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The Largest Apple Premium Reseller in India. Deciding When To Repair A Car Or Replace It. Your car starts visiting the auto repair centre more often than not.

Deciding When To Repair A Car Or Replace It

It’s breaking down very frequently even though you have probably purchased it only 2 years ago. You’re tired of pumping money into repairing a machine which doesn’t seem to have much left in its tank. Maybe a new car can fix this ordeal. However, considering the expense, maybe just by repairing the jalopy, it will be back to normal? The Importance Of Customer Service In A Garage. Factors To Consider Before Buying A Second-Hand Car. Buying a secondhand car is definitely not an easy decision.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Second-Hand Car

There are several factors which go into buying one which makes it even harder to decide. The market for used cars has vastly increased due to the sturdiness of cars today, Most vehicles on today’s roads are built to last for about 10-15 years and buying a secondhand car is a pretty smart decision, especially if the car provides the few good years of service it still has left in its tank. However, it is still daunting for the buyer since there are certain factors which outweigh costs also ( the price of a car drops as soon as it rolls out of the showroom and secondhand cars are significantly cheaper than their counterparts). How Do Driverless/Autonomous Cars Work. Technology in cars has grown leaps and bounds with now cars becoming fully autonomous.

How Do Driverless/Autonomous Cars Work

What once seemed too good to be true is actually happening. Cars have been semi-autonomous for a good period of time with some cars being able to park themselves or in the case of cruise control. However, being fully autonomous is a whole new ball game on its own. This is a revolutionary technological innovation which is capable of reducing road accidents by a pretty large proportion. A recent study has shown that over 90 per cent of road accidents occur due to human error. Internet of Technology (IOT) Sensors – Sensors of different kinds are available which help to make cars autonomous. Driverless cars rely on extremely complex technology and have to make near perfect decisions as even one mistake could turn fatal. When Should One Opt For Aftermarket Parts Over OEM’s. When an individual takes his vehicle to an authorised dealer, he knows he’s getting Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) car parts.

When Should One Opt For Aftermarket Parts Over OEM’s

However, when an individual takes his car to an independent garage, he may or may not get OEM parts. These other parts which he might get are known as aftermarket parts and vary from OEM’s. Aftermarket parts are essentially economical copies of OEM parts. Many people ask themselves whether they should opt for the more expensive OEM’s or the economical aftermarket parts. Certain Car Troubles People Shouldn’t Fix Themselves. With the mounting auto repair costs, people nowadays prefer to fix certain car parts themselves.

Certain Car Troubles People Shouldn’t Fix Themselves

Though this may save them money initially, it worsens the situation in the long run. Firstly, some car parts are highly complicated and even small errors can be detrimental. Secondly, one wrong move and the cost can surmount. Finally, even the safety aspect of it must be kept in mind as these are machine parts and their repairs can be hazardous if safety measures aren’t followed to the tee. Safety Measures To Keep In Mind While Working In Garages. Working in an automotive garage does have its hazards.

Safety Measures To Keep In Mind While Working In Garages

Garage owners should set up a strict set of safety precautions that are to be followed by every member at all times. These rules are set up in order to protect employees from accidental injuries to themselves, their co-workers, customers, and the vehicles they are repairing. Following are safety measures that every garage must adhere to in order to prevent accidents from happening, Never smoke in or near garages – Garages are generally filled with vehicles which contain flammable or combustible fluids. When these vehicles come in contact with open flames, they easily catch on fire. Always keep the work area clean – Always ensure that the workstation is free from clutter and other unnecessary objects. Protective gear is a must – Repair and restoration work involves a specific set of risks. How Software Is Making It Easier To Run Automobile Garages. Technology is taking over the world rapidly and those who don’t pay attention are losing out in a big way.

How Software Is Making It Easier To Run Automobile Garages

Software’s have made it easier for businesses to improve their services and also provide better quality to their customers. Garage management software are no different. They help garage owners in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s activities. Importance Of Multi-Brand Garages. When a customer runs out of free warranty services, he has one of two choices.

Importance Of Multi-Brand Garages

He can either go to an authorized dealership or a multi-brand garage. While it is common knowledge that authorized dealerships are safe and provide quality service, the perception that multi-brand garages are not of the same quality is untrue. Multi-Brand garages provide excellent quality at affordable prices. Let’s look at some of the features that make them an important part of the growing automotive industry, Affordable pricing – Multi-Brand garages are generally more affordable than authorized dealerships. In conclusion, It is my personal opinion that once the money-saving warranty runs out, a customer should opt for a multi-brand garage.

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