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Benefits of Yoga Therapy For Children With Autism. Children with autism face difficulty with normal development of their communication, socially interactive and motor skills mainly. There are several types of methods and techniques used to develop these skills. However, Yoga has become one of the most popular ones today. Yoga is an ancient Indian method for developing and maintaining a good physical and psychological state. Apart from keeping a healthy body Yoga also helps to improve the mental abilities of the practitioner. In 1978, the World Health Organization (WHO) recognized Yoga therapy as a wonderful approach to support the treatment of various medical and psychological conditions.Yoga therapy is extensively used to improve the basic skills in children affected by ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Advantages of Yoga Therapy These are the main benefits that Yoga Therapy offers to users, especially the small children who struggle with the effects of ASD: Better motor skills Better social skills Better sensory system Better self-awareness.

The Four Early Symptoms of Autism in Infants. Autism is a disorder that affects the development of the brain and causes problems with communication and social interaction and also the general behavior of the kid. The symptoms of autism can be seen in infants from as early as six months but in many cases a proper diagnosis happens once the kid reaches the age of 3. Though it can get hard to recognize the early sign of autism, parents need to focus on early identification as it helps to implement any interventions. Parents who suspect that their babies have autism can also seek help from autism organizations like Autism Connect and experts so that they are observed further. It is important to know the early symptoms and about what causes autism and seek needed help as time plays an important role in the success of the treatments.

Mentioned below are the 4 signs of autism in infants that parents need to be aware of. Unusual Interaction: This can be termed as the most common signs of autism in kids. Repeated Behavior: Lack of Interest: Cause of Autism - Autism Connect. Parents of children with autism usually have a few unanswered questions like “how did my child develop autism? My child was hale and healthy and had even started to speak a few words. Then, what happened suddenly?” So, is autism acquired?

Could it have been prevented? Is it genetic? In autism, though the brain structure looks normal, there are functional abnormalities in specific brain regions like mesial temporal lobe (inner most part of the brain responsible for learning, understanding,memory, social interaction and abstract thinking), frontal lobe (the front part of the brain responsible for emotions and aggression), and cerebellum (responsible for balance,coordination, muscle tone and speech).

Research has also help us know that just as there is no one type of autism in the same way there is no one cause of autism. Below mentioned are a few possible causes of autism: Genetics - Is autism heritable? Prenatal environment: Environmental agents: Perinatal environment: Postnatal environment: