexible and adaptive system conceived for managing a variety of urban contexts with similar degrees of complexity, in constant development with shifting paradigms.

Urbanisme | ArchDaily - Partie 2. The Urban Matrix Studio – Napoli Palimpsesto 2009 – 2010 Michelle Tomlinson 6th yr thesis project | Coexistence... in Theory. Project title// Risanamento (making healthy) The program for the building was originally informed by several readings relating to ‘non-places’ and displacement along with the process of analysing a city through a matrix system. Scenarios were created for the future of Napoli in order to understand the need for creating architecture that considers time and how it can be a snapshot of the present but should be able to adapt to potential changes in the future. One inevitable change to be considered is climate change. A large percentage of the city of Napoli located on the Amalfi coast will be sunken when the sea levels rise to 6m.

This scenario provided a catalyst for the urban scale proposal of an elevated walkway throughout the city in preparation for the rise in sea levels. This solution would provide another (city) level of circulation helping to ease the problem of high levels of traffic congestion that occur at street level. Like this: Like Loading... City ID. Ecological_urbanism_studio_2011_perry_yang_l_new.jpg (1751×2608) Atelier du projet architectural | LAST. Du projet urbain au détail constructif Les tendances de dispersion spatiale et de dissociation fonctionnelle poursuivie par l'environnement construit dans les dernières décennies entrent en contradiction avec la recherche d'équilibre à long terme sous-tendu par les principes de durabilité.

L'étalement urbain engendre en effet non seulement une consommation conséquente de sol, mais également des impacts environnementaux, des disparités socioculturelles et des coûts collectifs accrus. Face à ce constat, le projet architectural est amené à jouer un rôle central dans la recherche d'alternatives permettant de réorienter le développement urbain vers l'intérieur, de densifier le bâti à proximité des transports publics et de générer des modes de construction durable.

Par une approche se situant à différentes échelles d'intervention - du projet urbain au détail constructif - l'atelier du Prof. Livret de cours. Institut der Stadtbaukunst – Ein Forum für Architektur und Städtebau. Enabling Constructions_Magnet Project. To establish a valid equation between social aspirations and Architecture, it is essential to add to the latter Doubt, Delight and Change as design criteria - Cedric Price Designed with uncertainty in mind, the magnet provides an architectural playground for a programme that is hybrid and changeable, and derives from the current social, cultural and economic tensions of the site.

It is a form of soft architecture (Toyo Ito) that avoids becoming fixed and finished, enabling activities and events, and providing flexibility for the ‘uncertainty of the real’ – a direct response to the here and now. The constructed spaces encourage community interaction and socio-educational development through 3 stages: communication, learning and play, while their magnetic influence and attraction extends into the surrounding areas. Emma Flynn The proposed new complex topography enables the negotiation of an awkward platform system in a playful and delightful way. Degree & Profession | Tourism infrostructure development on the basis of | Ekaterina Sheinikova. Project (block 1) - Objectives of the Project* Tourism infrastructure development on basis of reconstruction of cultural heritage objects of Novohopersk historic center of Voronezh Region.

Novohopersk was founded in 1710 as a fortress on the Hoper River. It is a historic city of Russia. It is situated in a nature picturesque landscape structure with expressive relief, river, and forestland of the Hoper State Reserve. It has retained the system of vertical dominants – temples, regular planning of the beginning of the 19-th century and the historical building up which reflects the functioning of chief town of a district of the end of the 18-th – the beginning of the 20-th century. Novohopersk possesses original architecture, including a significant number of wooden buildings with carved décor.

Besides building monuments, sightings are distinguished on the historic center area. AA School of Architecture Projects Review 2011 - Sustainable Environmental Design - Term 2 - Pazo de Espino.