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automotive industry in pakistan

automoteve industry is of the leading automotive company in pakistan

5 Things To Remember While Buying Auto Parts – Automoteve Blog. Buying auto parts isn’t as big of a purchase as buying an entire vehicle.

5 Things To Remember While Buying Auto Parts – Automoteve Blog

However, the process can still be pretty daunting. If you make a decision without sufficient knowledge, you can be at a huge loss in terms of time, money, and effort. Following are the 6 things you should always remember before buying auto parts: 1. Search about your seller. Coronavirus: What To Expect From The Automotive Industry? Coronavirus!!

Coronavirus: What To Expect From The Automotive Industry?

It has fear attached to its name, right? That’s because it spread like wildfire after its outbreak in Wuhan, China. Now its neighbour countries like Iran and Pakistan are also affected. Not only those, but even Europe faces cases of the Covid-19, the disease caused by the said virus. More than 85,000 cases have been reported globally. Though only humans can become ill by coronavirus, everything has fallen victim to it. 5 Reasons Of A Hard To Shift Manual Transmission. Manual transmission is still commonly used.

5 Reasons Of A Hard To Shift Manual Transmission

You have to change gears manually in such a transmission. Sometimes, the gears get hard and it is close to impossible for you to change the gears. 5 Reasons Behind Your Motorcycle’s Dead Battery. Keeping motorcycle batteries running in a good condition can be tricky.

5 Reasons Behind Your Motorcycle’s Dead Battery

You just need to know what’s wrong with the battery and how to fix it. Regular maintenance and proper care of a motorcycle battery goes a long way. However, you can’t solve a problem if you don’t know the cause. Let’s take a look at 5 of the main reasons for why your motorcycle battery might be dead. Importance Of A Clean Windshield. Do you want your vehicle to look clean?

Importance Of A Clean Windshield

You need to take care of the windshield too. Its cleanliness is very important for a vehicle’s appearance. A cracked or dirty windshield is a major safety hazard as well. Porsche’s Journey: From A Garage To A Huge Production Plant -Porsche cars. The Porsche brand is known for innovations, luxury, and high-performing vehicles.

Porsche’s Journey: From A Garage To A Huge Production Plant -Porsche cars

Sports cars with strong engine performances are produced by this German brand. Bike Prices Increased By Pak Suzuki. This year was unenviable for all businesses.

Bike Prices Increased By Pak Suzuki

Same was the case with the auto industry. Not only did car manufacturers faced loss in sales, but they were also forced to increase the prices of their models multiple times. Such decisions had to be taken due to the COVID-19 effect and the high dollar rate. The price hikes didn’t make the consumer community happy. However, that was expected. ALSO READ: Hike in Motorcycle Prices by Pak Suzuki (July 2020) Pak Suzuki issued a notice that notified the price of four models would be increased by PKR 3,000 w.e.f 1st November 2020.

The new prices are mentioned below. These prices are inclusive of ex-factory and freight charges. Recent losses Pak Suzuki suffered. Home - automobile industry news,latest automotive news. 3-Second Rule For Safe Following Distance - Automoteve Blog. Timing is everything and when you are on the highway, every second counts.

3-Second Rule For Safe Following Distance - Automoteve Blog

Rear-end collisions between vehicles are reported to be one of the most common accidents on the road. This normally happens when drivers do not get enough time to perceive slowing or stopped traffic. The safest way to avoid this is to maintain a safe distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you. 5 Warning Signs Your Car Needs New Tyres - Automoteve Blog. Tyres are a critical part of a vehicle.

5 Warning Signs Your Car Needs New Tyres - Automoteve Blog

These are often neglected in maintenance. However, it is crucial to take care of your car tyres. It will save you from many accidents. Let’s take a look at 5 of the clear warning signs that indicate the need for tyre replacement. All-Electric Buses in Pakistan - Automoteve Blog. Amid all the setbacks the world is facing in the current time, there are some rays of hope.

All-Electric Buses in Pakistan - Automoteve Blog

Pakistan’s Minister of Science and Technology made an announcement about the electric buses. His tweet said that the this was a step towards the fulfillment of another promise. He also mentioned about the strategic alliance between Daewoo and SkyWell to bring electric buses to Pakistan. He announced that from this year, there will be electric buses in Pakistan and in three years, Pakistan will be completely manufacturing the electric buses. First Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Islamabad, Pakistan - Automoteve Blog.

Do you live in Pakistan and have an electric vehicle? There is good news for you. The first charging station has been installed at the Pakistan State Oil (PSO) station in F-7, Islamabad. The Ministry of Science and Technology announced this progressive development recently. The tweet by the said ministry stated, “Yet another target of transferring motor vehicles to electric power set by Federal Minister Science & Technology @fawadchaudhry has been achieved. The first ever electric vehicle charging unit has been installed in Islamabad. The spokesperson of the Ministry of Science and Technology was delighted to term this advancement as a “welcoming move” for Pakistan as it is soon going to watch more electric vehicles on the roads.

This policy has been approved by the Prime Minister, Imran Khan. 8 Things to Do if Your Car Brakes Fail While Driving - Automoteve Blog. Brakes failing while you are driving your car is nothing less than a nightmare. The moment you realize that your car is unstoppable, you panic and worry for your life. However, if such a situation is handled properly, then a lot of damage can be prevented. Let’s take a look at 8 things you should do as soon as your car brakes go out.

5 Things to Do if Your Car Tyre Bursts - Automoteve Blog. Kia Cerato is All Set to Launch in Pakistan by the end of 2020 - Rumour has it! 5 used cars under 5 lacs in Pakistan - used cars in pakistan. Due to the current deterioration in the economic situation of Pakistan, all the industries are facing challenges including the automobile industry. The trend is changing, and people are becoming more inclined towards buying used cars as that is an efficient way of getting your hands on a vehicle without breaking your bank. Choosing a car under a minimal budget isn’t a walk in the park. It requires compromising on the latest technology and settling for old yet high-performing cars. We have made a list for 5 cars that you can consider for buying, just under 5 lac rupees. Four Rings: The Story of Audi - audi latest models-audi success story. Machinery Replacement Parts & Used Equipment. Home - Automoteve Blog - Automotive Industry in Pakistan. How to Clean Your Car’s Engine? - car engine cleaning yourself.

5 Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Heavy Machinery -