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Security and hacking. Security and hacking. Research Apps. Web. Web. Know about world. — All in One Bookmarks Manager. Gizmo's Freeware Reviews. Back Up Your Evernote Notebooks (and Keep That Important Data Safe)

SuperSorter Automatically Organizes and Cleans Up Your Bookmarks. I've Been Using Evernote All Wrong. Here's Why It's Actually Amazing. ​15+ Awesome Google+ Tricks You Might Not Know About. Accessory Geeks. Adblock Plus. Feedly. Flipboard. Geobytes IP Address Locator. Open Office.

Pixlr Express Photo Editor. Bookmark Sync and Search. How to Use Gmail and Inbox Together. Dashlane 4 Makes Changing Passwords on Hacked Sites Easier, Adds a New Interface, and More. The Best Antivirus App for Windows. Use Cortana to Identify the Song You're Listening To. MyPermissions Gives You Total Control Over Which Apps Can Access Your Data. — All in One Bookmarks Manager. Samsung's Galaxy Book crams desktop power in portable body. NASA released a ton of software for free and here’s some you should try. NASA has just published its 2017-2018 software catalog, which lists the many apps, code libraries and tools that pretty much anyone can download and use.

NASA released a ton of software for free and here’s some you should try

Of course, most of it is pretty closely tied to… you know, launching spacecraft and stuff, which most people don’t do. But here are a few items that might prove useful to tinkers and curious lay people alike. If you’re interested in a piece of software, head to the link provided; it should provide the release or license type (some things are limited to the U.S., for instance), a contact you can hit up for more info and sometimes a dedicated site for the app or service. Search. Scientists Finally Observed Time Crystals—But What the Hell Are They? Which iPad Should You Buy? Choose the Best Model. Sporting Apple’s new True Tone display and running on the company's A9X mobile processor, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro is hands-down the greatest tablet on the market right now.

Which iPad Should You Buy? Choose the Best Model

This is a great buy for people who want the best of the best and would use this iPad as a second mini computer (minus the bulk). The iPad Pro has sensors that detect the light in wherever you are and automatically changes the color temperature of the screen to match the ambient light. The end result makes the screen resemble a sheet of paper. The feature is most apparent when switched off because the display (like all non-true tone displays) reveals its mostly bright bluish light.

Not only does the 9.7-inch iPad pro have a 2048 x 1536 screen resolution, but it uses an A9X processor and features four speakers for the optimal sound quality (which is great for movie buffs and audiophiles). OneNote training - OneNote. Censys. Beta Wayback Machine – Now with Site Search! For the last 15 years, users of the Wayback Machine have browsed past versions of websites by entering in URLs into the main search box and clicking on Browse History.

Beta Wayback Machine – Now with Site Search!

With the generous support of The Laura and John Arnold Foundation, we’re adding an exciting new feature to this search box: keyword search! With this new beta search service, users will now be able to find the home pages of over 361 Million websites preserved in the Wayback Machine just by typing in keywords that describe these sites (e.g. The LHC Just Discovered A New System of Five Particles.

A Unique Find The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the latest addition to CERN’s accelerator complex, is the most powerful particle accelerator ever built.

The LHC Just Discovered A New System of Five Particles

It features a 27 kilometer (16 mile) ring made of superconducting magnets and accelerating structures built to boost the energy of particles in the chamber. In the accelerator, two high-energy particle beams are forced to collide from opposite directions at speeds close to the speed of light. The energy densities that are created when these collisions occur cause ordinary matter to melt into its constituent parts—quarks and gluons. Using Google Scholar. US Newspapers Online News Headlines, World News, Current Events. Private Search Engines that Do Not Track - MeshWorld. Private Search Engines are boon to users for keeping them & their data safe.

Private Search Engines that Do Not Track - MeshWorld

Private browsing or incognito modes in a browser does not give you the level of privacy you think of. The most discouraging fact in using the Internet is low privacy, due to which Internet suffers a lot. Users with bad intentions turn out to misuse the information which might harm the users or organizations. Technology is playing a vital role in providing ease and comfort to the people. On the same hand, it also provides security. Here Private Search Engines comes handy which do not store your queries, nor track your steps & provide complete safety for using the Internet. Top 10 Best Alternative Search Engines That Respect Your Privacy. NASA's $1 Billion Probe Just Sent Back Incredible Photos of Jupiter Like You've Never Seen It Before.

The probe's data transmissions meanwhile are rewriting what we thought we knew about the origins of our solar system.

NASA's $1 Billion Probe Just Sent Back Incredible Photos of Jupiter Like You've Never Seen It Before

NASA’s $1 Billion Probe Just Sent Back Photos of Jupiter Like You’ve Never Seen It Before Roughly the size of a basketball court, NASA's Juno probe departed in 2011, hurtled through space for five years and finally made itself comfortable in Jupiter's orbit in July 2016. Now, at about 415 million miles from Earth, it has made its fifth close flyby of the Gas Giant and the images it sent home are breathtaking. "Every time we get near Jupiter’s cloud tops, we learn new insights that help us understand this amazing giant planet," Scott Bolton, a principal Juno investigator said of the solar system's largest resident. Essential Gear for Working Remotely - Gear Patrol. For a large portion of today’s workforce, an office desk isn’t a daily stop — it’s more of a state of mind.

Essential Gear for Working Remotely - Gear Patrol

At the best of times, working remotely will have you checking emails in a lofty hotel room, wearing nothing but a bathrobe and slippers; at the worst of times, you’ll be trying to build a Powerpoint, on a deadline, while trying to ignore a crying baby and fighting for elbow space in economy class (on the redeye). But the work needs to get done and meetings need to be made. Showing up disheveled in a wrinkled suit with all your devices at 2 percent battery life is no way to conquer travel woes.

You need to be looking sharp, fully charged, and up to date on all you need to know. Regardless of whether the day’s office is an actual office or improvised, it’s best to have the home field advantage wherever you are. Tech Making a Mobile Office. 47 Amazingly Cool Free Applications for Doing Data Science. Data Science. Apps & Software. General Self Improvement Resources. Moteurs de recherche.

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