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Free Royalty Free Music for Education Free Royalty Free Music for Education When creating an audio podcast or a video that uses music tracks, the sure way to avoid any worries about copyright infringement is to use music you created. Unfortunately, often that is not a feasible option for a lot of folks. The next best thing to using music you created is to use Creative Commons licensed music or royalty free music.

This is a guest post from David Christopher, Chief, Information and Records Division, U.S. Copyright Office. When I was young — and I’m not that old — the term “copyright” and its curious symbol, ©, seemed a quaint holdover from a bygone era. It was for me a fuzzy legal term that book publishers thought highly enough of to place on the verso of the title page of every book I ever picked up, but it certainly had no real impact on me or my life. Boy, have things changed. Copyright: Reaching Out to Teachers and Students « Teaching with the Library of Congress Copyright: Reaching Out to Teachers and Students « Teaching with the Library of Congress
Millennium: A Perspectives Series
Direct Me NYC: 1940 New York City's road to the 1940 Federal Census begins here... Suppose you are looking for John H Fedeler, live-in superintendent at The New York Public Library, 1910-1940. Convert the address into a census enumeration district, then find his record at the National Archives. It's easy! Direct Me NYC: 1940
PrimaryAccess is a suite of free online tools that allows students and teachers to use primary source documents to complete meaningful and compelling learning activities with digital movies, storyboards, rebus stories and other online tools. PrimaryAccess MovieMaker PrimaryAccess MovieMaker enables you to combine text, audio and images into compelling personal narratives and digital stories, with a simple movie-making process. Steps like scripting, recording and saving are entirely Web-based--no software to install--and the movies are easy to retrieve and share. Choose digital images from archive such as the Library of Congress Upload your own images or audio and record audio online Save movies with unique web addresses Retrieve movies for editing Share movies othere Use PrimaryAcess MovieMaker now Get a PrimaryAccess account PrimaryAccess PrimaryAccess
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