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Just Make Stuff. Writing a blog post is usually one of the last things I do most days.

Just Make Stuff

On nights that I teach, I usually write it before I leave for class. It's my goal, when I get home, to pretty much immediately fall into bed. Last night I ran out of the house to teach in jeans and flip-flops (when I usually try to dress nicely) having eaten half a sandwich while sitting on my bed on the phone with the cheer booster treasurer (who I have been talking to 5+ times a day for weeks) while Mac's tutor worked with him downstairs (Sean was at his school for Open House). Could you even follow that sentence?

Regardless, I think it adequately portrays what a mess it was. Work for school is a little relentless, but manageable. The cheer booster presidency has reached a level I could have never conceived of. The new cheerleader try-out parent meeting is tonight (when I was supposed to have class). You don't have to read what I am writing down in this blog post. At 7:45 this morning, though, I took fifteen minutes. Project Life 2012 : my title page, goals + products I'm using. Yesterday I finally started to tackle the project of making my Project Life title page.

Project Life 2012 : my title page, goals + products I'm using

The fact is, I was stalling. I was stuck. I had found so many great ideas, and blogs, and galleries, that I got a little overwhelmed (okay, a lot overwhelmed) with making my own. It seems simple enough, just slipping in a few photos and cards + calling it a day. But for whatever reason I just couldn't get started. A couple weeks ago Becky did a blog post on title page ideas (which I promptly examined each and every one) and at the end there were a few freebies from Cathy Zielske to make a 6x12 page.

I printed just the journaling spot portion of Cathy's template and printed it on patterned paper. Because I had enough supplies to make a second page, I made a matching 'volume 02' sheet for the second album. I have some of Becky's 6x12 page protectors coming, so (I'm guessing) the left margin will line up much nicer than these American Crafts page protectors. And here is my full title page : Phew. Steph's stuff: Project life - Week 2. I finally had a chance to finish last week's Project Life and take photos of it.

steph's stuff: Project life - Week 2

I am just loving this project and my family is very involved and it's just making for one happy momma in this house. :) Week 2's layout was very similar to my first week. I have a two-page spread with two 6 x 12 Page Protectors in the middle, encompassing a LOT of journaling and extra photos. I love a mix of black and white photos and will continue that for sure throughout the year. Page one includes photos of the kids' first day back at school after Christmas vacation - they were out of school until January 9th.

My weekly card in the top left is made from Cathy Zielske's 52 Weeks Vol. 1 title layered over Katie Pertiet's In Text Paper Pack No. 01. The middle row of smaller photos includes pictures of a new weekly tradition for our family - volunteering at a food pantry. The digital everyday stamps are Ali Edward's For the Love of Words. I love office supplies (total geek!) And that's it!