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Are you hiring a right BCM expert? - Ascent AutoBCM. As a Business Continuity Management (BCM) decision maker of an organisation, you may undeniably agree with the argument of having a strategic Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for every organisation, irrespective of its size and budget. However, hiring a full-time BCM expert amidst high remunerations and limited scope of work, is obviously not budget-friendly, specifically for a small size firm. But why so? If one goes by several case studies and testimonials of small and giant firms, it is not just enough to have a BCM strategy, but a right Subject Matter Expert for a specific crisis. Here, akin to SMEs of varied sectors, even BCM has diversified arenas to be looked upon. While your Business Impact Analyst may very well understand and forecast the alarming issues, it is not possible for a single expert to handle ITDR, BCP, Crisis Management, Change Management and Quality Assurance with all diligence.

Consultancy for leveraging BCM Operations Ascent Technology Consulting. Business Continuity Management for Utility Sector - Ascent. After every natural disaster, people are deprived of basic amenities like water, food and power. On the other side of the coin, the utility industry is always at the receiving end to succumb to any type of disaster, be it man-made or natural. In this scenario, this sector needs a comprehensive business continuity management strategy to serve the people even during a crisis. The services delivered by these utility companies are critical to the economic and social well-being of a society. Thus, continuity of utility sectors like Power Distribution is a critical issue to be considered by senior management and concerned authorities.

Business Continuity Management strategy helps you prepare for the worst. Risk Management Vs Business Continuity Management Business continuity is an integral part of risk management. Many a times, BCM is mistaken for a Disaster recovery plan, which is confined mostly to technology and data protection. At this juncture, any power firm is expected to perform. Ascent Auto BCM Consultants - bcm property consultants. Ascent AutoBCM© acquired some of the industry experienced BCM consultants in its resource pool and help organisations to meet their consultant needs for business continuity.

Our consultant team has extensive experience in BCM projects and has executed several consulting engagements worldwide. In addition, they have relevant experience of working in Middle East and Africa as a whole. All Ascent consultants are former bankers with an average of more than twenty five years of experience in senior positions, both within the region and outside in different disciplines, such as Risk, Audit, Compliance, Treasury, Operations and Technology. Our consultants deliver all the BCM services on time and within your budgets.

In addition, our consultants are ready to be deployed anywhere in the required zones. Some of our expertise in each BCM area include: Business Continuity ManagementBusiness Continuity PlanningBusiness Impact AnalysisIT Disaster RecoveryQuality Assurance in BCM. Ascent AML Software for Banks , Exchange Houses, AML for Banks in UAE. Anti-Money Laundering Regulations in UAE UAE Government has implemented an effective Anti-Money Laundering System to protect its financial sector from potential Money Laundering offenses. The Central Bank of the UAE has been among the first regulators in the region to address Anti-Money Laundering issues. Combating money laundering is a major issue for any business operating in the UAE, and in an increasingly regulatory climate, it can often be a challenge for many companies to maintain a balance between complying with legal and regulatory requirements and that of providing the best service to their clients.

In conducting their business, companies must consider not only the risk of regulatory sanction and large fines, but also the potentially significant reputational damage to their businesses, if they fall foul of recent money laundering rules and regulations. Anti-Money Laundering Policy The central theme of any Anti-Money Laundering Policy is focused as “Know Your Customer”. Business Continuity Management Programme for Airport Emergencies. An airport emergency can be on any occasion or instance which can be natural or man-made and warrants action to save lives and protects property and public health.

It is essential to prepare for emergencies that face an airport in order to be able to respond quickly, efficiently and effectively . While every contingency cannot be anticipated and prepared for, a strong emergency preparedness program can assist in limiting the negative impact of these events, including liability and other post-emergency issues. While many airports have emergency plans in place, additional information is required to develop managerial, operational, and business continuity plans to assist the airport operations in planning. consistently and effectively for continuity during major disruptions. The operational resilience and continuity of all major international airports would seem to be in the national interest not just from an economic, practical, security, but also from national identity perspective.

Crisis Management Consultants | Business Crisis Management – Auto BCM. BCM Continuity Management Services and BCM Trainings- Auto BCM. Every Business needs a Business Continuity Plan. Get your plan right now! Ascent Business Continuity Management provides various services with world class solutions. While AutoBCM© software offers industry best features with standard modules, Ascent BCM services are known for its strategies. Some of the BCM services include: BCM Training: Our expert team would help banks and financial institutes to get their internal staff trained in BCM and BCP. Auto BCM Consulting for Business Continuity with ISO 22301. Auto BCM Consulting for Business Continuity with ISO 22301.