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Email news letter. Templates. Photoshop Vector Pie, Donut, Bar and Line Chart SVG Generator. Learn how to use web fonts in your email marketing. If you’re sporting some technical know-how about web fonts, then read on as we go a bit more in-depth on the topic.

Learn how to use web fonts in your email marketing

How to embed web fonts in email If you’re still reading you must know your web font stuff and you know a thing or two about coding so let’s talk about how to embed web fonts in your emails. It’s surprisingly easy to serve up web fonts in your HTML email. Webfont support in email. While trying to find out which webfont services are compatible with email, one type foundry mentioned that their license only covers certain font formats.

Webfont support in email

I believe it was WOFF, EOT and SVG, but not TTF or OTF as they are considered desktop formats. As each format has varying browser support, they asked if this would give us enough coverage in email. Although I knew WOFF was the emerging standard with a W3C Recommendation, I hadn’t looked closely at email client support for each format. So we ran some tests in the device lab — view full QA — using the four formats Google Fonts currently serves: EOT, TTF, WOFF2 and WOFF. @font-face support by format & method. Using web fonts in email. Updated 10.15.15: This post has been updated for accuracy.

Using web fonts in email

Web fonts on websites give designers undeniably better creative options. The use of unique, compelling typography reflects the brand identity of the website. Web fonts add support for fonts that are not installed by default in a browser and are supported by all modern web browsers. Examples of web fonts include the popular simple and clean looking Open Sans to the distinctive Roboto Slab or the stylized Lobster. However, when it comes to email, support for web fonts for email is very limited and incorporating them into your designs can present some interesting challenges. Bulletproof background images. Understanding Media Queries in HTML Email. Email designers have long sought to build campaigns for every device.

Understanding Media Queries in HTML Email

Especially today, when roughly half of all email opens happen on mobile devices, it’s important to design an experience that works well across different form factors. While this used to be a difficult task (and still is for some email clients), recent years have seen a rise in the use of media queries to help make things easier. But, unless you’ve been mired in the world of web design or on the cutting edge of email development, you may not know what media queries are and why you should use them. Today, we’ll dissect the ever-useful media query and see how it can benefit nearly any email campaign. What is a media query? Handlebars.js: Minimal Templating on Steroids.

TemplateBuilder 2.0. Override Gmail's Mobile Optimized Emails. Many emails are designed with a large screen in mind.

Override Gmail's Mobile Optimized Emails

Text that looks great on a large screen can be difficult to read on a mobile device, though. If Gmail deems that the font-size of any text in an email is too small to be legible, it will increase the size and flag the message with this notice: Things I've Learned About Responsive Email Design. This is the third post in a series of things I’ve learned about email, including sending emails and building HTML email templates.

Things I've Learned About Responsive Email Design

I’ve spent the last few years designing developer tools, 2 of those years having been Design Lead at Mailgun by Rackspace, the email service for developers. Here’s a brain dump of things I’ve learned about responsive email design. GitHub - leemunroe/grunt-email-workflow: A Grunt workflow for designing and testing responsive HTML email templates with SCSS.