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Dos and Don’ts When Renovating Your Home to Include A Home Office

27 september 2018

Dos and Don’ts When Renovating Your Home to Include A Home Office

Whether you are working at home full time or you want to keep your office as a site where you can work during the weekend, the layout and design of your home office will contribute greatly to your productivity and efficiency. So, if your office is filled and scattered with a disorderly accumulation of rubbish, you can easily become distracted. 

So, when you are about renovating your home to include a home office, you have to bear in mind that it should be a place where you can work for long without distraction. You home office should be able to push you to work harder and more efficiently. 

So, when you decide to renovate your house, you want to be sure that everything you are going to be doing is right since a home office is a major project.  Here we will look at the dos and don’ts when renovating your house to include a home office.

Do develop a list of everything you will want in your home office. Before you should do anything or start doing any renovation work in your home, you should make a dream list of your offices. Do not have limits so far as the end result will be an office that will make you more comfortable, productive and efficient. Write down everything you think you want your office to have like the type of lap top or computer you want, the desk, color of your office and many more details. Things like home office layouts or designs you enjoy, pictures of furniture you like should be looked at to get inspiration of how the office will look like.

Don’t go about blindly without establishing a plan. You risk doing what you may not like or making an office that will not help you much. An office that will make you yawn just after a moment of working there

Do develop a budget for your home office. When you must have established your list, the next best thing to do is to do some considerations on how they will fit in with your finance. There are chances that you might not be able to afford everything you listed out which is fine because the list you made was not a shopping list anyways. 

Don’t determine the things you can purchase and the ones you are willing to pay for. You should instead look at the list and check the things you really need, the things you have already and those that you can do without for a moment. With these items in mind, you will be able to create your budget. If you just go purchasing without actually doing this, there are chances you will get the things you do not really need much at the moment so you will be spending some reno- dollars for nothing. 

Do create your home office around the space that is available already. If there are some changes to be made, it should be the paint on the walls, or your floor. This will not cost you a lot to do. You can even do this yourself so you can save some money
Don’t start a major demolition or tear down the walls completely. Starting a major construction will need several months of planning and probably a lot of money. 

Do chose for soft and calming colors. Colors affect your efficiency and productivity in some ways. So, when you are choosing your color scheme, go for calm and soothing colors. Bright and exciting colors are not the best choice for an office space because at a point they will distract you leading to lack pf concentration. 

Don’t paint your office with brilliant colors. This does not mean you should go for something boring. A boring color will easily make you tired and even interfere with your mood. So instead of looking for colors that will distract or affect you negatively, get colors that you love because they will boost your work productivity and efficiency. 

Do invest your money on the right furniture. Since you want to work from home or sometimes from home, your office furniture should be picked carefully. Find a chair and table that goes with each other. 

Don’t save on your chair. If there are southings you need to save on while renovating your home to include a home office, it should not be the office chair. If you are going to be working for long in your home office, the most comfortable chair should be you choice. You might need to spend more on this than you budgeted but you need to or you will grow sick of working in your new office. When you do this, you will save yourself from backache in future.

Do consider your productivity. Prioritizing your organization is very important as the essence is productivity. You will not want to over clutter your office space. The earlier you keep your work space tidy, the tendency for keeping it always clean will be high
Don’t keep your office space over cluttered as it will led to less productivity. Your home office desk should always be tidy, your documents and files neatly stored and your supplies clearly placed somewhere.

Do have a backup plan and ensure that your renovations are completely finished at the right time. At times things might not go exactly the way you planned. So, if you have a good plan in place you will probably navigate out of them before they ruin your renovation project.

Don’t be impatient and unprepared. This will make your project fail before it picks up pace properly or in the middle before it goes to the end, then you must have spent a lot of money just for nothing.  Remember that the office of your dream might not come quick because that will demand a huge upfront expenditure. So, patience is necessary. 

With all this in mind, your renovation project should not be a great deal now. When renovating your house to include your home office, know what you want your end goal to look like. If you just dive into renovating without a plan, the outcome will not be a good one and you will probably not like it. Have an image of what you want in your mind and work toward making it real. These dos and don’ts are a great place to start from. So Good Luck!