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AuthorHouse Writer Bryan Crawford, Awarded Three Stars By Foreword Clarion Reviews. AuthorHouse's award-winning writer Rima Jbara t... AuthorHouse Book Reviews | Letters My Grandfather Wrote Me. AuthorHouse published author, Bryan Crawford, spent forty-five years collating, researching and gathering information to bring us a “heart-warming” profile of his family that highlights his “fine writing skills.” Clarion’s Robin Farrell Edmunds awarded Letters My Grandfather Wrote Me a three star Clarion rating. AuthorHouse’s reviewers rate this fascinating chronicle with a strong four stars.

Foreword Clarion Official Review by Robin Farrell Edmunds “Histories can help achieve a sense of identity when we know the background from which we come,” states Bryan Crawford, who became interested in his own family history in 1964 while he was working on a school assignment at the age of eleven. He was further intrigued when his grandfather presented him with photos of his great-great-grandparents, from the 1870s. A native of New Zealand, Crawford intertwines stories about his ancestors with the history of the times, a strategy that enhances and fleshes out the text. Jane Beck’s Publishing Experience.

There are many things to consider when you decided to publish a book, not the least of which is whether to self-publishing or pursue a traditional publishing deal. In Jane Beck’s case, the former beat the latter to the punch; one letter and phone call later, she had a contract for To Venice with Love with the AuthorHouse Book Publishing Company. AuthorHouse Author Jane Beck says Venice “has to be the most romantic city in Europe.” For Jane, the entire process (editing, design and printing) only took about six months—much faster than traditional publishing. Jane believes that AuthorHouse’s commitment to social networks, as well as its frequent contact with authors, keeps them “a step ahead of the game.” To Venice with Love is available as an e-book from both the AuthorHouse bookstore and

For the original article, click here. Like this: Like Loading... AuthorHouse Testimonial from Patrick G. Cox. Who’s in the mood for an adventure? Well, author Patrick G. Cox has adventures to share with his readers. Patrick has published two books with the AuthorHouse Book Publishing Company: Out of Time, available in e-book and softcover formats, and Their Lordships Request (A Harry Heron Adventure), available in softcover. While Patrick’s characters are fictional, in some cases they were modeled on his family and friends, both living and deceased. One of Patrick’s heroes, for example, is named after his grandfather, who was only fifteen when he ran away to fight in the trenches of World War I. Read Patrick G. “Having now self-published four books, I have found the best aspect of this process is the control I have over the final content, layout and presentation.

For the original article, click here. Like this: Like Loading... Tagged with: adventure book, Author, AuthorHouse, AuthorHouse Testimonial, authorhouse testimonials, book, how to control your own publishing plans, Patrick G. Q And A with AuthorHouse Author Arsi Mckhoi. AuthorHouse Author’s Digest welcomes Arsi Mckhoi as we feature his debut guest article today. The AuthorHouse author is a co-writer for the YouTube series Enter the Dojo and is an award-winning screenwriter, receiving a Reader’s Digest Award for the romantic comedy 3 rooms, 13 walls. Today we talk to Mckhoi about his recently published book, The Chronicles of Valdez. Q&A with AuthorHouse Author Arsi Mckhoi AuthorHouse Author’s Digest: What was the inspiration behind The Chronicles of Valdez? Arsi Mckhoi: I’d like to say a collection of life experiences, but honestly; science, God (of all Faiths) and video games.

AAD: Can you summarize your book in three sentences or less? AM: X-Men versus The Book of Revelations. AAD: What is The Chronicles of Valdez’s overall theme? AAD: Where does The Chronicles of Valdez take place? AAD: Who are the main characters in The Chronicles of Valdez and how are they important to the story? Whether she wants to be or not. In one form or another. Like this: AuthorHouse Reviews | Red Dobbs. Author's Digest | Introducing Rima Jbara. AuthorHouse Author, Rima Jbara, is a Visionary Amongst Middle Eastern Writers We are extremely happy to introduce Rima Jbara as the AuthorHouse Author’s Digest’s second guest blogger. Rima was recently named a regional inspiration for writing in the Middle East and as a Visionary at the 2011 Emirates Woman of the Year Awards.

She became the Middle East’s youngest published author in the English language at the age of just fourteen and has written fifteen works of fiction to date, three of which are published through AuthorHouse. Rima has kindly agreed to share her wealth of writing experience and her thoughts about being a self-published author with her fellow AuthorHouse authors. We will post a series of guest blogs over the coming days, wherein Rima will talk about various topics on the subject. Please share your thoughts with us all by posting a comment. Thoughts From AuthorHouse Published Author by Rima Jbara Rima Jbara’s AuthorHouse Bibliography: • Hope • Kahraman • Muddy Minutes. Author's Digest | Book Design & Proofreading. AuthorHouse’s Most-Published Author, Bruce Kimmel Bruce Kimmel is AuthorHouse’s “Most-Published Author,” with twelve books published since 2002.

We are extremely grateful he has agreed to share his knowledge and experience with us as the AuthorHouse Author’s Digest’s very first guest blogger. Bruce Kimmel is a multi-talented, award-winning actor, screenwriter, playwright, music producer, singer and author of twelve books (and counting) and has been described as “the foremost album producer of theatre music in the last twenty-five years,” by Charles Edward Pogue, screenwriter of Dragonheart, DOA, & The Fly. In this, the third in his series of blog posts about his self-publishing experiences and his decade as an AuthorHouse author, he talks about how he perfected the process of producing a polished manuscript.

Book Design, Book Editing and Proofreading By Bruce Kimmel Please join the conversation by posting your comments and thoughts about self-publishing. The Benjamin Kritzer Trilogy Memoirs. AuthorHouse November Bookstore Featured Author, Giancarlo Gabbrielli. Multi-published AuthorHouse author Giancarlo Gabbrielli is an Italian who has lived in Canada for many years. He is a highly regarded socio-political commentator and has had articles on the subject published in numerous newspapers and has contributed extensively to the Leonardo Da Vinci Association In his AuthorHouse video interview Gabbrielli talks about the first in his series of books about an Italian family called the Lanzis.

The first book in the series, The Lanzis I, is set during the period from the end of the World War I to 1944, when the Americans liberated Italy and the Germans retreated from the country. The story of the Lanzis is mixed in with lots of historical facts. Original article click here. Like this: Like Loading... AuthorHouse Writer John Allen | AuthorHouse Au...