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Alternative Energy

Facebook Twitter Moray.pdf. T.C. Forensic: Article 10 - PHYSICAL CONSTANTS FOR INVESTIGATORS. Carbide Manometer. Written by Rickdatech ASTM specs call for biodiesel to be less than 500ppm. Crystal clear, as in not cloudy, biodiesel can contain as much as 1500ppm. As a result when blending it is possible to mix clear biodiesel with clear diesel and get a cloudy blend. The Carbide Manometer is a tool for measuring water content of biodiesel and WVO down to a few ppm making it a valuable resource for anyone wanting to make high quality biodiesel. Imakebiodiesel, a regular at infopop, has come up with an alternative to the Sandy Brae water test kit for determining the water content of biodiesel. Building the Manometer To make a carbide manometer you will need a 1/2 pint mason jar with lid.

Mix a little water with food coloring and a couple drops of liquid dish washing detergent. Crushing the Carbide Calcium Carbide can burn without an ignition source if left open in humid air. Calcium carbide comes from the store in rocks. Using the Manometer Calibrating the Manometer. Hayes Diesel Technology. Utah Biodiesel Supply - Biodiesel Processing Supplies, Equipment, Processors and Information - Biodiesel Homebrewing. Spin Clean centrifuge - Topic. Plantoil/diesel conversion basics. Inventor Jailed. GEET Fuel Processor Small Engine Construction Plans. Paul & Molley Pantone, founders of Global Environmental Energy Technology and GEET Management, LLC, recently released their "Small Engine Plans" (< 20 HP) for FREE!

GEET Fuel Processor Small Engine Construction Plans

This is a shareware release for "Private Use Only" to convert small gasoline stationary electric generators up to 10 kW! High school students with no technical background have been able to successfully build and run an engine over a weekend from the plans. They are doing this to benefit mankind and to help save lives if Y2K electrical supply problems are a reality. They will also accept voluntary contributions if builders would like to donate the original plans cost of $75 to help defer costs of developing larger versions for the market faster. Due to high costs, only licensed users that pay the $75 will receive technical support.

The GEET Fuel Processor, it is a simplified "Plasma Reformer" that takes any hydrocarbon fuel or waste product and transforms it into Hydrogen rich "Synthetic Natural Gas". Fischer–Tropsch process. The Fischer–Tropsch process is a collection of chemical reactions that converts a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen into liquid hydrocarbons.

Fischer–Tropsch process

It was first developed by Franz Fischer and Hans Tropsch at the "Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut für Kohlenforschung" in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany in 1925. The process, a key component of gas to liquids technology, produces a synthetic lubrication oil and synthetic fuel, typically from coal, natural gas, or biomass.[1] The Fischer–Tropsch process has received intermittent attention as a source of low-sulfur diesel fuel and to address the supply or cost of petroleum-derived hydrocarbons. [edit] The Fischer–Tropsch process involves a series of chemical reactions that produce a variety of hydrocarbons, ideally having the formula (CnH(2n+2)).

The more useful reactions produce alkanes as follows: 3000 Watt Generator Powers Itself, Grinder & Drill Press. Can water be removed from wvo? - Topic. What's the titration of the oil?

Can water be removed from wvo? - Topic

Simply put, but not directly answering you questionthe lower the water and better the oil the higher the yields rememberwater - oil - caustic ---makes soap.. but absolute dry oil for base only processing isn't required.. and what's absolute dry? 5ppm..1000ppm?... Do we ever process with 0ppm.. my bet would be NO! Don't forget adding the caustic to methanol creates even if the oil is at're not processing at 0ppm.. one of the later simple tests for dry oil, for AE processing, is the heat the oil and bubble air through it..then put a cold glass plate in front of the output..any condensate..if any..not dry enough for AE. MODEL12SS. Pentek GP5034S1.25 304 Stainless Steel Filter Bag Housing - 304 Stainless Steel Filter Bag Housings - Bag Filter Housing Systems - Whole House Systems (Point of Entry) - Water Purification Systems. Fuel Transfer Pumps, Gas Station Supplies, Fuel Nozzles, Transfer Tanks.

Indexa.html. Journey to Forever's Waste Oil Heater. Mother Earth: Waste Oil Heater. You say the skyrocketing cost of oil, electricity, coal, and other fuels has you scratching for a less expensive way to heat your shop, garage, or home this coming winter?

Mother Earth: Waste Oil Heater

Well scratch no further! Because MOTHER is here to tell you about a dandy little furnace that her researchers have developed -- which costs next to nothing to build and is even less expensive to operate (since it burns the used motor oil that tens of thousands of service stations across the country will still give away free to anyone who'll haul it off). It's Cheap, Clean, and Environmentally Sound!

Yep. We're sure that you've probably already cringed at the idea of burning "dirty old" crankcase oil in a space heater set up right there in, say, your nice clean living room.