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Auto Boss Vaughan

Auto Boss Vaughan is a leading window tinting and auto detailing provider in Vaughan and Toronto. Call Auto Boss Vaughan to eliminate swirl marks, scratches and acid rain etching. Auto Boss Vaughan offers headlight restoration, paint protection film, ceramic coating and collision repair too.

Car Paint Protection Film - 2021 Guide. Car paint protection film is a transparent layer of paint that is made from URETHANE – which is a versatile polymer.

Car Paint Protection Film - 2021 Guide

Paint protection film (PPF) is applied over the painted areas of a new or used vehicle to shield the paint from road dirt and debris including bug splatters, minor abrasions, and flying stone chips. Hiring AutoBOSS can make your job easy. While the major function clear bra is used for is protection from scratches, the product is even more versatile than it appears to be. What is Paint Protection Film? Installation and Benefits - 2020 Guide - Car Reviews & Rumors 2019/2020.

Paint protection film is a self-healing film that is applied to painted surfaces to add a protective layer.

What is Paint Protection Film? Installation and Benefits - 2020 Guide - Car Reviews & Rumors 2019/2020

This layer is designed to protect the paint from bug splatter, scratches, and stone chips. When used in cars, this is installed on high impact areas of the vehicle. The film can also be used on airplanes, motorcycles, cell phones, and many other electronics. With the advancement in today’s technology, you will now find paint protection film is made from high-quality Thermos plastic urethane.

The coat is available in not only several different colors but also in multiple thicknesses. What are the Benefits of PPF? Img source: According to professionals from, there are several benefits of paint protection film that make it such a popular product used on motor vehicle bodies. How to Guide to Commercial Window Tinting. Commercial window tinting is now more popular than ever.

How to Guide to Commercial Window Tinting

However, it can be overwhelming to narrow down the numerous available services. Luckily, this handy how-to guide will help simplify the process. Various commercial window tinting companies are available in most major North American cities, in a wide range of price points. Information to Know About Car Detailing. Cars have become an essential part of modern-day life.

Information to Know About Car Detailing

In fact, the point has been reached where more people are choosing to keep and maintain their cars than has been previously recorded. Whether driven in urban or rural locations, many vehicles are exposed to damaging elements on a daily basis. Thus, it is not surprising that the amount of people who desire to have their cars professionally cleaned have been steadily increasing over time. A How-To Guide to Ceramic Car Coating. Car Tinting Extra Protection From Heat & UV Rays. With climate change and soaring global temperatures making the news more frequently than ever, finding new ways to keep cool at home, in the office or in a vehicle is becoming more of a priority for people.

Car Tinting Extra Protection From Heat & UV Rays

Car tinting is a subtle way of keeping vehicles cool by blocking out a considerable amount of sunlight streaming in through the windows, while also offering passengers extra privacy and making the car look quite stylish too. But car tinting has its various rules, guidelines and laws all around the world, as attractive a proposition for criminals through its potential for hiding various activities. While it is important to bear these in mind, it is also useful to look at the various other benefits that blocking excess sunlight from windows can provide to people.

The Dangers Of Hot Cars As well as being extremely uncomfortable, hot cars can be seriously dangerous for occupants – and in many cases have been fatal. Car Detailing Companies: Efficient and Affordable. With the approaching holiday season, purchasing a car detailing for your loved one is the perfect gift.

Car Detailing Companies: Efficient and Affordable

Many companies are now offering gift cards as well. Do not hesitate to give them a call. Difference between Car Washing and Car Detailing Unlike car washing, which only cleans the exterior of the vehicle, car detailing involves a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning. How Does Office Window Tinting Assist and Enhance Businesses and the Employees? Everyday, individuals passing businesses and even employees within a business see windows that are tinted.

How Does Office Window Tinting Assist and Enhance Businesses and the Employees?

These individuals and employees may wonder “why” this is done, but there are many good reasons for office window tinting. The tinting occurs mostly on higher, larger businesses, but the reasoning for the tinting still applies no matter how large or small a business is. The many reasons for office window tinting include:

Transforming Your Vehicle: Car Window Tinting Options - Gauge Magazine. Modifying one’s vehicle is a popular way to express one’s individuality.

Transforming Your Vehicle: Car Window Tinting Options - Gauge Magazine

Although car window tinting is often done for aesthetic purposes, there are also multiple practical reasons for transforming your vehicle. Car window tinting can be used to protect the colour of your interior, safeguard your belongings, prevent damage, and ensure that your skin is protected from harmful UV rays. Car window tinting began in the late 1940’s, with the rise of the automotive industry. Increasing numbers of drivers meant that more and more people began to be concerned about the harmful effects of the sun on vehicles, such as heat and glare. The industry went through several innovations, culminating in the 1970s energy crisis, which prompted designers to create innovations in heat reflective technology.

By the 1990s, a second generation of window film was developed, which reflected the sun’s harmful UV rays and absorbed heat. Car Detailing Trends Every Car Owner Ought To Know - auto. The car detailing industry has undergone rapid changes in the past few years.

Car Detailing Trends Every Car Owner Ought To Know - auto

The trends, both in terms of technology and customer preferences, have shaped the way car wash business provide services to clients. Beginner’s Guide to Car Interior Detailing - If you are like any ordinary car owner, car detailing and car washing are nothing more than synonyms.

Beginner’s Guide to Car Interior Detailing -

As long as you wash your priced possession daily or a few times a week, you are good to go. However, car detailing is much more than washing. It is a thorough work of art that cleans, protects and brings the shine in your car. 5 Insane Car Detailing Hacks you’d Wish You Knew - As a car owner, you want your car to look clean and well-polished all the time. It needs to be pleasant to the eye—both externally and internally. Though car detailing is often a job for the professionals, it can also be DIY if you master the tricks. DIY car detailing doesn’t have to be expensive. It also doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t have to use standard auto cleaners or polishing solutions as those used in auto shops either.

Toothpaste for the Headlights. Car Detailing Secrets for Improved Performance. Taking care of your car is not vanity. It’s a smart move that will improve the performance of your car. However, it doesn’t come easy. Caring For Your Car’s Paint Job – Monotukuru – Go on to touch the way. To protect the paint on your new vehicle, it’s important to invest some effort and time to clean your car regularly.

There are a variety of polishes and waxes available, and some car product manufacturers claim that their products have long-lasting results for paint jobs, but you’ll still have a reapply every three months to keep your vehicle looking like new. If you’ve recently bought a new vehicle with a shiny coat of paint, don’t use too many detailing products, since these products can reduce the luster and shine of the paint job and possibly damage the paint.

Taking Care of Your Car’s Interior – We're driving – When you know your car looks its best on the inside and outside, you feel an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. While you may feel that your car is “clean” after you’ve washed and waxed the interior, you’ll feel much more comfortable in your vehicle when the interior is cleaned and vacuumed. Caring for your vehicle’s interior can also prevent premature wear and tear. If you have leather seats, you can keep the interior from becoming worn and cracked and prevent the seat accents from getting matted and dirty by spending some time every few months caring for the leather. This material has become the top option for most vehicle owners so if you don’t clean and condition it well, it could change the look of the leather. Leather is pretty stain-resistant, which makes it a favorite among vehicle owners and can even withstand daily wear.

Keep your leather clean by vacuuming out all loose debris. While they are rare, there are some vehicles with cloth interiors. Window Care Tips for Car Detailing – Auto Insurance Rate Majestic – Always There for You. When you’re detailing your vehicle and want to keep it looking its best, you’ll need to know how to care for the windows.

Not only will this improve the overall exterior condition of your car, but the windows also need to be clean and clear so you can see properly while driving. These helpful tips for keeping your windows intact will ensure that you’re satisfied with the way your car or truck looks. Remember that your windows need to be cleaned regularly and more than dirt and bugs will stick to your windows, especially if you’ve been driving your car for some time. Hard water spots often settle on vehicle windows and tree sap can stick to the glass as well. Even when your windows look clean, you may still notice that there are sparkling glints on the windshield. It’s also very important to clean the wiper blades thoroughly as well.

Detailing Your Car Tires – help you buy the right car at the right price. If you let brake dust settle on your wheels for long periods, the dust can eat on the coating of your tires and cause pits to form in the metal. Brake dust is composed of carbon fibers and adhesive that comes from the brake pad and small metal shavings that come from the rotor. The friction and heat that comes from the wheels makes the mixture corrosive and can ruin your tires. Since you likely drive every day, you’re constantly creating more brake dust. Getting the Most Out of Car Detailing - How to Detail Your Car to Make It Look Like New – Auto New. What To Look For When You Need a Car Detailing Service - Tips for Detailing Your Car – Andreas Autos. Benefits of Window Tinting. If you’re thinking about getting your windows tinted, you’ll experience several advantages of this service once your windows have been covered with the tint of your choice.

Moodle. What You Should Know About Car Detailing. Essential Car Detailing Tips. How Window Tinting Improves The Look Of Your Car. There are several reasons why you may want to tint the windows of your car, truck or SUV; you can even tint the windows of your commercial vehicle in some cases. Whether you like the look of tinted windows, want to get extra protection from the sun and you’re looking to save energy and maintain the privacy of your vehicle, you can count on the experienced team at Auto Boss Vaughn to give you the tint you want. Getting The Most Out of Car Detailing – S4 Sports Car. Stylish Car Window Tinting Trends You Shouldn't Miss in 2019. Car window tinting has come a long way from its mere aesthetic purposes. Furthermore, it’s clear that current car tints are much better than those of the past.

Why Many Car Owners Are Shifting to UV Car Window Tinting – Mass Auto Mation. For long, people have always considered car window tinting as a makeover to add aesthetic looks to their cars. Nonetheless, car owners are increasingly becoming aware of the noteworthy benefits that UV car window tinting offers. Consequently, the surge in demand for these applications has also led to governments stipulating specific rules to regulate the percentage and type of tint that car owners can acquire for their vehicles.

How Auto Detailing Can Improve the Worth and Pride of Ownership – Krt Motor Care. Car Window Tinting Options for Heat Reduction – Gioia Auto Body. Introduction to the Most Common Levels of Car Window Tinting - Auto Pilot Sender. 5 Critical Things To Be Aware Of Before Opting For Car Window Tinting.