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How to Illustrate Children’s Books. Types of eBook Formats at AuthorHouse | AuthorH... AuthorHouse presents a Brief Introduction to RP... AuthorHouse presents “How to Promote Your Book” Tips on How to Illustrate Children’s Book... 5 Top Tips in Children's Illustration for Autho... Types of eBook Formats at AuthorHouse. An eBook is different from a hardcover or paperback. This is an electronic version of a book that can be downloaded to many devices (desktop computers, laptops, or even mobile phones.)

The AuthorHouse self-publishing company offers several popular e-book formats: .epub Format is a popular choice for a wide ranges of devices. This is based on XHTML and XML, which are compatible with the Sony Reader, Barnes and Noble Nook, Kobo, Iphone/Ipod Touch/iPad, and even the Google Play Format is an open e-book standard that uses XHTML, JavaScript and frames. This is suitable for Kindle e-readers from Amazon..pdf Format stands for “Portable Document Format.” Like this: Like Loading... Tagged with: Amazon Kindle, AuthorHouse, e-book, eBook, EPUB, JavaScript, Sony Reader, XHTML Posted in Marketing TIps, Packages, Services, Tips and Tricks, Types of eBook Formats.

Self-Publishing a Photo Book. The holiday season is nothing if not visual. Decorations, family celebrations, snowy scenes… Christmas might be the most photographed holiday of the year. You can post your pictures online and enjoy immediate feedback, but there’s something about seeing your photos in a permanent, tangible collection. Today, AuthorHouse presents tips for seeing your pictures in a book instead of on a laptop screen. Seek objective opinions about your work. Post samples online and read the comments–some of them might sting a little, but is the criticism valid? Try postcards. Postcards are a great way of gauging interest in your work.Show only your best work.

AuthorHouse looks forward to helping you get your book (and your photographs) on the bookshelves soon! Like this: Like Loading... How to Write a Celebrity Memoir by Blake Sebring. Top Tips and Resources for New and Published Authors. The AuthorHouse book publishing company realizes that a writer’s job isn’t done when that final sentence is typed. An important step is completed, sure, but there are a few other crucial steps before your book can end up in your readers’ hands. And AuthorHouse is determined to help you through the publishing process, from beginning to end. We provide you with an array of resources and tips to make it as smooth as possible, no matter what stage you’re currently on.

Writing: AuthorHouse will help you come up with ideas, improve your writing technique, overcome writer’s block—our content selection is already broad, and we’re adding to it all the time. Editing: Whether you self-edit or decide on one of AuthorHouse’s packages that includes editing services, our proofreading and revision tips will have your manuscript looking as polished as possible when it leaves your hands. Marketing: Do you know how to market your book? Take the next step! For the original article, click here Like this: How to Target Readers for Your Book. Five Tips for Self-Publishing a Cookbook.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and many of our readers have some serious kitchen-time ahead of them. With that in mind, AuthorHouse presents some tips for self-publishing cookbooks! Pick a unique angle. What niche would you like to focus on? Whether it’s a particular culture, ingredient, or diet plan, try to find a focus that will make your book stand out.Provide background. AuthorHouse hopes you’ve enjoyed this, and wishes you and your families a great Thanksgiving! Like this: Like Loading... Tagged with: AuthorHouse, Books, Cook, Cookbook, Food and Drink, Holidays, Self-publishing, Thanksgiving Posted in Marketing TIps, Tips and Tricks, Tips for Self-Publishing Author, Writing TIps. AuthorHouse Biography and Autobiography | Blood. Top Tips for Planning a Book Series from AuthorHouse. How to Write and Publish a Poetry Book with Aut... AuthorHouse author John Oharenko and "Com. Publica tu libro hoy.