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Hamburgers. A couple of months ago, I got a vintage copy of Prudence Penny's Cookbook in the mail.


I had never heard of Prudence Penny, but apparently she was a Los Angeles Times food writer who encouraged young housewives to make appealing meals on a budget. The cookbook came to me from Deb in Hawaii, who has a gorgeous blog with stunning recipes and tidbits about life in paradise. Deb had been at a flea market and had noticed the book and immediately bought it and shipped it to me, wrapped in beautiful paper, and complete with beach themed note card. It's readers like Deb that make being Prudence Penny (the only difference is that I have added WISE to my moniker) number 2 worthwhile. So many of you have brightened my day, made my recipes, encouraged my random ramblings, gently corrected any of my errors, and essentially made the hours of blogging worthwhile for me. Money Saving Tips: Wheat is getting pricey, so buy your ground whole wheat on sale, or grind your wheat kernels if you can.

Chick-fil-A Bites with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce. Let me start out by saying that I don’t eat fast food like, ever.

Chick-fil-A Bites with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

Ok, there was that one incident involving McDonalds and a particularly happy happy hour a few weeks ago, but as a general rule of thumb no, never. Greasy burgers and deep fat fried onion rings and fries are totally unhealthy, and I end up feeling like crap for about 2 days afterward indulging. It’s just not even close to worth it. However. There are exceptions, naturally. ;) Three of them, in fact – In-N-Out Burger (monkey style, please,) Five Guys (gimme them Cajun fries,) and Chick-fil-A. Among the three, Chick-fil-A stands out for specializing in succulent, crispy breaded chicken that is always tender, all-white meat, and so dang juicy – plus the seasonings they use are just right. Yummy Lunch Ideas - Yummy Lunch Box Gallery - Easy Lunch Boxes, Bento Lunches.

Recipe: Blue Bayou Monte Cristo Sandwich. Super Bowl Recipe Week: Mini Corn Dog Muffins. The original Mini Corn Dog Muffins!

Super Bowl Recipe Week: Mini Corn Dog Muffins

A fun and unique snack recipe for any special or ordinary occasion! Are you ready for some footballllll food?! :) Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware that the Super Bowl is this weekend. Although a couple of days ago I did make the mistake of asking Ben what day of the week it was being played on. Smacks forehead. Hearty, one-sided chuckles ensued. Lunch Box Idea List. The same scene plays out every weekday morning in kitchens across the country: a tired parent leans forward with one arm holding the refrigerator door open, eyes scanning the shelves for something to pack into a lunch box.

Lunch Box Idea List

What do we have in the house? What do we have that’s healthy? What do we have that he will eat? I’m faced with the same daily questions and after months of starting from scratch — and getting into ruts — I finally decided to write down all the foods my sons like that can be eaten cold or at room temperature. I asked friends and blog readers to send me their suggestions as well and came up with a fairly comprehensive list. Not all kids will eat everything on here of course (my son wouldn’t touch carrot sticks if his life depended on it) but even the pickiest eaters will find some things on this list that they’ll enjoy. Make your life easier on hectic mornings — download a printable version of this list, print it and stick it to your fridge for instant inspiration: Fruits.

Monday's lunch. Homemade Corn Dog Bites. Project Lunch Box: Pack Healthy School Lunches for Us & Our Children. Orlando Restaurant Appetizers. Apple Sandwiches. Nutritional Info: Per Serving:300 calories (150 from fat), 16g total fat, 4.5g saturated fat, 0mg cholesterol, 115mg sodium, 36g carbohydrate (6g dietary fiber, 25g sugar), 8g protein Special Diets: Note: We've provided special diet and nutritional information for educational purposes.

Apple Sandwiches

But remember — we're cooks, not doctors! You should follow the advice of your health-care provider. Yummy Lunch Ideas - Yummy Lunch Box Gallery - Easy Lunch Boxes, Bento Lunches. School Lunch Roundup! I’ve been sharing my kids’ school lunches on facebook quite frequently this year, and in an effort to put all those pictures in one easy-to-reference place they have all been reposted below.

School Lunch Roundup!

Also, I seem to get a lot of comments/questions/etc. when I share these on facebook so I’d like to start off by addressing a few of the more common ones… I’ve written a post that includes everything you could ever want to know about the colorful “freezie pop molds” that I use frequently to add smoothies to their lunches.All of the school lunch supplies we use including the divided lunchbox containers, thermos cups, and freezie pop molds are detailed on my kitchen essentials page. The lunchbox containers fit nicely (with a drink cup) in both Lands End and Old Navy cloth rectangular lunch boxes.Some readers ask if these lunches provide enough food for my children and while I am probably not spot-on with portion size 100% of the time, the short answer is “yes.”