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Auto Re-Order Products extension allows customers to auto reorder products they have previously purchased.

Request a Quote Magento2 Extension. Magento2, without a doubt, is a great platform for online shopping store, enabling customers shop products with ease.

Request a Quote Magento2 Extension

This brings great navigation and many features to make the shopping experience unbeatable. However, what every customer feels is there should be there is an option to bargain while buying online. Keeping this need in mind, we bring to you Request a Quote Extension for Magento2. This helps store owners to enable the customer quotation request in Magento2. The purpose of the extension is to allow online shoppers to purchase products at a price that fits in their budget by bargaining with the store admin. 5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring An App Developer. Stand out from the Crowd with Google's Callout Extension. Using Magento Extensions and Google AdWords for brand promotion is an amazing marketing strategy, but did you know the results can be even better by adding a little more into this?

Stand out from the Crowd with Google's Callout Extension

Let me introduce to you the Google Callout Extension. The callout extension allows the online businesses to place additional text in their search ads in order to advertise their products further. What Are Callout Extensions? They’re not like the other plugins or extensions available by third-parties. The callout extensions are additional 25 character text extensions, offering some extra space to your Google AdWords ads that could potentially lead to a significantly higher click through rate.

The callout extensions highlight specific information about your products and services, and you don’t need to compromise with the website URL space. More click through rate = more quality scores = better ad ranking. Holi Celebrations With Ongobuyo. Prescription Lens Configurator M2 Extension for Better Shopping Experience. Once upon a time, just being bespectacled would make people look intelligent and sophisticated.

But the time has changed now, and for good. More people are using eyewear, thanks to the wide range of variety and styles available. This gave a boost to the online platforms, offering prescription eyewear. Are Free Magento Extensions Really Free? Most open source content management systems like WordPress, Magento and Shopify have the ability to add additional functionalities through the use of plugins or modules.

Are Free Magento Extensions Really Free?

Magento extensions and modules for other CMSs come with great benefits of making the websites easy-to-navigate and make purchases easier for the online shoppers. In many cases they can be free to download, but one needs to consider the hidden costs and implications of using them. Is it compatible to your website? When using the fresh copy of a content management system, you probably won’t encounter many issues, but you’re likely to face problems when you start adding themes and modules.

Before you jump into the conclusion of installing free modules, you need to investigate how well they are written to make sure it’s fully compatible with the server, website template, and other modules that are already installed on your website. You can’t make an assumption that the plugin will start working straight away. It’s not all bad! Great Ways to Market Your Ecommerce Website.

With the Valentine’s Day on its way, come new challenges and new opportunities.

Great Ways to Market Your Ecommerce Website

Millions of people all around the world are going to gift something to their loved ones and buying from the online shopping portals is going to be their first choice, so are you prepared for the season of love? Installing premium Magento extensions to make the experience more comfortable, branding your store for improved visibility and offering exciting offers can be great choice to be the winner of this season. You may be having great products listed on your store, but you might lose the game if your store is not visible to the online buyers.

And the reason is simple – we’re living in a highly competitive world. In order to get on the top, here are some great techniques for marketing your Magento store, all of which are guaranteed to improve your brand identity, drive successful sales, and build an impressive online presence. Keep Branding Consistent Use Search Engine Optimization Use Video Marketing. Magento2’s Checkout Improvements Can Reduce Abandoned Carts. The Magento2 is introduced with a number of improvements in checkout process and changes to its visual appeal and general flow.

Magento2’s Checkout Improvements Can Reduce Abandoned Carts

With multiple Magento2 extensions and themes, handling eCommerce platform is a better experience now. What’s more, a total overhaul mean it is now driven with KnockoutJS and Javascript. It’s no secret that streamlining the checkout process is one of the most effective ways to reduce abandoned cart rate and increase conversion. How To Create A Perfect Mobile App For Ecommerce. Mobile is the newest address for the leading online shopping stores and there is obvious reason for that-more people are shopping on their mobiles using online shopping apps.

How To Create A Perfect Mobile App For Ecommerce

Earlier, it was considered that while more people were using their compact devices to browse internet, they were more likely to make a purchase on the bigger screens, like laptops. However, the time is changing and people today not only more are using their phones to browse, but more people are buying on their smartphones, too. According to research on smartphone users, people spend an average of 12 hours a day on phone. The time may be further divided into internet browsing, gaming, communication, texting, shopping etc. In short, mobile is trending. Now, the question is are you making an eCommerce mobile app that is hooking your consumers onto it? Smartphone are not desktops In the past few years, people have shifted from desktops to mobile devices for a reason. Magento® e-commerce store within 7 days! - All Services. Prescription Lens Configurator M2 Extension for Better Shopping Experience. How to Improve Conversion Rate of a Magento Based Web-Store?: app_maker.

If you run an online store, increasing the conversion rate is your main and only aim.

How to Improve Conversion Rate of a Magento Based Web-Store?: app_maker

From live chat to mobile app development and responsive design to Search Engine Optimization, everything plays an equal role in the business growth and conversion rate. While starting an eCommerce shop is easy, engaging customers and earning money from it doesn’t seem so. Import Multiple Products Images Using CSV Magento Extension. Quick Search By Brands Magento2 Extensions. Details What do most shoppers consider about the product?

Quick Search By Brands Magento2 Extensions

In regard to the similar behaviour, Magento has designed Shop by Brand Extension that allows customers to showcase page listing of all brands in an alphabetic manner. Such arrangement helps customer quickly find the brand and product they are looking for, saving a lot of time. In addition, it helps you find out the bestselling brand and keeps you updated regarding the market place. Thus, it is worth considering, isn’t it? 1. The module creates a new alphabetical search, below the navigation bar which in turn is placed on the top of the website.

Import/Export Product Reviews Magento 2.0 Extension. Add Multiple products to cart Magento 2.0 Extension. Add Multiple Products to Cart is for adding multiple products to the shopping cart.

Add Multiple products to cart Magento 2.0 Extension

If customers are willing to buy multiple products, the extension allows them to do it rightaway. Plus, they can view product list and insert quantities for each product. The extension is easy to install and provides plenty of options to the admin. Details It allows customers to: Add multiple products on a single click at any product listing page.Add products at home page.Add products in CMS block or page where product listing is listed through product widget.

The extension provides customers an amazing shopping experience. Event Booking Magento Extension. Best Magento Extensions for E-commerce Store. Magento Multilingual Extension for stores email templates. Multilingual Email Templates Magento Extensions. Magento Ecommerce Mobile App OnGoBuyo. Even if you just have a few products, you won’t like the idea to create all over again for your shopping apps, right?

Magento Ecommerce Mobile App OnGoBuyo

Just install ONGOBUYO connector and all product details, shipping rates, languages, currencies will display in your apps. The changes you make to your website are instantly updated on your shopping app. ONGOBUYO will help you save tons of time and effort. And please note that because you don’t need to upload or connect your data to ONGOBUYO, it’s completely SECURE for you compared to other solutions. ONGOBUYO works with basic Magento® features. ONGOBUYO turns your mobile visitors into more sales. How It Works? ONGOBUYO turns your mobile visitors into more sales.

Reward Points Magento Extensions. Do you fancy rewards on every penny you spend on shopping? Well, your customers love it too. As online shopping is getting popular and is soon to become a primary source of shopping, reward points programs have entered the online marketing domain offering incentives for shopping. A win-win solution for both More and more online retailers these days are offering rewards under loyalty programs and are increasing their revenue through subsequent sales.

The customers are more than happy to get something back, often at no extra cost and benefits like additional discounts and bonuses. How reward points work Reward points work as store currency. Advance Bluedart Shipping Connector - Magento Connect. Woocomerce Tabbed Popular Post & Products. We all love shortcuts! Having access to information at a click or glance has always been a preference of a website visitor.

Even as a Woocommerce website owner you want to showcase crucial information right in front so that it’s not unnoticed. In such a scenario, all you need is a tab widget to showcase different information across different tabs on your website. Understanding the demand for such a plugin, SoftProdigy has developed a glitch free and cleanly coded tab plugin. With years of expertise in the WordPress domain, Softrodigy has ensured that the tab widget helps you create at least 3 different tabs: Recent Popular. Import Multiple Products Images Using CSV - Magento Connect. Daily Deal / Multiple Deal - Magento Connect.

Magento® E-Commerce Customized Package. Magento® offers an unmatched flexibility for the store owners in a feature rich professional way. Every Magento® extension has a specific feature. But what if you require multiple features but at lower rates. Well, SoftProdigy understood the customer needs and thereby introduced combined extension packages for the same. To resolve this need, SoftProdigy brings to you combination Magento® extension packages. This package includes Geographical Sales Report extension which caters the need to information regarding sales from the stores and distinct areas around the world. Features: Geographical Sales Report- The extension shows product sales data from different areas of world. Build Your Own Magento Shopping App.

WooCommerce Pricing and Discount Plugin. Request a Quote Magento Extensions. Abandoned Cart with Template Customization - Magento® Extensions. Auto Re-Order Products.